Monday, April 29, 2013

And They Just Keep Multiplying!

Here are the latest hares in my life ~

Hares' Summer
28 ct Light Gray
Hares' Lucky Day
28 ct Jobelan Water Lily
Hares' New Year
28 ct Mystic Lugana
I'm off to start Hares' Spring today. Keep this pace up and I may have them done by the end of May. By golly, May is right around the corner isn't it? Guess that means I can show off the next installment of the Fat Guy/Snow Belle SAL. 

Today dawns another gray dreary day like yesterday. Now on Saturday - wow - what a perfect spring day! No complaints. Except for the sunburn I am still enjoying. :)

We went to an auction on Saturday and I came home with a beautiful old quilt. I am STILL kicking myself for not going after its twin. Someone ran the bid up to twice the price I paid for this one. 

And I have no idea what pattern this would be...anyone know?? It reminds me of a Flying Geese type quilt. 

Hope today finds you enjoying your day and pulling a few stitches!

btw - Did you see the new floors? 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hares Hares Everywhere!

I've been busy --

Hares' Mother's Day
28ct Natural Cashel
Hares' Father's Day
28ct Country Mocha Cashel
Hares' Easter
28ct Country Mocha Cashel
Hares' Autumn Blessings
28ct light gray linen
All patterns are by Plum Street Samplers. I still have 8 more in the series to go. The summer piece is up next. My eyes are too tired to start tonight. 

Not sure what I find so appealing about these bunnies but aren't they cute?? And those flowers make me giggle. 

Well, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Quick Flyby -

Just wanted to pop in and show you the last two tags I've completed -

January and Friday
by SamSarah
DMC and VMS floss
Really changed the colors up in these. January was to a blue and purple background. I oopsied and didn't carry the green color all the way to the bottom border - turns out I like it this way better though. And Friday was to be a purple and I fell in love with this peach. In real life it looks like a sunrise and glows in the sunlight.

Started The Second a little while ago and just had to stop. After pumping 2 tags out in a few days - time to move back to linen! Thinking I may finally pull out the Plum Street Samplers bunny series.

Shoot, the weekend is quickly coming to a close!
Happy Monday -

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Couple of Finishes

Just passing through to show you that I did get a few things finished!

Oh My Stars! Pincushion
by Black Bird Designs
28 ct Taupe Cashel
VMS Floss and ric rac

I went with a couple of purple buttons on the back. Not too sure the bow looks good from this angle but I just think about myself in the mirror...not as good from the back. lol

And this morning I just finished this -

The First
by SamSarah
perforated paper
DMC, VMS, and Crescent floss

January's border is already started so I'm off to stitch a penguin this afternoon! :)

Waiting for the thunderstorms this afternoon - our very first spring storm. No more snow...unless something odd happens. Winter is over. Never did get that BIG snow I wanted. Maybe next year!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Late Monday Happenings...

Meant to post earlier but my printer finally jerked my chain enough that I had to replace it. So, that meant a trip to town and shopping... and that threw dinner later than planned...and then DWTS was on...

So here we are ~

My mailman brought me my new floss. Aren't they gorgeous?! I especially like all the purple in this lot. And after playing with them I just had to make something.

Oh My Stars! Pincushion
from A Stitcher's Journey
Blackbird Design
28 ct Cashel Taupe
VMS floss
I have been wanting to make this pincushion since I got the pattern, When I saw the new floss together it just fit. Had this completely finished and decided to add more walnut shells. That meant I had to take the ric-rac off and unstitch. Now I'm satisfied with the poofiness. Tomorrow will see the ric rac back on. This time I think I'll stitch it on instead of hot glue.

Because I detoured on the pincushion I failed to get anything more stitched on The First ~

That's a lot of solid stitching in Olive Green. Maybe later this week I'll get it finished.

Since I'm about to fall asleep - It's off to bed for me!
Night night everyone!

Friday, April 5, 2013

"Oh Bother!"

I went and forgot my blogversary A-G-A-I-N! 
Three years have passed, many friends found, 
much stitching done, and many more years to come! 

My stitchy stash arrived this morning! Woo-hoo! Going to buy more floss in a few moments. 

This is the Fall Collection of floss, 10 colors of 1/2" ric-rac, and freebies champagne cluny lacy and mini pumpkin ric-rac. Going to have to get more ric-rac for my Santas. I see many happy days finishing in front of me. 

I will say the floss is a little more of a solid color than I expected but I am so in love with the colors that I can't wait to get off the computer and go stitch. 

And, the organizational part of me sees - more snack bags, labels, and another ring or two in my future. :) Maybe a whole new box?? giggle giggle giggle. 

But, that means shopping...and I still can't get my shoe on! :( Never told you about my clutzy moment last Tuesday. DH and I were working on the flooring. He had put a 4' hard wood board against the boxes. I was pulling wood out of the boxes and had an empty. Never thinking I pulled the empty box and sent the 4' board sliding. It guillotined my left foot across the top. I still have dark bruising, swelling, and some pain 11 days later. I did go to the doctor (gasp - me?!?!) and the x-rays show no breaks. But, he did tell me there is muscle and tendon damage that will take some time to repair itself. Wonder if DH would know what I want if I sent him into Jo-Ann's? Nah, I'll wait for the new box -- I'll get the floss ready first!

