Friday, June 24, 2016

272 Words

All done! It is nice to have this UFO finished. Woohoo!
272 Words by Primrose Needleworks
Stitched on a 28ct fabric with recommended DMC floss
I do have to say...I wish I had done this on a higher count fabric. My eyes work best on 28 ct, but 32 ct was recommended. This stitch can be put on a wall 12' away and you could still read the dang thing. 
Started July from the Snowflower Diaries. Loving the rhubarb on the flamingos. Such cute patterns. 

Looks like the weekend is shaping up to be an inside (too hot outside) stitching weekend. DH wants to ride his motorcycle and visit his step-mother. Who am I to complain with more stitching time? 

Well, time for dinner and some television...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Update time...

Mary Jane...seriously this is a quick stitch! Can't believe how much has been accomplished over a weekend!

Page four is nearly complete. But, the word brought on the top line is 10 stitches from fathers. Most other word breaks are between 6 and 8 stitches apart. And the last two words on this line look a little smooshed together. Brought is being ripped out and moved a little closer to fathers.

Something I have noticed in this pattern is sometimes the s's have tails and other times don't and the i's are sometimes 4 stitches high and other times 5. Why do designers do this? Is it me being picky or is there something going on I have missed?

Oh, thank you everyone for your advice on how to frame cheaply. I need to check your stores out. And no, sorry Dawn, I can not be your partner is a stitch shop. The drive is a bit long for a daily commute. lol. Now, Lori, how far from Cleveland are you talking? A bit further south...I'm in! Heading towards Toledo or Youngstown....umm. And Cincinnati is OUT!! Now, Columbus is fine. So, what town were you thinking?? :)

Well, kids, I'm off to rip my stitches out and try again. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mary Jane...better catch up!

Last night I wanted to stitch something, but starting on Colorful Sky just wasn't cutting it. So, I pulled out an old SAL I started with Mary Jane (CalamityJr.). Although, I went through old blog posts...I can not find when we started this.

In just a few hours I had reached the right side border and was ready to fly! And now I have the whole border in!!! (terrible lighting...sorry)

272 Words - Primrose Needleworks
28ct unknown color (until I find that post)

Oh for pete's sake!! The photo rotated again. And I did check to see if I had an 'auto-rotate' on my camera...I can't find it if it's there.

And when I pulled out Colorful Sky...I found that I had been rather optimistic in saying that I was nearly halfway done. Let's go with 1/3 of the way done.

Colorful Sky - Mystic Stitch
14 ct white aida
Courtney and I went to Cleveland today. Had my heart broken. The store may close. The owner is in the process of selling the store and if the financing doesn't go through...she will close before the end of the year. So, cross your fingers the potential new owner can finalize the loans!!!

And then - it broke again. We figured out the cost to have Naturistic framed. Needless to say, DH will be making me another frame and I will have to do the framing. At nearly $300...I choked.

And I wanted these two pieces to be framed by someone other than me....uh, they are bigger by far than Naturistic.

While shopping I got more fabric for the monthlies, stash fabric, 3 patterns with fabric for them, and a frame for the monthlies.

Adjust Your Sails, Flock Together, and A Little Cottage
by Hands On Design.
will be stitched on 28ct Cashel Toasted Almond
These have to be worked in to the rotation. did that happen? Colorful Sky, 272 Words, The Snowflower Diary monthlies, and these. Geez...I better get busy.

Time for bed. Let's see what time this post actually hits the web. lol Lately, it has been nearly 12 hours until it shows up on the reader.

Hey, MJ....better get your needles flying!!