Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lots of Lacing!

All laced up and ready for frames!

Two already have frames and I just laced them instead of having them taped (gasp! I know) into the frame. Think only three will have glass added - One Nation (back center), Red Birds (top left) and America (center).

Now, to wait until DH has time to make frames. So very lucky I have someone to make my frames - no idea how much it would cost. Glad I don't have to find out.

Oh my the weather is going to be a scorcher here in Ohio. The map shows all of us in the mid-west will be baking. Take care out there. Walk in the pups in the evening and stay hydrated!

Stay cool ~

ps - I would like to thank everyone who commented on my last finish. You inspire me to stitch faster!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Finish!

Hot off the needle ~ 

Liberty 1776
By Little House Needleworks
30ct Cocoa
Recommended Hand Dye Flosses

I Just Have to Share

Last night we had a verbal confrontation with a trespasser.

We were told we were 'petty and ridiculous' for making her and her children follow the law.
She told my sister - "To take her fat *** home and bake something."
She told me - "Don't call the sheriff - call Jenny Craig instead."
She called me a wonderfully colorful name and DH was called an 'old man'
And the best one yet..."You people who own property think you own the world."

The language she used in front of the kids...foul. And this is why I think some people should get a permit to parent before conceiving.

Amazing! Simply Amazing!

This morning I called my sister to ask her if she baked anything last night because I had yet to call Jenny. Needless to say, we didn't take that woman's advice on what she thought we should be doing.

I'm thinking DH and I will be purchasing No trespassing/No fishing/Private Property signs this weekend. Such a shame that some foul mouthed wench of a woman has ruined it for everyone. All those kids had to do was stop and ask permission to fish. What is she teaching these kids at home??

Thanks for letting me vent - still shaking my head in wonder.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What I've Been Doing

Hello everyone! Hope this bright beautiful Saturday finds you catching a moment to stitch. The weather in Ohio is fabulous and I should be outside enjoying it.

Would like to thank every one for their birthday wishes/cards/emails! Made my 44th birthday a very touching one.

On Monday I purchased a few things from 123Stitch and received them the other day. Don't know how they do it - but their things always arrive so promptly.

The floss is for the project I'm working on today. I couldn't find the conversions for the silk in Jingle all the Way. Figured I'd have the needed floss. :( - I don't. And I can't find a conversion for the color Cayenne by Crescent Color into DMC or another hand dye. Does anyone have a skein of Cayenne that they can color match for me and let me know? Or, if you have a conversion chart you could send me to. I have found many charts out here on the web but the color cayenne isn't on them.

And if I could pick your brain a bit more -- it also calls for Swamp linen by Colorscapes. Is that close to Copper Penny? I called my LNS and they didn't have any Swamp to compare.

I've been working on this ~

Liberty 1776
by LHN
30ct Cocoa linen
Recommended hand dye flosses
The fabric looks a bit washed out in the picture - sorry. The contrast between Straw Bonnet and the Cocoa looks amazing.

Just an update - feeling much better and my knee (knocking on wood) is feeling better than it has in months! Woohoo! Chris mentioned I maybe should only talk about things I've done instead of my plans. Excellent advice that I'm ignoring once again.

Why?? Because my daughter and son-in-love are taking DH and I out to dinner tonight! It is our belated Mother's and Father's Day gift. How can a steak house be a mistake for a gift? It's not in my book. The boy is tagging along. He had made plans for this evening and when reminded about us going out -- those plans were amended in a heartbeat!

Switching topics - I try not to mention current news too much on here. But, I have to say the jury got it right last night. Let the healing begin.

Well, I'm off to stitch a bit more before getting ready for dinner.
Happy Stitching ~

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eleven Things!

Mel at Epic Stitching tagged me to do this new game racing around bloggerville.

The rules are -- answer the questions another blogger asks and then tag eleven more bloggers asking your own eleven questions.

1. Rain or Snow?
Snow. Without question - too much rain and it floods. Too much snow - you just pile it higher.
2. Are you in any SAL's?
Currently no. I have one planned with CalamityJr to do 272 Words, I've talked to April about doing a Primitive Moon piece, and another with Angela.
3. How many WIP do you have on the go?
Liberty 1776 by LHN. Now I call about another 4 BAP WIP's when they are probably closer to UFO's.
4. Do you do any other crafts other than stitching? (ie: beading, scrapbooking, knitting, etc)
Quilting on a rare occasion.
5. Do you watch sports? Have a favourite sport?
OSU Football - Go Bucks!
6. Are you active? Have a workout program, bike, run etc.?
No. Need to - yes. Going to start one - must! Tired of being round.
7. Favourite genre of music? (ie: rock, country, blues, etc)
This is a toughie. I like many genres of music - from 80's rock to country, some classical to techno.
8. What type of cell phone do you have?
Type of cell phone - lol - a Samsung dumb phone. No internet. No games. No nothing. And it's rarely on.
9. Smallest project you've ever done?
I'd have to say the little freebie from LK - Liberty.
10. Largest project you've ever done?
It's one of those WIP BAP ones - It's the Portland Headlight Maine Lighthouse. It's 32"x32" solid stitching no back stitching.
11. How long have you been blogging?
April 2009 and I keep missing my own blogversary.

