Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey!

Happy blogversary Cathey! Hope you enjoy the pumpkins (thoughts, prayers, and good wishes) that are being sent to you today. All of us in bloggerville hold you in our hearts and hope for a speedy recovery.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Tags Finished


Think I may have been feeling a bit autumnal when I did Thursday and the Seventh. Here's what the designer thought the tags should look like ~

No major changes. Think my color choices were a bit bolder that those charted. Must say their purple in July looks better than mine.

And here's what the whole collection looks like together ~

I'm working on the Eighth today. It reminds me of Charlie Brown's sweater. That little zig zag he has. Really love these August charts. Nothing being changed on them either. Now September...there will be changes! :)

Off to wash kitchen cabinets, clean the fridge out, and wash the silverware tray. Fun fun. Got to find a needle and floss after doing the kitchen - I'll deserve it!

Have a great day - the weekend starts in about 14 hours!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Youngest Nieces ~

Ran into my SIL this morning at an auction. My sister showed up and I realized my youngest nieces were all in attendance! 

Sitting (in black t-shirt) - Alivia who just turned 3, Anna (in gray t-shirt) who will be 4 in December, and Ariah who will be 6 months on the 22nd.

The girls made fast friends and all I can think - the boys are gonna be in trouble in a few more years!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale, a Tale of a Fateful Month!

 I sit here and all I can think is, "Phew, that's just to survive the wedding!" Yep, the shower is over and my life is back on track...for this week.

Just before the Party
Here's a picture of Courtney unwrapping her gift from Rob and I.

I made her a copy of my recipe book and added a letter to her. She's beginning to read it here - she didn't make it and I read it aloud to all in attendance. hehe - made Courtney and a few others cry. She had a wonderful time and received several amazing gifts. The party was a resounding success in my book.
Kilee, Courtney, and Sheila
 This is her bouquet for the rehearsal. After this picture I guess Courtney turned to Sheila and started crying - it finally really hit her that she is getting married.
Me and Angie

 You've heard me talk of going places with Angie - well, this would be the one of which I am speaking! We've been friends since I started work at UPS back in 1987. She's the best! Would you believe this is the first picture of us together ever? We both hate having our pictures taken and if she sees this - she'll kill me!

I completely missed the 1st and my update of the Fat Guys/Snow Belles.

Snow House
Finished Snow House for my September piece and the went on to do All Dressed Up for my October one.

And here's the overall progress. One more to go and this SAL is fini! The only problem I can foresee - where in the world am I going to hang this monster piece??


I have been stitching on the calendar. Still. Ever so slowly. But, I did manage to finish another set of 4.

You've seen Saturday and June before. The sixth isn't too different, but Dad's Day...well, you can see what I did for yourself! :) Currently, I am working on Thursday and am about half done. Crossing fingers that tomorrow will see progress.

See - I have to go to Cuyahoga Falls in the morning and I'll be driving in rush hour. Then sitting in a car dealership for a few hours. Seems my newest acquisition has a couple of dings on it and the dealership is fixing them. What did I get??

Yep, that's a Nissan Juke and I got it in that color. This thing is sporty and fun. And it still has less that 800 miles on it! Hubby decided that he wasn't going to have me driving back and forth to Kent State regularly (and Cleveland to the LNS) in my old car. You know sometimes you just have to give the guy a high five for his thinking!

I did go to Crafty Ewe a couple of weeks ago.  Here's part of my new patterns.
(once again blogger rotates the pic)

Also found  the latest L*K Santa - Santa '13. For some reason I fell for a couple of 4th of July patterns and some Christmas ones. These pillows just made me smile and the fob reminded my of the fob I stitched with Teresa a few years ago. Got a piece of fabric for the latest Marie Barber pattern in JCS. Can't find a picture of it on the web - it's the one with white pumpkins and hydrangeas.

Think I am heading to the stitching chair - it's blazing hot outside and I want to cozy into my chair and see what it feels like once again.

Hope today finds you smiling and happy! Tomorrow is hump day and as that camel on the commercial says, "Whoop - whoop!"