Hard to believe another weekend is upon us! Hope everyone is experiencing some spring like weather. Here in Ohio - we are to hit the 60's this next several days. Slept with the window open last night. Awoke to 53 degrees in the bedroom and the fan on - bliss. 

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mid-Winter Gifts and a Finish!

Mary Jane (CalamityJr) and I opened gifts last night! I was a bit concerned because her box should have arrived Monday or Tuesday at the latest. It arrived yesterday looking as if someone sat on it. Thankfully, everything survived in one piece. :)

I had shown a picture of her gifts to me the other day - here's the unwrapped picture. That candy is not really there. I had extra calories for the day and the chocolate caramel hit the SPOT! Mary Jane has told me to expect her stitched gift to arrive sometime later in the year. She ran out of time stitching -- her daughter is getting her PHD in a month or so -- and she needed to work on the graduation piece.

I love the book "The Shack" and had no idea they had made a daily devotional with the book. Awesome! And I can think of my friend every time I pick it up. Now, see the pattern book in the back? Beyond awesome - it is all La-D-Da patterns! I love each and every one! Thank you Mary Jane for sending me such wonderful gifts - I am thrilled to death with them. Hmm, would you like any more La-D-Da pieces??

The funny part of the pattern book? I had mentioned a month or so ago to MJ, "Wouldn't it be funny if we were stitching the same thing for each other?" She said there was no way. Well, her mid-winter gift pattern is in this book. So we were on the same wavelength!

I sent her these two stitched items and a pair of scissors for her gifts.

You Are My Sunshine
by La-D-Da
35ct Kansas City Blend
Recommended hand dyed floss

Portion of Snowflake Serenade
by CCN
40ct Newcastle Summer Khaki
DMC floss
I didn't finish the piece by CCN. I had thought it might work as a bookmark. Mary Jane thought she might frame it and place it next to her anniversary piece. So, I can't wait to see what she does with this one.

Her birthday gifts were included in the same box. Anyone who has Mary Jane's email - tell her happy birthday on Monday the 8th! This was the stitchy item ~

Zippity Do Da
by La-D-Da
28ct unknown gray linen
DMC floss
I must give a shout out to my hubby, Rob, for the frames. He did a wonderful job on them.

Yesterday also found me finishing a small Santa.

Here Comes Santa Claus!
by L*K
28ct unknown linen
DMC Floss
The pattern called for 317 for the skate blades and of course I didn't have it. Substituted 415 and I think they are too light. I may have to add a touch of darker gray to them.

Think I am going to finally start the number 1 of SamSarah's calendar. Crossing fingers that the Victorian Motto Sampler floss I ordered for them come in tomorrow. I should be able to get two tags out of each skein. What a cost savings! If the colors are as beautiful in real like as the pictures on the internet - woohoo!
Who am I kidding? If those colors are that beautiful I am ordering her 100 skein lot! He-he...more floss.

Hope your day is as bright and beautiful as you are!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Recipe, SAL, and Alivia!

Good Morning Sunshine! How are you today? Recovering from the sugar high after sneaking candy yesterday?

I've got a fabulous recipe from my grandma to share. I've used chocolate pudding but any flavor will work!

We call it "Chocolate Pudding Dessert"
Really Original huh?
For the Crust:
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup chopped walnuts or pecans

Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix well. Place crumbled crust into a 13x9" pan and flatten covering the bottom of the pan evenly. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, bake for 15 minutes. Then allow to cool completely.

For the Center Layer:
8 oz cream cheese (allow to warm to room temp)
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup thawed Cool Whip

Mix all ingredients together and spread evenly over cooled crust.

For the Pudding Layer:
3 pkgs of instant pudding
4 1/2 cup milk

Mix pudding together and pour over cream cheese layer. Then place dessert in refrigerator until pudding is set.

After pudding is set - cover with Cool Whip and chopped nuts.

It's the first again (another month shot all to h***) and I have no idea where the time has gone! But, it being the beginning of the month mean Snow Man SAL results!

Snow Day
by Lizzie Kate
Overall look so far...
Hard to believe this next month brings us to the halfway point already. Have a feeling the piece is going to be very busy when finished.

I would like to share a picture from yesterday. It needs some explanation. Alivia thought she needed to go potty - so she went and got the potty from the bathroom and brought it out to the dining room and placed it by her mommy to try to go. She sat there as if it was not an issue - no modesty problems for her. Afterwards, Alivia didn't find it necessary to wear her pants. No sure why she put her boots on but this is what she was proudly wearing after dinner.

I would call these boots sh** kicker barn boots. For whatever reason they are her favorites! What a kid!

Oh, had a bad time with some Silly Putty and Garin. Poor kid didn't realize I was joking when I told him to put it in his sister's hair. So, he put it in his own. And it stuck! I had to remove it hair by hair until the point I had to trim the Silly Putty out. He cried and I felt terrible. Sigh...I hope he doesn't put it in anyone's hair again.

Not much stitching going on lately. Hopefully, I'll get in there today!
Happy stitching!