Friday, November 6, 2015

Look Closely for Progress!

Well, I took pictures of my progress - you just can't see it!

Week of Oct 28th

Week of  Nov 4th
Over on the right side there is some new pale pink on the top picture and just a few more stitches on the bottom picture.

So little stitching time. There are reasons, but I'm afraid they would sound more like excuses. My biggest issue - my daylight lamp is giving me insomnia if I stitch after DH goes to bed. I can be tired and then to go stitch - I'm up until after 2a, Not a good way to go. 

I left you hanging last time as to what I was going to do about the health dept. in my county not allowing scans. Well, the issue has been resolved in my favor and I can use my scanner. The registrar came back from vacation and straightened out the deputy - all is well in my county. You're gonna have to fight you'alls registrar yourselves!! 

Tomorrow is a big night for me. I am giving out membership awards at the banquet. Our genealogy society is having our First Family banquet in the evening and I get to speak in front of nearly 30 people. Not sure if having DH in attendance will help or hinder me. Hope I can pronounce all the names correctly. Maybe I should go practice. :)

Starting my Christmas shopping. DD is about half done and one nephew is done. Everyone else - Not. Even. Started. I did get my sleigh - 

Pottery Barn - red metal sleigh

Put it together all by myself and it now sits proudly on the shelf over the front door. Going to have to find some sleigh bells for it and I already have a tree for in it. Think I will wrap some presents for in it and around it. I've also ebayed a wooden sled and skates for out on the porch. Some red bows and voila! 

The tree this year will be wrapped crackers - 

These are Thanksgiving Crackers from Bas Bleu
Mine will be obviously wrapped in Christmas wrap and then there will be popcorn and cranberry garland. Very simple old fashioned tree. Thought the sleigh/sled/skates would be a new touch. 

Plans are already in the make for my female relatives from my dad's side to come over and play cards and snack on Dec 12th. We've missed a couple of years so this will be a nice time. Already bought the cards!! Thinking I might make some mason jar gifts for the night. Could do cocoa or cookies, thought about small terrariums, maybe some soaps. Thoughts to work on. 

Maybe Jo-Ann's will give me some hints - heading there in a while. Fun fur is on sale and I want new stockings in white. The ad is already in the car waiting for me. 

Time for lunch and a nap. This cool rain has me in a sleepy mood today. 

Until next time - stay happy, calm and stitching!