Friday, May 12, 2017

Baby on Board!

It's been a long time. I come and read every day and sometimes several times a day. Does that count? Life has become a blur lately. This could be the reason...

The grand baby will be arriving in 9 weeks! And we have been preparing.

His little fist is curled up to his chin. Yes, it is a boy and his name is Owen James. husband doesn't know the baby's middle name. We are keeping it a surprise that baby will be named after DH. And this was the SIL's idea!

The baby shower was last week. OMG - it's like Baby's R Us puked in my guest room!

The bed is full of clothing that my sister gave them. The basket with the raccoon blanket is full of more clothing.  And then in the upper picture - the wall o' diapers and wipes! And the crib still in its box.

The baby's room is about the same size as this one. I have no idea how they will fit all this and the crib in there.

I have no stitching to show and excuses galore. But, I'll not bore you with those.

Otherwise, life has been going along swimmingly. Just busy. Of course, as they one is ever that's all about priorities. Hmm, better ponder that one too.