Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finish Number 11 & 12

More finishes to share - Here's number 11

Merry Ho Ho
by Lizzie Kate
DMC Floss
unknown linen
And here's number 12 -

By Golly Be Jolly
by Lizzie Kate
DMC Floss and some hand dyes
misc linen
Today we celebrated my MIL's 70th birthday. The event went better than I expected. I believe everyone had a good time. This is only part of the crew.

If you look closely to the family picture - the beautiful girl in the white shirt is due in about a month. She's having a another girl. Her other children are the two boys kneeling and the little girl in the blue/purple coat.

And we have a new addition to the family!

Aiden James - 8lbs 10 oz and 19.5" long. He is our step-great-nephew from my FIL's side of the family. Believe me - there isn't a post long enough to describe the family genealogy!

Well, if I am to get any stitching done this evening I better put the floss through the needle!

Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to laugh as much as you stitch, and love more than you sew! (these words were given to me by Mary Jane - isn't she brilliant?)


Friday, February 15, 2013

How Many Pieces of Linen Did I Buy?

Seven! And that means Linda at Stitchin With My Furbabies won my little pattern give away. Congratulations Linda. I don't believe I have your snail mail address - could you email it to me?

These pieces had to come home with me but it was so hard stopping at seven. I could buy her entire wall of linen and not feel bad about it! Let's see what came home - 28ct Cashel Dirty, 28ct Cashel Rue Green, 28ct Cashel Vintage Smokey White, 28ct Cashel Taupe, 28ct Jobelan Water Lily, 30ct Weeks Tin Roof, and 30ct Weeks Putty.

Last night my dear hubby brought me some white roses. I love roses. We spent the night here at home and had dinner. Later he ran to the grocery store for ice cream and we made milkshakes. It's been a l-o-n-g time since I made shakes. Some thing are never forgotten. Guess those years at my grandparents dairy taught me something!

Got some mail on Wednesday - I had won Patty's give away over at Hanging On By a Thread and I received her goodies.

Just in time for Valentine's! The scissors weren't supposed to be included but Patty surprised me and sent them! Aren't her goodies the absolute best? And perfectly stitched and finished. I just love them. Now I have a new pincushion for late winter and don't have to use my Humbug til spring. I've never had a scissor pocket before! And for someone who isn't collecting scissors - I now have 5 pair. I may say blue is my favorite color but this shade of red is a close second. Just looking at these make me happy. Thank you Patty for such a wonderful give away!

Tomorrow I get to see Stomp. Just looked at their website and wonder -- do we need a plastic to cover us since we have front row seats? Has anyone seen the show? Any advice will be a huge help. Rob isn't completely thrilled to be going and if he's going to get drenched...well, I'd like to be prepared.

Yeah, he's going under protest. He hasn't wrapped his mind around the fact this is NOT a ballet. I figure after having to watch Auction Whatever, Motor/Cycle/Bike shows, and Pawn blah blah he owes me this one!

Well, since blogger is giving me fits and wanting me to sign in again while I am posting --  time to go!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Punchki, A Give-Away, and No Excuses!

Wanted to say Good Morning All. Except it seems to be the middle of the afternoon. I just got home from Cleveland. Went all that way to stop not at Crafty Ewe (although we did stop in there) but to go to Michael Angelo's Bakery.  Today was Punchki Day and by golly this year I was getting some!

I got a dozen to bring home and as you can see Logan has attacked them already. I was a danger on the road as I tried to eat my chocolate creme filled one while driving. Oh Yum!

After stopping at the bakery we had to go to Crafty Ewe. I mean really, how could I drive all the way to Cleveland for donuts and then not walk next door to the stash store?? I HAD to go. Oh, I got some patterns (more Christmas related), a floss, a few buttons/charms, and linen. But, I must just love this pattern -

because this is the second time I bought it! So, in an effort to not feel like a dunce - I'll give it away. Simply be the one to answer this question.

How many pieces of linen did I buy today? 

If no one answers correctly I pick the person closest and if several people answer correctly I'll throw your names in a bowl and let Rob pick one. Let's close this on Friday Feb 15th. Please make sure I either have your email or it's in your profile.

That's two of the three items on the title of this post. This last section is specifically for Jayne! Look what came in the mail today my dear!

No excuses anymore! Absolutely none! I just wish the US government had returned my birth certificate with this. Poor Rob...his passport is still out there floating somewhere. Maybe tomorrow.

Time to go get busy with house stuff. Can't play all day and all night...sigh...time to be a grown up and do something around here to earn my keep! :)

Have a great day and keep stitching!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Weather and then the News

To all my friends and stitching buddies in the US northeast -- enjoy your forced hermit stitching weekend! I hope no one experiences any power outages because it works havoc on Ott lights. On a more serious side - I hope to hear that all of you are safe and warm during the storm. Take care - I'll be sending prayers for your safety.

