Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Redoing the Porches

Hello Every One!

No stitching to show. But, I have re-done the porches this spring.

Our back porch is off the master and has been empty since we built it in 2000. Eighteen years and nothing but spiders, leaves, and uck. This year...something new!

East facing porch - looking south east.

And looking north east.

I ordered new cushions at the same time I ordered the chairs. They were to ship Monday (ha, didn't believe them as it was a holiday) - got an email - they'll ship Tuesday. Got another email today - they ship tomorrow. Any guesses as to when they will arrive? So, luckily, I still have my old cushions from the front porch. Making do until --- but, you can see the ottoman cushions. They match. The little round table by the single chair is from Amazon. It matches at half the cost of the other end table! Woo!!

Then we set to work refinishing the front porch furniture. Three days of sanding and four or five days staining the furniture (by me). DH wants to clear coat them with poly before finishing up. He sits down - and in less than 5 minutes and less than 18" of 'painting' - he's done!!! He went and bought a paint sprayer. It was going to hurt his back and he wasn't doing it the hard way. He got them all polyed in less than 30 minutes. And this doesn't work on stain because?!?!

They were brown with those orange cushions from the back porch. Now, new cushions and new stain - viola - new porch!!!

West facing porch - I put together the flower pot and the ladder thingy by the door.

These chairs will get some love this fall when we re-paint them.
If you noticed the ceiling fans...well, we have a problem. He took the blades off for winter and we can't find them any where -- the house, basement, attic, shed, or garage. They ran away! And you know the minute we buy new - we'll stumble on them and be upset.

Well, I'm heading back to my genealogy. Adding obituaries to my program. It's a long process!!
Keep stitching and blogging - I do come around and read everyday. It's just the posting that has slowed to a crawl.

Oh, next month - my grandson will be a year! Where did the last 12 months go??? I promise pictures!