Saturday, January 14, 2017


Robin asked for more details about these little frames I purchased.

These little guys measure 3 7/8" opening in the back and a 3 1/2" opening in the front. They are stained oak. As you can see they were $5 each before the 25% off. So, I think a great deal. Usually, if they are made by a designer the designer name would be written on the back. And nothing here. I'm wondering if they were made by the framing company that used to work for this store.

I got them because you always need a little frame and never have one. Now I have three. lol

Robin, I hope this answered any questions you were having. Sorry, I don't know if they are designer.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Good for the Economy...Bad for the Budget!

Ha, went shopping yesterday. I definitely helped the local economy. Just saying. So, shall we start the enabling?

Feathering the Nest by Just Another Button Co.

Everything here was 25% off. And the pattern has been on my wish list forever! Score!

Top to Bottom - Always You - Heart in Hand, Life's a Stitch - LK, Two Become One - Heart in Hand
Don't know why I get the wedding/marriage ones. They just made me want to give them to DH.

Left to Right - Dancing with the Stars - Teresa Kogut, A Little Beach - LK, and Santa's Cookies - Madame Chantilly.
Not sure why the Santa pattern came home. It is nothing like my other Santas. And I'm sure I have an entire army of snowmen patterns in my stash.

And then there was the fabric wall. Didn't need anything but a bit of Toasted Almond for my summer stitches. They were out. So, I compensated...

And believe me...I really didn't need to bring this linen home. Not sure it will fit into my cabinet drawer. Bad, bad, Denise

Stitching wise - I can stitch on linen again. But, the muscles in my hand burn out quickly. I am able to stitch about an hour per day. Gotta start some where.

Well, thinking a nap is called for. Sleeping has been fitful lately. I'm sure napping in the afternoon will help. hahaha.

Stay warm and dry this weekend. Sounds like there will be ice storms all around!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Juggle

Going to have to use our imagination on this one kids. I hate that blogger somehow turns photos and we can't adjust them! 

Snow Juggle - Knotted Tree -
DMC - perforated paper
This one is hot off my needle this morning. A finish in the first week of the year!? Maybe I am setting some sort of precedence.

Been looking at the stash...the monster that needs edited, cleaned, and finished. Seems Hands on Designs has been busy busy. I have 8 more of the summer stitches from the series 'On the Beach' to do. I have collected all the remaining patterns (as a good stitcher (cough, hoarder) is meant to do). I need to make a quick run north and get more fabric. And I have fallen completely behind on the Snowflower Diary series of months. July is done, but after that nada.

I read on someone's blog --- that they counted all their stitched but unfinished items. And they want to finish finish these items. I have several that have been stretched and are ready for their frames. But, DH hasn't had the time to make said frames. Do those count in the unfinished stuff? Hmm, hold on a minute. I'm going to go count.

Oh, this is bad! I have 26 items stitched and they have not been touched for finishing. And 13 items waiting for their frames. I found one stitch that I am redoing on a different fabric for them to be framed together ( I think that was the plan), 2 that need beaded, and one that seems to have been abandoned. These are not in my UFO count. The UFO count is around 10. On the up side, some of those 26 are a series of rabbits from Paulette at Plum Street. Those just need laced and will pop in and out of the frame per season. I wonder if I can hire Vonna to lace them?! What a waste of her talent though.

Just remembered all the Santa patterns sitting in that stash that need to be done for the bunting I started how many years ago. Yep, it's official....I have reached SABLE. We are not going to talk about the box full of Mystic Stitch huge a** patterns that I have to stitch. Nope, we are not talking about them or their cost. And DH doesn't need to be reminded of that either. Or the cost of the fabric and thread, and ...

Think I'm going to go hide in a hole for awhile. I think I might be starting to hyperventilate. And the bp is rising. And here I thought this hobby was to relax and calm us. lol

Ok, kids, off to chill. Enjoy the weather out there. Seems everyone is going to get something in that department today. Stay safe and let the needles fly!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Blame the Kindle...

Knock, knock, there any one there? Is this thing on? 
Hello...hello? Can you hear me now? Hello?

Well, like the title suggests...I have a kindle. And I use it for everything. And I rarely pick up the laptop. The kindle doesn't have an sd slot or a usb spot. No place to upload pictures. And well, I am old school about taking pictures with the tablet. I don't have a smart phone. So, that isn't my main camera.

Anyway, it's been a L..O..N..G.. time since I last posted anything. Although, I have been reading your blog posts daily. Yeah, I know, I never comment anymore either do I? And then I get on the laptop and it wants me to log in. Do you have any idea how long it has been since I logged into Google?!

Well, lots has happened since I last posted. Do you remember that I fell down and busted my arm? It's been 4 months ago. Had surgery in September and then went back under for them to bend and straighten the arm. Turns out. It's fine. It's my head refusing to allow me to relax and do what the arm needs to do. So....I continue to fight for each degree of motion I have.

Do you remember that I told you I was going to be a grandma? Well, things have been bumpy there too. Just a few days before I broke my arm...Courtney lost the baby. They had a few very difficult weeks and told us on Thanksgiving that she was pregnant again! Today she is 13 weeks and a day. This is how she announced it on Facebook.

Get this though, Courtney is named after my grandmother. Who's birthday is July 12, 1920. Courtney is due July 12, 2017. Crossing my fingers she delivers on her due date. Not a day early or a day late!

Let's see....Oh, Christmas. When last you heard - I was going to be making little snow hats for my tree, Um, no. My hand wasn't coordinated enough to do that. So, the tree was blue, white and silver. I loved it so much it was up until New Year's Day. Unheard of in this house!

Ignore the sweeper and base of the tree. 

Next year's tree is already planned and it will be icicles and snow flakes. Thank you Pinterest for that one!

And also thanks to Pinterest...I made these! The candy cane things. No idea what to call them, but difficult to cover and put away. No shelf is high enough and I don't want to take them apart.

We did manage to get our family photo this year. We've been slipping lately!

I want to know how the kids have gotten so old! And what's with all the white hair for Rob and I??

Oh, stitching....I have been doing a bit of that. Still on perforated paper, but I think I may be ready to go back to linen. Cross your fingers on that one.

I can't remember the designer name or the name of the pattern. I'm thinking 'Snow Juggle' is the pattern name. Too lazy to go find out. 

Oops...real life intrudes! Time to go make dinner. Homemade chicken noodle soup on a snowy day. What perfect timing. lol

Until next time!