Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not Sure How This is Scored...

But, after this round of basketball I stand at 20 of 32 games correct. Thank goodness for the Western Region - I got all but one of those correct. Ohio State, Duke, and Harvard really messed me up. From what the newscasters are saying though Ohio State and Duke messed a lot of people up. I hear also that the Billion Dollar Bracket thingy - everyone is out. Out of 9 million people - we are all out. Does anyone have a perfect bracket?

Onto something I know a little about - genealogy. Felt like a rock star on Tuesday walking into the round table with my family printed out. Not that it did me much good, but there were a few people in my tree that the others knew. Have to say when I found out one couple had 40,000 people in their tree - I was astounded! And then to find out the husband carries a gedcom file on a thumb drive on his key ring...well, I knew a) I have found my place in life and b) I'm not quite that obsessed - yet. There was one man that looked at my family index and mentioned,"Oh Sheldon know that girl at the insurance office... that's her grandfather." Turns out - 'that girl' and I are pretty good friends and she's now putting her branches of the tree together for me. Gotta love small towns!, I got nothing. Got in there for an hour last night. First time all week I had sat to stitch. Maybe, I'll show a progress photo next week.

Well, I've had breakfast and the dead people are calling me. Actually, it's my OCD that wants me to organize this mess of info I have.


ps - if OCD made sense it would be CDO and have the letters in order.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Santa and My First Ever Bracket!

Although spring is but two days away and St Paddy's Day was yesterday - I am still stitching on my Santas. Confession here - I did break down and start a spring piece the other day. 

Merry Friends by Lizzie Kate
unknown fabric and DMC floss

'Tis the Season by Lizzie Kate
unknown fabric and DMC floss
Today finds me once again climbing Mt. Laundry and doing general housework, but tonight I get to go to my first ever genealogy round table. No idea what I am getting myself into with this. First time for everything huh? My sister and I are plotting our course to our first every county genealogy meeting on the 7th of April. Of course, that means we are dodging Garin's baseball and soccer practice/games.

This morning I decided to join in the Madness of March and try my hand at this bracket thing. I don't watch basketball and honestly don't care for it. But, once a joiner always a joiner.

According to my heavily researched and well thought out way of picking teams (read which had the shortest name in most cases unless I have actually heard of the sports program) I have UCLA winning it all. My final four are - Louisville, Arizona, Villanova, and UCLA. Poor Ohio State - I didn't have faith in them for basketball. Now if this were football - I'd have them coming in 2nd. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. 

Ok, sports fans - am I even close to what will happen? Should I hurry to join the Quicken Loan Billion Dollar Bracket game? And how do you check to see how you are doing? 

Since the laundry is doing its thing and I have plans for the evening I better get moving with the rest of my day or else I'll sit here plinking away on the 'net. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

ps - thanks to the wonders of modern medical advancements and the fact I actually went to the doctor - I am feeling so much better and my cough has disappeared! :) 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

134,976 Stitches Later...

What's (38 x 74) 48, Alex?

Yep, this afternoon I have finished SamSarah's Fun Every Day perpetual calendar! 

I had hoped to finish these while on our trip to the west coast, but stitching wasn't my first priority while on vacation. (gasp!) Just a few minutes ago I finished "Presents." Hard to believe I have worked on these for nearly a year. Started them March of 2013 and took about 6 weeks off to work on Santas and Hares. Otherwise, it has been perforated paper for a year. My eyes are thankful. 

As you can see I changed Veteran's Day to Cold Day (L*K pattern) and also switched Voting Day to Thanksgiving (also, L*K pattern) Not sure where the pink/green came from although it is a nice change. 

And here are the December patterns. Stayed true to the patterns. The number 3 is my salute to the orange/yellow/brown combo from the '70s. It felt like a hot mess while stitching it. 

My conundrum now is... go back to the Santas or hit those springy patterns I picked up a week ago from Cleveland. Decisions decisions...

Still battling the cough - my bad. I went graveyard stomping Thursday night in search of Nancy Barrick Riggle and managed to breath in too much cold air. Feeling pucky again and starting the road to recovery all over. But, I did find her and her immediate family in Bakersville, OH. :)

Hope this finds you well and happy!