Now to tag my eleven victims (er, I mean bloggers)
1 -Parsley - Seasons of my Mind
2 -Jayne - An Eye for Threads @ Henley's Landing
3 - April - April in Alabama
4 - Marlene - Poppy Patchwork
5 - Jane - Buttons and Stitches
6 - Lee - Lake Stitcher
7 - Jennifer - Feathers in the Nest
8 - Shari - Shari's Sharings
9 - Faye - Carolina Stitcher
10 - Barbara - Mainely Stitching
11 -  Karen - Karen's Handiwork

My eleven questions -

1 - Which cartoon was your favorite as a kid?
2 - How long have you lived in your current home?
3 - Do you have a special place to stitch?
4 - How many pets do you have?
5 - At what age did you start stitching?
6 - If you could travel anywhere - where would you go?
7 - Do you have a green thumb?
8 - When you go to your LNS - where do you head first? Patterns, accessories, floss, etc?
9 - What is your favorite accessory for stitching?
10 - What are you currently reading?
11 - What color is your living room?

Can We Just Say Phooey?

If these last few days of being 43 are any indication of what 44 holds for me...I prefer to not get another year older! With out going into the gory details - my right knee went haywire and then I got sick as a dog last night. Really? Is someone trying to tell me to not go to Cleveland?

So, Saturday went rather well only missed getting the groceries. And that was NOT a hardship for me. Does anyone else hate getting the groceries? We got to the graduation party and went to the lake. Made for a late night for DH as he had been up since 3:45am.

Yesterday, I believe DH had a good Father's Day. He didn't complain and he had food in front of him at his request. Plus he got to watch a movie. My man doesn't need much to make him happy.

This morning found my head spinning and the rest of me turning inside out. Cleveland is a no go. Can you imagine me getting sick in the middle of Akron? Oh good golly - not worth the risk. Feeling tons better than earlier and I think I pinned the issue down. My stupidity.

And tomorrow's dinner - it will be delayed. A high school friend of DH's died Friday. His calling hours are tomorrow evening from 6-8pm. DH needs to be there. It is quite a shock as his friend was only 51.

Since I was staying off the knee most of the weekend - I do have progress. Ha, how about a finish and another start? The patriotic stitching continues.

We The People
Erica Michaels
30ct Natural Linen
DMC Floss

Liberty - 1776
30 ct Cocoa
Recommended Hand dyed Floss
So, to make my cake or con someone else into doing it?? (Just called my mom and asked her to make my cake...she will!) I would still like to eat cake for breakfast tomorrow morning. At several of your suggestions, I may eat cake for all 3 meals and maybe a snack! :)

I'm off to find breakfast - when you turn inside out in the early morning - you tend to be hungry later. Go figure!

Hope today finds you healthy and smiling.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day!

Good Morning Everyone! Today is Flag Day here in the good ole US of A. In case you didn't know my give away ends today. The winner has been picked...who? We'll get to that a bit later.

I told you I had started another patriotic piece and it is coming along rather nicely.

We the People
Erica Michaels
30ct Natural Linen
DMC floss
Had to change up the color on the lettering of We the People. It called for 3866 and it almost matched the linen perfectly. Tried B5200 and it still wasn't bright enough. So, I went the other way and used 422. My husband suggested outlining the letters and although it was a good idea - there was no way in the world I wanted to do that. Outlining has become the bane of my existence!

Can't believe it's Thursday already. Have a busy weekend planned. Saturday I have to get groceries as I won't be in town on my regular grocery day. (Yes, I get groceries the same day every week.) And we have our last graduation party and then DH and I are going where we went on our first date. It's no where special except to us - sitting on a dock at Tappan Lake. Sunday is Father's Day and we have the food planned out. For him, I guess, that's the best part.

Which brings me to early next week - Monday I am planning to head towards Cleveland and check out the LNS and pick up my birthday cake. Come home make dinner and have some of that cake! And then Tuesday finds me another year older and having more cake for breakfast. (Can you see the importance of cake in my life?) Seems DH, the boy, my mom, and myself will be going out for dinner. No place fancy because ribs are on the menu.

Since I've tortured you enough -- would you like to know the winner of my give away??


But wait... I would first like to say thank you to all who entered and also hello to all my newest followers. I now have well over 200 and that calls for another give away. So, stay tuned maybe I'll pick something up at the LNS to give away!

And now the winner is ...

It's April in Alabama

Congratulations April - if you could please email me your snail mail address - I would love to be able to send this package out to you today!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Got Those Pillows Made!

Yep, it was a productive day for pillows. Getting other projects ready for framing - does it count that they are now sitting on top of my cabinet? Is that progress? 

Decided to show just a single picture of my small patriotic pieces. I added another pillow to the mix - took a framed piece apart. Poof - another pillow.