Truthfully, I kinda wish I were in your shoes. I love BIG snows. Now those blizzard winds are another thing. I haven't seen a large snow since 1987 when we had 20" overnight. I was 10 when the blizzard of 1978 came through. Oh the stories I have heard about that one.

Heard on HLN that some of the ski resorts in Maine had guests already in place to enjoy the fresh powder. Told my son this and his comment was, "Genius!" I have to agree - where else do they know how to move massive amounts of snow and are more prepared for weather than a ski resort. Good thinking!

Had to meet my goal of finishing project number 10 before posting. But, there is something else I would like to show you before I put up those pictures.

I got some mail this week! And look what Dawn sent to me!

Project Bag
Hehe, my name! 
The goodies inside!
Dawn and I have been talking about the sewing machine her mother had given her and how many embroidery patterns it had. She sent me pictures where she practiced her name - so impressive. Then she makes a comment on the blog, "Oh, I sent you something today." What? You just drop that little bomb on me and make me wait?? So unfair!

And I'm thinking, "Ok, is she sending me another pattern?" Ha, that was only half of it! This bag makes me giggle - the fabric is joyful. I honestly can not think of another word for it. Joyful! And to know she practiced my name too -- aaahhh! Then to see that it was lined in blue. Have I told everyone my favorite color is blue? Must have or she really pays attention! And if you look closely she has made counting pins for me too! In blue! Ha - she knows I like matchy matchy. Then she sent me a little snowman pattern -- hehe, gotta love another snowman. Have I mentioned the fact on this blog that I like snowmen?? Hmm, someone has been paying attention or I have mentioned it one too many times.

Dawn, thank you so very much for my gifts. Your timing was perfect as I was completely under the weather with this nasty sinus infection that will not let go. You brightened my day and with the emails we've been sharing - I know I now have another life long stitching friend! We have GOT to arrange a road trip to Columbus. And I know there are a couple of other women who live in the Columbus area that could help us spend our money!

I mentioned earlier that I just finished my 10th item this year. Well, it's part of my Snow Guys/Belles SAL and I don't want to show it quiet yet so how about a sneak peek?

Snow Friends
by Lizzie Kate
Milk Chocolate PTP
DMC floss
But, did I ever show finish number 9?

Where's the Party?
by Lizzie Kate
Some linen that I since forgotten the name
DMC floss
Speaking of that SAL - we have a new member! Sierra from Patchwork Stitches has joined us in our endeavor. She had all the L*K patterns and wondered if there were any patterns out on the web to combine them all...somehow she found us. So, welcome aboard Sierra! She also mentioned a message board that may want to join too. Woohoo - more people playing in snow. And to anyone else -- we are only into this SAL a few months. If you would like to join we are not too far ahead -- there's still time to join us! Just let me know and I'll add your name to our list!

I think I may go get a head start on March's pattern for the SAL. I won't finish it but it is a big one. I need a head start. Then I think I'll head over to another Santa. Must get some Christmasy fabric for the finish before Jo-Ann's removes it all from the store.

Tomorrow we are celebrating my sister's 29th birthday - her actual birthday was Wednesday. Told her to enjoy this year -- her last in her 20's. Oh, to be 29 again. I was about 100 pounds lighter than I am now. Ack, to admit that. MUST START DIET AGAIN!

Well, the grayness of today is depressing me - time to get under the Ott light!
Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, February 1, 2013

January SAL Progress ~

Ah, where did my post go? I was typing along and poof - it was gone!

I must say this year is whizzing along! If it keeps up at this rate I'll be pulling my Christmas decorations back out in a few weeks! Where did January go?

Here's my progress for January - please ignore the wrinkles!

The plan is to do the next pattern under the word Snowman. It looks like a biggie! This is going to be something when it's finished. I know right where it will live next winter!


My mojo returned! It had gotten lost in my mind because I was grinding on a branch of my family tree. I found them and got them in place. Now my mind is clear to stitch. The basement is finished except for some miscellaneous stuff that I am at a loss as to where to put it.

Get the family in to go through the things I am ready to get rid of and let them store it. Then the rest can go to charity or the trash. I thought about a yard sale and putting the proceeds towards my Toys for Tots fund. But, the hassle of a yard sale is not worth the $40 I may make at the sale.

It's Super Bowl Weekend....will you be watching? Do you watch the game, the commercials, or just like to get together with friends?

I'm off to get my day moving...hope you have a wonderful weekend!