Friday, November 4, 2016

A Finish!

Last night I put the final stitch in my 'recovery' piece.

July 4th by Breanna Stewart

Sorry the picture is bad. Either I had to use the flash or put another sideways picture on the blog. I wish I had checked the mounting area on the glass. I would have cut the paper just a bit bigger. Oh well.

I need to go through my patterns and find another that I can do on perforated paper... I just am not able to manage cloth yet.

Therapy is going. I can see some progress. But, it is so slow. My patience for this is wearing thin. I just want normal back.

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be a beautiful day. I took a few pictures to capture the moment.

How many times do you find a heart in nature? 
Guess someone was sending me some love. It was funny though. When I got up from the hammock and looked for the was just branches. But, if you moved just the right way... the heart appeared again.

Hope you find your 'heart' today.