Got to looking at my upcoming stitches - goodness - I must have been feeling all warm and fuzzy about the USA when I was putting projects together. Let's just say there is a theme!

Don't forget my give away - it ends in 3 days! Click here to enter. Most everyone who has commented has emailed me with the correct answer. I'll give you all a hint. The 14th isn't my birthday - that's next week.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Not 1, 2, or 3, but 4 Finishes!

Yes, I said I have FOUR finishes to show!

Wednesday afternoon found me finishing 'A Day at the Beach'.

A Day at the Beach
by Country Cottage Needleworks

Once I finished 'A Day at the Beach' I decided I better pick up Red Birds and get it done before the holidays found me wishing I had gotten busy this summer. Last night I was down to the white - one color left. This afternoon I had another finish!

Red Birds
by Marie Barber
 I decided my two patriotic pillows looked lonely on my bookshelves and I needed to get some done. With that in mind I shopped my stash and found this little freebie.

by Lizzie Kate
And I also found this one. I did a little trade with the charms. The sterling flag should have gone on Hooray but I liked it better on Liberty. Both patterns called for the same charm and the star charms looked better to me on Hooray. By the time it becomes a pillow that star may still come off.

Hooray for the USA
by Lizzie Kate
Tomorrow finds me pulling threads for this. But first, I have a million bobbins to put back in the boxes. I have a bad habit that I'll pull the floss for a project but I don't put it away immediately. It piles in my drawer until I have to fish through it for another project.

Went to a coach pitch baseball game this evening. I had forgotten until tonight how much I love baseball. My nephews (my husband's step sisters boys) are great players. It may be near the end of the season but I hope to go see them play again next week. Maybe I'll remember my camera and show you some action shots!

This weekend is to be blazing hot. Both DH and Logan are working all weekend - what should I do?? Gonna have to give it some thought.

Hope you find something wonderful to do!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Look What My Mailman Brought Today!

A week ago - I won Maggee's give away. She had a three day give away and I won day one! Woo-hoo!

Tee-hee - I have new stash for Halloween! Now to keep my daughter from snitching it. The little lambs are adorable! And check out the ribbon - the first two on the left are felt. Now sure how I'll use them but I can't wait til fall to try! And the others - I can see them being used for hangers on some cute little pillows.

Thank you Maggee! Your give away treasures are the best!

Quick Monday Post!

First line of business - There will be another give away. 
Long ago I told myself when I hit 
I'd have another one and you've 
pushed me up to 205 followers. 

Hello to all my new followers and 
welcome aboard! 

Mentioned to different people that I have been working on a new start - 

A Day at the Beach
Light Mocha Cashel

and Blogger turned the picture once again! 

I've had to switch out some of the colors as I didn't have either the GAST or DMC for the purple. Oops! The green used in the model was much darker without the variation - so, my Beach House and Sandcastle are hard to read. 

This has been a wonderful stitch. The only thing that could make it better is if I were at the beach listening to the ocean. Not this year.

Don't feel bad for me not making it to the beach - we are saving to go to BC next winter. We are wanting to go here. I hope to spend my 25th wedding anniversary watching the waves! lol

Well, I have a ton of things to do today and it's 10a and I'm not even showered (or had breakfast) yet. Been stitching for a couple of hours and I need to go get busy. 

I would like to thank everyone who has entered my give away already. Most of you have emailed and gotten the significance of the date correct. Good for you! 

Hope this week finds you stitching and smiling! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Patriotic Give Away!

**** Give Away is Now Closed ****

Meant to post this yesterday. Life just got in the way.  

Seems there might be a theme to this give away! :) 

All 6 patterns are used. They are Heart in Hand - America the Beautiful, ByGone Stitches - One Nation, Threadwork Primitives - America, Waxing Moon Designs - Uncle Sam's Liberty Bell w/o charm (small amount of highlighting on pattern), Heart in Hand - 4th of July Bird w/o charm, and 4 My Boys - Liberty Square

Linen - 32ct Belfast Ruby Wine 14"x18" piece, 28ct Cashel Antique White 14"x17", 28ct Cashel Country Blue 8.5"x17"

Scissors - Dinky Dyes - Patriotic 

CC - Licorice Red, Snowball, and Wavy Navy
WDD - Liberty, Whitewash, Americana, and Independence
GAST - Geranium, Oatmeal, and Freedom
Anchor - 13, 2, 343
DMC - 817, B5200, 3842

Let's see there should be some hoops to jump through er, I mean rules - 
1 - Be a follower
2 - Leave a comment on this post only stating you would like to be included in the give away. (I never know if someone says, "Oh, great stuff" if they want to be included)
3 - Give away ends June 14th.
4 - Email me at (bbearlythere at yahoo dot com) and tell me the significance of that date. (if you leave it in the comment then everyone could copy - email me and you get a 2nd chance to win! 

If you link to this post - that would be wonderful but it won't get you another chance. See, I'm just too lazy to check it out. Seems I am being rather honest this morning. lol