Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Guess what I did yesterday! I stitched. Holy cow, it's been a long time since I've last had a needle and floss in my hand.

Do you remember this?

I have maybe 500 stitches complete in the upper left corner. Nothing to share a picture of, but it's still stitching! 

I had to re-think the fabric. I had started with a 25ct over one with one strand of floss. My eyes couldn't handle it. Bought a new 14ct and am going over one with two strands. The fabric is a bit more pliable than I'm used to. I may have to break out the hoop. What would really help though...if I knew where my prescription readers were. I haven't seen them since the move in October! Not in my last box packed, not in the cabinet, not with my current projects....where are they??

The new house has a few challenges. Umm, winter weather and my driveway. DO NOT MIX! I now own a bobsled run instead of a driveway! Kind of interesting when my hubby can't get up the drive...in a one ton 4-wheel drive truck. It took 7 tries, a shovel, and salt. My son, well, had a bit of a sledding issue going down it one day. I, on the other hand, bought two weeks of groceries and said 'phooey to driving!' My car is safely parked in the garage awaiting a thaw. 

Oh, and who ever heard of a 'cold' heat? We used to have a natural gas furnace. Now, we have an electric furnace. There is a difference. The price for one! Ouch!! And it just plain feels cold in here all the time! But, I sit here with nothing on my feet. Could that have anything to do with me being cold?? 

Haven't given an Owen update for awhile. He's now almost 19 months, 28 pounds and 36" tall. He's gonna be a big boy! 

Christmas at my sisters!
He's a good kid. I think he has some screech owl in him. He likes nothing better than to walk around shrieking and listening to it echo. I could handle a humming, but the shrieks get a little old after a few hours. Thank goodness when grandpa is around, Owen sits happily in his lap and watches tv with Pap. 

Well, I'm off to get some socks.