Monday, April 21, 2014

Ready for Some Pictures?

A Happy belated Easter to you all! 
Hope yesterday was a joyous celebration. 

I've been meaning to show some pictures and I've FINALLY gotten to taking them. 

Four De Lys by Ink Circles
Peoria Purple WDW 28ct linen
Waterlillies Parfait silk
As you can see I'm just over half done with the Ink Circles - I am loving this stitch. I'm using a hoop and am getting creases in the fabric that are ironing out, but the cloth still visually shows where the hoop was. How do I get them out? I've tried sprinkling water on the fabric but I can still see the marks. 

This is the Portland, ME Headlight Lighthouse that I started in 2000. I am working on the blue mass just above the lighthouse. This one is being stitched on 14ct aida. If I am remembering correctly - it's 36"x 36" solid stitching. I want to get moving on this!

Now, MJ and I started out 272 Words SAL last Tuesday. That was the 149th anniversary of Lincoln's death. I hope we are able to finish this before Nov 19th which would be the 151st anniversary of Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address. 

This is Mary Jane's
It is being stitched on Mello linen
and I believe she is using DMC...
Mary Jane - are you using DMC? 

This is mine
I'm stitching on Country French 28ct
Cafe Mocha with DMC
The linen is looking very washed out - it is not nearly that light. But, I am wishing I had gotten something as pretty as MJ's.

If I want to get in the stitching chair today I better get moving. Just a few more errands to go! 

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thought So...

With 40 minutes left to go in today - I remembered that today is my 4th year blogversary. At least this year, I remembered on the day, and not several days later. Um, guess I should credit Mom with my remembering. She mentioned today was the anniversary of my grandmother passing - 22 years. Just so happens I started blogging today too.

I could mention all the stitching I've been doing, but it would be a lie. The longest I picked up my needle was to fix DH's pants. Nothing...not so much that my mojo left, but more that I want to do genealogy. I have been working on that for hours per day. My sister and I are attending our first county meeting Monday. Rather looking forward to it too.

It's time for bed and my mind is blank this evening. Sorry, for the lackluster post. Just thought I would stop by tonight.