Saturday, September 29, 2012

A New Blogger!

Hello everyone in Bloggerville!
We have a new neighbor - Carolyn! 
Why don't you hop over and say hi? 
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh My Goodness!

I got tickets just a few minutes ago for STOMP! So excited - wanted to go years ago and sort of put it on my Bucket List. And I got tickets!

((Dancing in circles and wiggling my tush. Hands in air and wings flapping to and fro))

Here's a link - in case you would like to see what the performance is like. They were at the London Olympics - you know the guys with the brooms?!

Made my week -

I got an email last night from STOMP and they have a show in Feb near my house (well, an hour or so away) and I said something to DH. Many minutes went past and I was on to new email - then a "yeah..." from the living room. I asked, "What's that about - the yeah?" He told me to get tickets!

Deposited the money in the account this morning and purchased the tickets before he could change his mind. :)

May the weekend continue to be awesome!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 3 - SAL Update

Thank you everyone that commented on the post where I pouted about my weekend. Turned out to be better than I thought it would be. Once I put on my big girl panties and got them out of the twist they were in - things went well. We rode around and found a new lake (really, it's been there forever but we could never find it.) and then headed to Carrabba's for dinner. Nothing like chicken parmesan to make this girl smile. Oh and the fact I brought a chocolate brownie mousse thing home for dessert. Sunday found me in pj's until after noon. And doing nothing impressive! All was well in my little home.

It seems as if Fall is here to stay. Can we get a who-rah from the crowd? Looking out my window this morning the sky is the most beautiful blue. The leaves are starting to reveal their true brilliant color. The air is crisp - we had a low of 36 degrees. Enough of a frost to kill the ragweed? Not sure, and looking at today - I don't care. I'll admit I still have a window open at night and my ceiling fan still spins. Granted the blankets are now pulled up to my chin and I'm slinking further down in the bed - but oh, glory day - Fall is here!

Can you tell I love me some fall?!

As much as I love fall - I've started working on my Christmas ornaments. Always a season ahead. As of this morning I finished Snow in Love by LHN and have kitted up Silent Night.

This always a season ahead thing...just realized that this thought process is why I always want my Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and by Dec 26th - take it down! Maybe if I can hold off until Dec 8th to put the tree up - it could stay there until Dec 31st like DH prefers. But, that could be problematic - I'm hosting a gathering before we head to Roscoe Village's Candle Lighting. Things to ponder!

Here I am half way down the page and have yet talked about the SAL! April and I are still strolling along on The House that Jacks Built II. We may be done by Halloween - maybe not - for once I am taking my time on a project and not going like my hair is on fire. (side note - have you ever read spinsterstitcher? She has actually caught her hair on fire twice from her stitching lamp)

My progress this third week ~

All of two pumpkins and a bat! But, on the upside - you can now see the purple in a picture!

On the genealogy front - My sister and I have plans to attend the local library's genealogy lock-in this Friday night. It's only for 2 hours but we get free access to their reference sites and microfiche - plus help if needed. (big grin) And DH has a new first cousin twice removed. The baby boy was born yesterday morning. Waiting for all his info.

I think this Monday post has run long enough - if you are still here - congratulations you made it to the end. Also, thank you everyone who puts up with this drivel and comments. I do read them all and appreciate every one! You'll never know how much those comments mean to me.

Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Finishes!

Here's what has had me busy since last week!

It's Snow Cold
by LHN
scrap of blue linen

Season's Greetings
by Bent Creek
scrap of linen
recommended floss
Finished Snow Cold on Tuesday - I believe. Thought I would have time to finish finish it along with the JCS ornies by now. Ha - as you can see - didn't happen. Season's Greetings popped up next and this morning found it done. Not sure what is next, but I have a pile of LHN ornaments to go. Maybe, I'll stitch them all and then make the ornies all at once. That sounds wonderful - procrastination!

Had plans for this weekend - DH's job once again interferes. The smile you see on my face at the moment is a rather sarcastic one. I'm now going to go pout like a two year old.

Oh well, the weather is cool and damp today. Good pouting weather. Watch the game and pray OSU can get by UAB. Then maybe I can get out of Dodge for dinner.

May your weekend be a happy one.

Monday, September 17, 2012

SAL - Week Two

I got to stitch more this week than planned. But, soon realized I needed to switch from Jack to something else. Think I made some decent progress ~

The House that Jacks Built II
by Prairie Moon

It looks like I did more than I actually did. I finished the rectangle left over from last week, got the outside border done (minus the skulls), 6 little purple motifs, and put one small skull in so I could start a bat. Oh, and the big round things. Unfortunately you can't tell by the picture that I have more than one color on this thing! :(

Now to see what April got done! Bet her's looks wonderful and much more logically stitched. Wanna put any bets on that? I can be the most haphazard stitcher in the world!

Was thinking earlier what I have planned for the week. I have to wrap DD's birthday presents. I'd tell you what they are but the little sneak might guess that and pop over to the blog to see. Her party is Friday night - the big 22! Could someone please tell me where those years have gone? I could have sworn last year she was 10.

I have another cemetery I'd like to go to. And DH wants me to make Wedding Soup. Wonder if he wants one batch or two? Better get enough stuff from the store for two and call it good.

Well, these presents aren't wrapping themselves and I need to go out and about today.
Have a wonderful day!
Smiles ~ Denise

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Got my JCS Christmas Ornament issue this week. Most of the ornies were not to my taste. Don't get me wrong they are cute, but just not for me. I found two I wanted to stitch - the color way one the on HAD to be changed.

Christmas Eve
by Pickle Barrel Designs
scrap 28ct linen
recommended WDW floss

Christmas Love
by Lizzie*Kate
scrap piece of pale pink 28ct linen
my color way
L*K had recommended WDW floss. I ended up using Crescent Color.

