Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just a Peek!

Some have asked to see my latest stash haul. Well, I didn't take a picture of it. So, I thought I'd take a picture of my linen drawer.

Isn't it pretty? Sat in the middle of the floor dividing them by count and color before putting them away. I would just love to have a second drawer like this!

Anyone else to care to show off their linen??

btw - thank you everyone for the get well wishes! May have pulled a stitch already...found blood on the bandage this morning and it wasn't there yesterday afternoon. The numbing stayed with me until evening and I couldn't feel any pulling. Here's hoping that was just leakage. Will take bandage off when hubby comes home. Crossing fingers all is well.

Time to stitch as my computer battery is dying quickly!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Five Stitches Later...

and I have been grounded until at least Friday! No treadmill - no bicycle - no pushing or pulling - no nothing. Doctor said to take it easy and remember that those stitches can pull out and make a mess.

I had a mole removed from the back of my knee or the upper calf - however you look at it. I thought I might get two stitches, but five??!??

So, guess I'll be stitching my little heart out for the next three days and then I'll try the treadmill - if there is pain - I'm to stop.

So, by the end of the week I may have the entire calendar project done! lol

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Going to do it over!

That's my latest decision regarding Sunday. I just don't care for how light it came out. So, going to find a darker blue.

Courtney picked the colors for March. Guess I'm flying my kite in the dark. :) See, Sunday doesn't pop. It needs to pop. Started Monday last night and picked a wonderful VMS - Halloween Night ( I believe that's its name) and it almost matches the Just Rust in each of these. I'm falling in love with these tags as I do more and more of them. Maybe it is the perforated paper that's not a strain to the eyes...

Here's to the remaining weekend finding you with needle and floss in hand!

PS - here is a photo DD took of us on my birthday - ignore future SIL's being goofy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Phew...Made It!

Birthday celebrations are over. Cake is gone, presents have been unwrapped and put away, and I am still smiling!

Isn't this just a lovely little cake? My friend Angie and I went to Cleveland on Tuesday. We visited Crafty Ewe and Michelangelo's Bakery. This is a Chocolate Mousse Log. Two layers of deep dark chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate mousse between them. It was then covered with a fluffy chocolate icing and cherries. It was as tasty as it was pretty.

I'm not going to show all that I bought at Crafty Ewe because it was shameful. Let's say that I bought 6 patterns and too many pieces of linen. The newest JCS magazine had a pelican pattern that I got the floss and linen for and there was an ornament that needed some snowflakes. I was beyond pleased with my little bag. Told Angie that no matter how much you bought Carol could always get it to fit the same little bag.

DH has asked what I would like for my birthday and I told him about this little collection of floss. Yeah, you know the one...the 1795 Collection.

It came today and I wanted to roll around in it. Oh, what a beautiful collection. Later today I will get it bagged and put with the rest of my VMS.

I received some birthday cards from my blogging friends - Mary Jane, Dawn, and Maggee. Maggee and I had been talking about her patriotic pattern and she gifted me with her latest finish along with a couple of skeins of floss.

Mary Jane said there's a gifty coming my way sometime in the future. MJ has had a bit of a boo-boo on her finger and her stitching has been put on hold until she can heal. 

My family took me out to Carrabba's for dinner and we had another excellent meal. I have never come away from that restaurant hungry or unsatisfied. Courtney found a Carrabba's cook book for me - there are plenty of new Italian meals coming soon. Logan got me two movies that I have watched already and Rob found a new Willow Tree figurine for me. 

All in all it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I am so blessed with a family who loves me! 

While I have you here I have finished another tag - Easter Egg Hunt!

And if I get into my stitching chair today I may finish March. Don't hold your breath though. Nope, can't see it happening now - hubby just walked in! 

Time to talk to him and start the weekend! May you have a beautiful first weekend of summer!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well, What Should My Excuse Be This Time?

Busy? The weather? Blame my lack of blogging on the kids, my mom, DH? Nope, it's all been me...oh, this other stuff helped but it's all me.

Can't remember another summer that has had me running around like this. But, I'm liking it and finding more life to me than sitting on the internet all the time. My apologies to all my friends on the net that I have been neglecting. I owe many emails some from probably a month ago!

But, first I would like to wish Dawn and Cathey both a very happy birthday - at this point they are both late! Hope you guys got your cards on time. And then Mary Jane and her hubby just celebrated their 41st anniversary this week! Seems to be a week of celebrating! Now next week I'll be the one celebrating - my 45th birthday. I just want to know one thing...when did that number get so dang BIG?!

I know I am getting older when I have the music playing and it's from the 80's and I know every song. Gotta love these music stations that play certain genres. But, Dire Straits?

What should I show first?? How about my niece and nephew?

Doesn't Garin just look ornery? This is from Memorial Day at the lake and then Alivia is playing in the drive earlier this week. Tried to get her to dunk her head in the puddle but she was having none of it. Although, her mommy did it when she was this age.

Stitching wise --- have two more tags complete. Not too happy with Sunday but it's better than the first attempt.

Must remember to use darker colors when doing the days and numbers. Now have 10 complete tags and am working on Easter Egg Hunt.

This week has found me lost on Kent State's campus. I NEED a map of that place next time. DS is not good at giving directions! Then yesterday found DD and I at the bridal shop. We got her altered dress and two of the girls dresses. Must confess I tried on one and found it too big! Woohoo. And no there wasn't a picture taken!

Seems I am back on the diet wagon. My doctor and I agreed I needed to get my s*** together and loose this weight. As of May 4th - I have lost 13 pounds! I am back to where I was last November when I gave up. With a few major differences. I am now on the treadmill 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes and every day on the stationary bike for at least 15 minutes. I am not judging myself by the number on that silly scale. And  this morning I was listing all the things to do and I wanted to get off the treadmill - told myself that I needed to take the 45 minutes for myself before doing for everyone else. And I listened! Ha, that explains the storms last night.

Ought to go change the washer and check the chicken thawing for dinner. How does bbq chicken and baked potatoes sound?

Hope everyone is enjoying the week - and has plans for the upcoming weekend.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blizzard Babe!

 Wow - that was torture trying to upload photos to the blog. Seems Flickr has changed settings for adding photos to your blog and I went back to uploading them from the computer.

Anyway, here's May's progress on the Lizzie Kate Fat Guys/Snow Belles SAL. Not sure how much of a SAL this is anymore as I haven't heard from the others for a long time. But, hopefully, they are still plugging away on this cutie!

Here's Blizzard Babe -

And the overall progress! 

It's filling in nicely. Going to be colorful when it's done. Not sure what I am going to do with it. Oh well, it's fun to stitch.

Time to go work on another tag - I pitched one as the colors weren't working out well. Sigh...
Happy Weekend - Denise