Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where, Oh Where Has My...

Mojo gone? Have you seen it?

Talked to Mary Jane the other day and I decided her mojo must have come to Ohio and picked up my mojo and headed to the beach. I'm a bit miffed our mojos left us at home and didn't take us with them!

If you see my mojo could you send it back to me? I have a L*K quickie that should have taken 2 days tops still sitting half done in my stitching room.

In all honesty though, I know what's happened to me. I'm tired of Santa and Christmas related stitches and I started working on the genealogy again. Daily. Some one warned me genealogy could take over all my free time and I sort of blew them off. Opps, they were right.

See, I like to collect things. Linen, floss, patterns, Willow Tree people, used to collect Boyds Bears snow globes, all the roses ever given to me, mallets from my ancestors, wooden bowls, sand timers. Yeah, you get the picture...well, genealogy is sort of like collecting family members. And it involves data mining, organization, some mystery --- you know all those neat things I like.

If you notice I haven't posted in say 2 weeks - send me an email and make me come up for air. Otherwise, I'll be on Ancestry and My Heritage constantly.

See you soon,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calling All Cars...

CalamityJr (Mary Jane) needs our help! She's looking for the pattern Graduation Dreams by Janlynn.

She would like to borrow/buy the pattern from someone. Seems a waste to buy the kit as the aida would go to waste.

If you would happen to have this or know someone who does - please leave a comment and maybe your email (if not in your profile) on this post. If you email me - I'll forward any info on to her.

Thank you for helping out my friend!

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who commented or emailed me yesterday. Once again you have shown your heart. Your comments/thoughts/prayers helped. And they are much appreciated. Today is a better day - it's those anniversaries that get you.

Thank everyone -

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In Memory...

Of My Dad ~

James Alan Mathews
March 25, 1948 - Jan 23, 2011

I love you and miss you terribly. These last two year have both passed quickly and achingly slow. There are so many things you have missed. So many things you would have loved to see. We've missed you being here with us.

Daddy, please know my last words to you still hold true today - Dad, I love you.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

Boy I hope so! Because I haven't posted in over 10 days. Did you miss me? Probably not -- there are too many talented people in bloggerville that have much more exciting lives than little old moi.

But, I do come to show my latest finish -

by Lizzie Kate
unknown scrap of linen
DMC Floss
I thought this was my 4th Santa of the series complete - ha, it's #5! Here they are together -

As I had them laying out on the table DH asked how I was going to finish them. I told him flat ornaments. He thought they would be huge and would make good pillows. I don't want 12 Santa pillows though. So, I ask you - how would you finish them? I had wanted them to go on a railing or the tree. Hmm...

Went to Cleveland yesterday and visited the Ewe. Sadly, they didn't have the frames I hoped they would have. Came home with one. :( In an effort to make sure the trip was not a waste of fuel, I also snagged 3 more Christmas related L*K patterns, the newest Silver Creek - Love is Forever, and some linen. Shoot, I didn't even spend $50. So, of course, I rushed home and made an order out to Nordic Needle! And even then I got just a couple of things. What is this world coming to when I stay within my budget on stitchy stash??

The basement cleaning continues. I have managed to wade through all my Christmas ornaments and such. I have two sets of shelves that are 10' long and have two shelves each plus the floor beneath - 60' of storage - ALL CHRISTMAS. Although, one floor section is the tree. So, 50' of Christmas decorations. Let me just say this - I thought I would be getting rid of more and instead I boxed it properly and ended up with more room taken up. Shoot. I have managed to get to the other side of the basement where the pool table lives. There is a 15' section of cleaning to go. Maybe I'll get down there today and finish this madness.

I've been thinking (going to warn you to put the coffee down) and I need an answer. We have extremely cold weather coming in this week - our first Arctic blast of the winter. Serious see your breath when you go outside weather. And it made me wonder - if you fart in this type of cold air - can you see the poof of steam? What if you really had gas and thought, "Oh, I can fart out here in the parking lot" and let one go - would everyone see the poof of steam? Can you imagine your 'I'm better than you' boss making a poof of steam while coming into the work place? I'd never be able to take them seriously again.

Well folks, I think I'll leave you pondering that little nugget of weirdness for the day.

Have a great week and stay warm!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh My!

I've been working on my basement this week. Think I've discovered an issue.

My name is Denise and I am a wanna-be hoarder.

There is no reason known to man for someone having 4 totes of Christmas bulbs. FOUR! One for blue bulbs, one for gold, another for the multi-colors, and the fourth for the white/silver/brass/clear bulbs. Mind you - I'm talking bulbs. Not decorations, ornaments, lights - just bulbs.

Don't get me started on the number of lights I own. I bet I threw out over 1000 lights. I found hundreds of lights - green and white, red, blue, multi, and clear. And these aren't the ones I JUST BOUGHT. Oh no, and did I mention at least 8 boxes of lights for the porch? I need a HUGE tote for the lights or several small ones.

And here I thought my Christmas decorations were organized. Guess not.

But, I haven't even come close to the part of the basement where the kid's childhood things are kept. sob...