My conversions are - Cayenne to Pink Champagne
                             Holly to Apple Fritter
                             Linen to Snowball
                             Monkey Grass to Frozen Margarita

Should I rename Christmas Love to Valentine Love? Sorry the picture washed out - weird sunlight this morning. 

I've gotten my SAL stitching done for the week. And have decided to start 'It's Snow Cold' by LHN. For some reason I don't have the correct blue for it and had to wing it a bit too. 

This week has been the week of cemeteries! I told you about going to PA on Monday for my first. Tuesday found me a few miles from home at another, Wednesday - a few miles to the west, and yesterday my sister and I hit 4 south of town. That's 7 cemeteries in four days. And we did a drive by on one north! 

I've been told this is true genealogy! I've learnt a few things - 1) Never wear flip flops, 2) Don't take small children - they want to play with the flowers and sit on the graves, 3) Wait until the dew is off the grass, 4) Make sure the camera is charged and 5) Always take paper and chalk to rub the graves if needed! 

It's about time to turn on the game - may your team win today...unless your team is the California Golden Bears!

Hope this weekend finds you happy and healthy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week One SAL

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Can you beat today's weather in Ohio? Today found us enjoying partly cloudy skies, temps hovering around 70, and a nice breeze. Lord, may I order another 365 days like today?

As you know I started a SAL with April last week. I must admit to only getting a few hours of stitching in this week. I stand before you with my head hanging -- 

At least I ironed it before taking the picture! :)

I did put a little order in to 123stitch - I got a few goodies.

Top Left - Six Little Cardinals by LHN
Top Right - It's Snow Cold by LHN
Bottom Left - Snow Day by L*K
Bottom Right - Tree Farm by LHN
Spent today in the car. Drove with MIL to find a cemetery in PA. Took pictures of about every headstone there. Eight hours total on the road - 15 minutes at the cemetery. 

Time to get some house work done. haha...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

More for My Flock!

Friends Gather
by The Trilogy
DMC Floss
scrap of 28 ct linen
I borrowed this pattern from Shari (Shari's Sharings) and added my own touches. The pattern was quick and easy.

Loved to see I was able to add some antique trim I found at a garage sale last year.

Now I can get back to my SAL.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Birds Are Gone!

Mom called me a bit ago and asked if I've seen any birds today. I had just gotten in from mowing the yard and had to think. I haven't! She said she last heard them yesterday morning. hmm...

Not a robin, blackbird, or sparrow to be found. A rare chirp if you sit outside long enough. Only thing in the air is the occasional butterfly.

So, I looked on the 'net - Not thrilled with the answer I found. We'll see in a few days if the internet is correct or if the birds have lost their collective mind.

Hope your Wednesday isn't as eerily calm as mine is.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No Mr 50Cent!

I'm sure he was a nice man. But, jacking someone's blog is a no-no. And jacking a stitcher's blog...wrong wrong wrong thing to do!

I followed the advice of many and unfollowed Barbara's blog and then refollowed it. I also took the added measure of following Mr 50cent and then unfollowing him too. We'll see.

Well, I've finally joined the rest of you and have gone to the new blogger interface. I changed some things in the mobile device category and hope it resolves the issue of everything being in black and only the pictures showing. I also downloaded a wider background so the words are not in the left sidebar. But, this was all after having a mild heart attack when my blog went totally black. I'm not sure what I did to fix it but I'm glad it seems to be working.

Today finds me starting that new SAL and doing laundry. Of course, by my hubby's aunt's standards I'm still lazy. Yes, she  has implied I'm lazy 3 times in two conversations. Maybe if I actually knew the woman it would be one thing, but I've only talked to her a few times and seen her maybe 3 times in 24 years! Really? I'm going to go by what Jayne has told me several times - It's more about where they come from than anything you've done.

A new month and a new week have begun - Hope you are having a glorious day!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Introducing a SAL

First up, thank-you everyone for your 
ideas of how to fix the 50Cent issue. 
I hate to delete blogs that haven't 
posted in ages but I have a feeling 
I might have to. Going to play around 
with this problem some tomorrow afternoon. 

The House that Jacks Built II
by Prairie Moon
April (April in Alabama) and I will be starting this project tomorrow. Hopefully, we will be posting every Monday with the previous week's progress. 

I will be using a 32ct Desert Sand linen and DMC floss. 

Rather excited to see this done. Planning to match the frame with Thine is the Trick and the Treat.

Think they will make a wonderful pair for Halloween. Not a huge Halloween fan, but these trip my trigger. 

The weekend is quickly coming to an end. :( Time for hubby to return to his job. But, on the up side - we got groceries today. lol

Hope you are enjoying the evening. 


How is it possible I have a blog showing on my Google Reader that I am not following? It shows up on both the reader and on my site as a blog I follow but when I go my reading list and the gadget for my's not being followed. How can I remove it from site when I am not following it in the first place?



Sunday, September 2, 2012

Discount Stash Shopping!

Gotta love a sale! Jo-Ann's was THE spot to be this weekend.

The floss was on sale 4 for $1! Stocked up and got about 60 skeins. Got a little reel of ribbon, some nesting baskets and a little ironing board!

I've been using a towel and hot pad to iron my projects so I didn't have to drag out the big ironing board. This baby had been $25. I got it for $7 and some change! The baskets had been $9.99, $7.99, and $5.99 - got them for $3.97, $2.97, and $1.97!

Just feeling a little giggly to get goodies at great prices.

Went to the family reunion. Rained for hours last night and all morning. Cleared up just in time for the get together. It went better than expected. Got to work on the genealogy after the dinner. Guess it's all in the details. :)

Tomorrow is up in the air. We'll see where it goes.

Hope the weekend continues to be good to you.