Thursday, November 15, 2018

New Stitching Room and Snow!!

Hello, is anyone still there? I've been absent for far too long.

We've gotten moved and some what settled. Would you like to see the new stitching room? It shares duty with my genealogy room. There aren't any pictures on the walls yet. These things take time, I guess.

Today winter arrived. It all started with rain, then freezing rain, then snow...and now back to rain. I think Mother Nature is having hot flashes or something. 

Do you see the inch long icicles?

The view from the dining room. 
I will probably start blogging a bit more. Somehow being a blogger has taken me in a new direction at the genealogy library that I volunteer in. They have a new website and it now includes a blog. Since I posted there today...I posted here. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

So, this is happening!

Hello all!

I know, it's been way too long. But, I have a really good reason! This is happening...

We're moving! DH finally found a house he liked. It's not exactly what I wanted, but I have wanted to move for years. Yep, Riverside Stitching won't be on the river anymore.

My stitching room is completely packed. I left a project out in case I get a few free moments. Ha ha ha! We close in two weeks and then gave the people another 30 days to leave. Wish we hadn't. I really want to get things done and get moved.

How about an Owen update?

Baby boy is 14 months old. He had his first hair cut on Saturday. My boy no longer has his curls. He's walking. The time is flying! And better baby boy turned 25 today.

No stitching...just packing.

Hope this finds you well.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Owen's Eleven Month Picture!

Here's my boy - my how he's grown!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Redoing the Porches

Hello Every One!

No stitching to show. But, I have re-done the porches this spring.

Our back porch is off the master and has been empty since we built it in 2000. Eighteen years and nothing but spiders, leaves, and uck. This year...something new!

East facing porch - looking south east.

And looking north east.

I ordered new cushions at the same time I ordered the chairs. They were to ship Monday (ha, didn't believe them as it was a holiday) - got an email - they'll ship Tuesday. Got another email today - they ship tomorrow. Any guesses as to when they will arrive? So, luckily, I still have my old cushions from the front porch. Making do until --- but, you can see the ottoman cushions. They match. The little round table by the single chair is from Amazon. It matches at half the cost of the other end table! Woo!!

Then we set to work refinishing the front porch furniture. Three days of sanding and four or five days staining the furniture (by me). DH wants to clear coat them with poly before finishing up. He sits down - and in less than 5 minutes and less than 18" of 'painting' - he's done!!! He went and bought a paint sprayer. It was going to hurt his back and he wasn't doing it the hard way. He got them all polyed in less than 30 minutes. And this doesn't work on stain because?!?!

They were brown with those orange cushions from the back porch. Now, new cushions and new stain - viola - new porch!!!

West facing porch - I put together the flower pot and the ladder thingy by the door.

These chairs will get some love this fall when we re-paint them.
If you noticed the ceiling fans...well, we have a problem. He took the blades off for winter and we can't find them any where -- the house, basement, attic, shed, or garage. They ran away! And you know the minute we buy new - we'll stumble on them and be upset.

Well, I'm heading back to my genealogy. Adding obituaries to my program. It's a long process!!
Keep stitching and blogging - I do come around and read everyday. It's just the posting that has slowed to a crawl.

Oh, next month - my grandson will be a year! Where did the last 12 months go??? I promise pictures!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Photo Fest...

Finally! I have my act together and I can post. All at the same time...what a miracle!

I promised you photos of my Christmas stash, promised photos of Owen, and then there is the other stash I have been purchasing. Oh my!

I must say having a snowy winter causes online shopping. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. lol

Ready? Forgive all the rotated photos. I just can't get them to straighten up.

Here's the Christmas Stash!

And then there's the "I'm buying Christmas presents and I want to get ____ for me." stash.

And then I went on a weekend get-away that had a nearby cross stitch store.

And since it was winter and it kept snowing...

I did finish a couple of stitches while I did this serious shopping.

North Pole - Mill Hill Beaded and Seeded Kits

Fun Every Day - SamSarah
I had stitched the Fun Every Day several years ago, and just finally glued the stitches to the tags. I was scared to death of messing them up. 

Would you like to see Mr. Owen?

My mother-in-law and Owen in February.

And his 7th month photo
We had some excitement in January. The 'thaw' happened and the river came to visit. I really dislike these visits. Ugh! 

These pictures were taken about a week after the flood and the ice had a chance to melt. Our yard was covered in ice for about 3 weeks. It has since flooded 2 more times. Our yard is a mess of sticks, garbage, and large trunks of trees. Once the weather breaks -- we will have several hours of cleaning. 

I have a new obsession. Found this picture on Pinterest.

Photo saved to Pinterest from -

And then I found a blue version of it.

Photo saved to Pinterest from -

I have decided to stitch the blue one. Here's my fabric and floss. 

The fabric is a 25ct Lugana Stormy Clouds and DMC floss. I've never stitched on something this tiny over one. I had hoped the fabric would have the 'storm clouds' running left and right. But, they are running up and down. Not something to worry about. Purchased a Rolaframe set. I've never stitched on a frame - I stitch in hand. So this may turn out to be wasted money. 
I had to wait for my newest fabric to arrive. Waiting caused me to start something from my stash...

Come Sail Away - Leisure Arts
32 ct Belfast linen Stormy Clouds and DMC 4240
Didn't realize until after I ordered my fabric that I was actually working on the exact same fabric. Oops! 

Well, to use Faye's words...My 'Picture Walk" is done. 

Off to start my newest stitch...wish me luck...25x25=625. Yeah, 625 stitches per square inch. And this bad boy is 10 x 25". Eegads what have a started?!?!

Happy Stitching to All! 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bad Blogger!

My last post was Oct 22! Wow! Shame on me and apologies to anyone who still follows this blog.

My grandson is 7 months old today. Sitting up, holding his own bottle, 2 teeth on the bottom, adorable, up on all fours, great at going backwards, and has every one of us wrapped securely around his little finger.

There would be pictures - but I'm on the tablet.

Stitchingwise - I'm still working on a Mdm. Chantilly Christmas banner. I finished a Mill Hill button/beaded piece called North Pole. For whatever reason, I found it difficult to keep the floss and bead symbols correct. It wasn't the pattern - it was me! Eek, what happened to me?

Christmas found lots of stitching goodies under the tree. And there are pictures on the laptop. Patterns galore! But, to be honest, I did some me shopping in December and it all got lumped together! Amazing patterns from Mdm. Chantilly, Lizzie Kate boxers, cones of floss, dmc's newest floss, and gadgets.

My daughter bought a house and moved about 15 minutes away. They love their 1924 Craftsman house with original hardwood floors!

Logan is completing his MLIS in May. He's working full-time, doing an internship, and classes. Busy young man.

I've been wanting to write a post. Time just slips by so easily. Too busy doing life. I would promise to write more often, but I'm afraid I'll break the promise.

So, until next time!