Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catching Up!

(picture heavy post)

Good Morning Bloggerville! It's been a few weeks and in part it has been because I have been busy but lately it's been my Google account. Not sure what happened but somehow I had ads popping up to the point blogger didn't operate correctly. All fixed and phew - I'm glad. 

Going to share the stitching first and then head into the family photos. Hold on because this could be a really long post. Finished the May patterns from SamSarah and boy can you see lots of changes in this one.

The May tag didn't change much but the Mother's day one isn't even close. I used the flower idea from Valentine's Day and changed the green/purple dots. Guess this picture barely shows them.

Now's not even close. I had a pattern here at the house that was one flip flop - using my pattern maker I recreated it and then copied and flipped it making a pair of shoes. I feel this is more Juney than the graduation caps the designer had used.

Right now I am working on The Sixth. Which puts me working on the second half of the patterns. Hard to believe I am half way done with this series. But, I got quiet the shock yesterday when I opened the JCS magazine - it seems SamSarah has come up with a new series on these same tags and they are calling the new series Ten X the Fun. It showed 5 Halloween/witches hats. Hmmm, do I do these too or call it quits??

The last week found us celebrating both my mom's birthday and Alivia's. Unfortunately it seems I didn't take any good pictures of Mom and Alivia this year. 

Isn't she a cutie?

Here is the newest picture of the kids together. Such hams!

Garin 6 and Alivia 3
My fil was down the other day and my niece happened to stop over too. So, I had to get a pic of them together.

Jim, Kilee, Courtney, and Logan
My fil's appearance is much improved. Not taking chemo makes him seem much healthier. He's heading to Florida in a week or so. And will fly back for the wedding. 

Here are a few more shots of Alivia's party ~

Uncle Lonnie, Andrew, Logan, and Rob
Aunt Marcia
 Two more days until Logan leaves for college. And they are going to be busy days for him. Lunch with friends this afternoon and wedding rehearsal this evening. Tomorrow is the wedding for another friend and Logan is a groomsman. He is mostly packed thoughts are he has WAY too much going with him. This will be interesting.

Since I got most of the housework done yesterday I think today may be a stitching day. Yippee! I'm off to stitch! hehe - Denise

Friday, August 2, 2013

Old to New!

Maybe you remember that my baby is leaving for college in three weeks. Cringe - that means the wedding is in 12 weeks! Oh good golly! Anyway...

This is what my stitching room used to look like ~

Thought I had some better pictures here on the blog and didn't take any before dismantling it.

DS now lives in the basement and is very happy to have his own 'apartment'. Mind you it has no kitchen but when Mom is the cook - who needs one.

So, here is my new stitching room ~

Yes, it really is that purple! I just wanted something new and different. As you can see I haven't ordered my curtains, put anything on the walls, or gotten the tv back up. But, I can stitch in there! Oh, and it needs a closet door! Yes, the closet is normally that organized. (Don't judge me - as DD would say!) Two windows - what a difference!

Here's what my old stitching room looks like now ~

Empty - so empty! Not sure if we are getting a futon, using a twin bed, or getting a daybed. The desk is to go too - want to get a three drawer filing cabinet. Like this -

Oxford 3-Drawer File Cabinet

And this will become the office/genealogy room/guest room. If you look closely at the picture you can see I've done one of the shower center pieces, a jar full of corks for the wedding, and other shower things.

And if all of this isn't enough - my sister is moving this weekend and we are going to get the guys fitted for tuxes! Whee fun!

Here's where my sister is moving ~

In this brand new trailer right beside my mom's house. Yep, both my mom and sister will be living across the street from me. And I always said, "No one could live closer to their mother than I do." Well, once again my little sister proved me wrong! lol

And we found out she is not having another daughter but another son! Her pregnancy is progressing well and as of yet - no problems. I believe she is 22 weeks. Miss Alivia was born at 32 weeks and Keri was showing many issues by this time in that pregnancy. So, cross your fingers we will have a full term baby this time. No name as of yet - but his middle name will be James after Dad.

Three posts in one day - new record for me! I'm off to find lunch and go stitch!
Hope your weekend is wonderful!

More Tags to Show!

Been a bad girl and not shown my last two tag finishes.

Love the way Wednesday looks. I used the teal from Wednesday and used it in the Fifth. Quite surprised how well the vertical zig-zags show. As I was stitching I was convinced it would be a muddled mess. These two came out bold and bright!!

Thought you might want to see my progress to date ~  

The one I am currently working on is Mother's Day. I once again have changed it around - Using the heart from the original pattern but am substituting the flower from February onto this heart. I also changed up the purple/green background. Still using those colors but changed the dot size. So what do you think??

Heard the other day that the 12th pattern has been released and I am excited to make an order!

Off to show you what I have been doing this last week or so!

A Day Late...

Once again it is time to show my Lizzie Kate Snow Men/Belle SAL results.

Oh...this picture is a bit washed out. Sorry 'bout that! Aren't these girls just a hoot?

And here we are after another month!

I am not sure what happened - blogger is playing with me again. Only three more to go!

Well, I'm going with three small posts as to one incredibly long one.