Wednesday, August 13, 2014

See, I Have Been Stitching!

This is where I stand as of this morning! 

This is where I was way back on June 27th.

Around here the kids are about to head back to school, there are birthdays today, and cakes to make. Today Miss Alivia turns 4 and Mom is 64. My kids are turning 24 and 21 this September. Does that make me old? The pound cake for Alivia is out of the oven and Mom's needs to be made. Mom's birthday dinner (ham, potatoes, and corn) is in the plans. But, I need to run to the museum right when dinner is in the oven. Something will have to wait...

Genealogy is moving along. Well, my volunteering for the genealogy groups is moving along. My personal research is dragging. This volunteering is fun! Should have know about this years ago.

My finishes this year is the lowest on record. Only 11 this year and not one finish since April 27th! The lighthouse has become my baby. Had thought I would be singing along on 272 Words...not. It was going to the retreat next month and now it isn't. The aida on the lighthouse is making life easier than I imagined. Damn eyes. Got to thinking that I have several other large pieces that need love too. There may be a LONG drought on finishes if I go there.

This summer has had wings and great temps! Sitting here with the windows open and the temp is hoovering in the 60's. Is this really August?? Heard that next week the heat! Come on Fall.

Well, time to get moving on all this baking. Hope today finds you humming a favorite tune, sipping some lemonade, and swatting flies while you sit on your porch.

Hugs to you all ~