If I have little to show for my stitching time this month at least you know what I've been doing.

Pull a few stitches for me!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Finishes Galore!

I've been busy this last weekend. Managed to finish numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5! Number 5 has been finished for all of 40 minutes. hehe - waited to post until I had it under my belt.

Ready for a few pictures?

Got Snow?
Val's Stuff
Lugana Pewter 28 ct
DMC Floss
Val's Stuff
Lugana Pewter 28 ct
DMC Floss
Socks and Underwear
Lizzie Kate
unknown linen
Recommended Floss
Ready for Snow*
Lizzie Kate
Milk Chocolate linen
DMC Floss
Ok, I cheated with the picture for Ready for Snow. I don't want to show the finish until Feb 1st when I update my SAL progress. 

Started the basement this afternoon - managed to get a work space cleared, tables up and in place, the items from the floor onto the tables, the floor swept, and a trashcan brought to the work area. Moved a few things to the give away pile and DD needed help with my computer. Eeerrch - came upstairs and stopped for the day. 

Beyond stitching I haven't been doing too much. DH put Logan's truck back together this weekend and I stayed inside. My life is boring! 

Getting ready to watch the ND vs Alabama game. Sorry April - I'm cheering for ND this time. Been a long time since they have won a national championship. 

This week we are having our January thaw - temps to be near 60 this weekend! Then winter returns - bring on the snow!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alivia is HOME!

Great News today! The baby is home. Her temperature went down last night and has stayed down. The doctor released her back into the real world. That kid got to the point she knew the nurses and which ones did what. She told the ones that wanted her oxygen levels to 'hurry up' and the ones that wanted blood 'no'. If one thing can be said about Alivia - she has spunk!

On the stitching front - I have my first finish of 2013. No one said they had to be big - just done.

More Snow
by Val's Stuff
Lugana Pewter 28ct
DMC Floss
I have two pieces in various stages of stitched upon. Neither close to being done. Maybe by the end of the weekend?!

Here are a few scenes from our anniversary trip ~

View from the porch 
View from the deck
The whole reason we went -
the hot tub!
You can see there is a line of ice on the lake. I have lived by this lake my entire life and never seen it in the winter. I have other pictures of it completely iced over. Way too cool.

If you notice the middle picture - it might be a bit familiar - that fall picture I use on my header - it was taken 4 cabins from this one. The view is nearly identical - just higher on the hill.

Rob and Logan are up fetching the parts for Logan's truck. Hopefully, he'll be back on the road in his own vehicle before long. I hate having someone else drive my car. I know, I know...thankfully, there is another car to drive.

Ok, time for me to go make dinner. Meatloaf and potatoes - not going to win any awards for tonight's meal. :)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bah, 2013...Is Not What I Hoped...So Far

Let's see -- DH and I decided to leave the lake a bit early this morning instead of enjoying the late check-out of 2p. Good thing. Things went downhill quickly.

As we came across the bridge to our home we noticed Logan's truck was not at home. Hmm? Where is he? Oh, okay, he's at Mom's house. Why? We get everything unloaded and into the house. I call over to Mom's. "What's going on?" Mom tells me, "Logan had a little accident." Now, honestly, I'm thinking he cut himself or something like that.

No, last night on his way to work (in the snow) he went off the road and hit a small tree. He's fine - the truck needs a new grill and bumper. All in all - things could have been worse. He didn't want to call us and ruin our anniversary outing.

Although, I must say, he did make me smile. He had planned to have a friend over to stay and had pizza ordered to pick up after work. After the wreck - he cancelled it all. Good boy! :)

Mom came over and talked to me. Seems Alivia got terribly sick this morning and had to go by squad to the hospital. I'm not going into all the details but baby girl is sick - temperature was 104 a little bit ago. The hospital plans to keep her for another 24-48 hours.

I'm hoping 2013 starts to look up real soon. Eek, if it is to get worse!

Also, if you could send a little prayer for Alivia's health - it will be appreciated.

L*K SAL Month 2 Update!

I'm cheating today. 
I wrote this post on the 28th. 
DH and I are off celebrating our anniversary 
and I wanted to have this posted on the correct day. 
Please forgive me! :)
Happy New Year Everyone -
May 2013 be a year of peace,
joy, and happiness!

I must say I truly enjoyed this months' stitching on the SAL. Let it Snow was a wonderful little stitch and I managed to get ALL the extras on the piece finished. Now I can sit back and cruise through the remaining patterns. No more looking over my shoulder to see where the next border belongs! lol

Let It Snow
by L*K
DMC floss

Overall Progress So Far
The top photo upset me - in real life without the camera flash - you can't see the carryover with the snowflakes. I know I should have done each one separately but...there was NO way I would ever do that. I know my limits and confetti stitching is where I draw the line. :) 

This piece is going to be HUGE! Should I ask DH to start the frame now? Maybe I could have it made by next November if I whine enough. The question is - where to hang this beast next winter. Thinking in the hallway - only wall without something on it that is big enough. 

Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy this new year ~