Monday, April 30, 2012

No Update Today ~~

First and most important - I would like to say thank you for all of your kind comments regarding my Red Bird project. They help keep me motivated and stitching! Haven't been able to email replies to everyone's comments - have been extremely busy lately - and I apologize. But, thank you again for taking the time to cheer me on!

I hope to get a picture later today of what I did stitch this week. It wasn't enough to bother with an update. Was awake after sleeping 3 hours last night and got in a few stitches.

Why was I up between 1:30 - 4 am? Allergies! The temperature was great for sleeping but not for my poor nose. And it took long enough for my allergy meds to kick in.

Not sure how much I'll be around the blog for the next several days. We are in the home stretch this month for graduations and the party. This week alone there is a banquet and graduation for 3!

Our bathroom remodel is at the ucky drywall part. Everything has been removed from the room and is sitting in my stitching room. The only things remaining in the room is toilet paper and the things in the sink cabinet. I need to put a second coat of primer on the built in cabinet and start the trim. DH still has a bit of sanding to do on the walls.

But, he got a new job and is working 4 days a week. So, I get to prime and paint around what he can do after work everyday. At some point before the 19th - we will have a new sink and all the accessories installed. Hopefully!

Working around the boy's schedule too - he has exams today through Wednesday, works Thursday and Saturday, and graduates with his sister and aunt on Friday.

That leaves me with everything else. Which means I need to get up and start priming so it can dry while I go get groceries.

Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

He's Just Floating There

I delayed yesterdays post not because I wasn't finished with the red on pages two and five but because I had finished them and wanted to stitch the bird. Didn't do more than one load of laundry, sent Rob for the groceries, and barely made dinner. I stitched for hours yesterday and stayed up until almost 2am this morning. Must clarify that I took 3 hours off to watch DWTS though.

And here he is ~

Like I said in the title - he's just floating out there. Hope to give him somewhere to sit this week. I'm seeing the end of this project. It's bittersweet. It has been a dream to stitch.

After posting the kids in all their finery from prom - I thought I would dig up a picture of my prom dress circa 1986-87. Couldn't find the formal picture but I did find this one of me trying the dress on.  I took a picture of a picture so bear with me.

Think I needed a tan...yeah, that's what's wrong with this picture. Would you believe I found the dress a few years ago and finally gave it to Goodwill. Why in the world had I saved it for that long??

Now here's my challenge to all of you -- go find that picture of your prom dress/date and post it. We can all use a good laugh.

Get up --- go dig through those pictures --- you know you want to!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dandelion Summer

"Only impossible journeys achieve the impossible."

The following is a quote from J Norman Alvord from Dandelion Summer.

"We do not live in this world at random, bodies drifting through empty space, forming and colliding by mere chance; nor are we the masters of our own destinies, as much as we may desire to be. Rather, we are like the dandelion seeds my brother cast into the summer sky, ferried along by He who guides the winds and stills the waters, our journeys a mystery to us, except in hindsight. Along the way, we find those we are meant to love and those who are meant to love us. We fashion our lives according to what we have known and what we have yet to learn. At times, each of us is the child in a burning house, escaping through tiny doors, dependent upon the grace of God and the kindness of strangers. 

Wherever our journeys may take us, whatever struggles they bring, one solid truth underlies all that is. Not a drop of water falls from heaven unintended. We are, each of us, meant to change the ocean and to be changed by it, to become new creations as we travel our paths, and answer our challenges, and live and relive our Camelots." - Lisa Wingate

Something I will be thinking about today and thought maybe someone else would like to be on my same wavelength. 


Friday, April 20, 2012

Prom 2012!

Two posts in one day - Holy Smokes! 

Shawna and Logan

Check out that leg! 

Almost missed this pic!

The boy knows his place! :)



Aren't they cute?

She's driving them because she knows where they are going.
What is he doing? Taking off her shoes.

And they're off!

I thought I was loosing my mind. Could have sworn Courtney's dress was the same color in 2009. I was right. But, look at Andrew - same tux only the tie and vest colors were switched up and the color of the shirt. Knew I had seen this before tonight!

Andrew and Courtney Prom 2008
Signing off as a proud Momma who loves her kids!


Paula called it! They are kumquats! Marie Barber, the designer, just emailed me. And a little inside scoop -- she's just finished a companion piece! Sign me up to stitch that!

Here's what a kumquat looks like ~

Thanks to Wikipedia ~ I now know what these are. Thought you would like to know I was totally wrong in my guess from the last post. lol And I must apologize to anyone who might have taken offense to my odd sense of humor.

Will be leaving in a couple of hours to get those prom pictures. Check back later this evening and I'm sure I'll have them posted. Shoot - two posts in one day! Something most definitely froze over.

It's the weekend ~ woohoo...oh, except the munchkins will be over at 6:15am tomorrow morning. That is going to be a L-O-N-G day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prom Preview and A Question!

The tux arrived this afternoon and we did the pre-prom fitting. Nothing like adjustable pants and tie plus a teenager going, "Huh?" It all worked out and the fit isn't too bad. Now to get the young lady involved in these pictures!

Now on to my question ~~~ What are these 'berries' at the bottom center of this pattern??

They're orange/brown/white. I can't think of anything that looks like this connected to Christmas.

I'll tell the truth here ~ I told my husband my picture had testicles. I've commented to a few people via email that my pattern had testicles ~ one said she was impressed I was doing an anatomically correct bird. Not quiet. And, I almost called this post 'Things with Testicles' but the boy about had a heart attack.

And on another totally unrelated thought ~ there should be a new sport introduced this summer at the Olympics ~~ Fly Herding. What is fly herding? When you shoo a fly out the window and slam the window shut thus leaving the fly to die a slow death between the screen and window. Come on admit it - you do the same thing.

Off to find dinner for hump day. Thinking cheeseburgers and tater tots. The boy is in a foul mood and his favorite food from childhood is tater tots.

Hope today find you smiling!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy busy day!

Today I am running. Ordering items for the graduation party, updating phones, getting groceries, and picking up another round of photos. Since I am so busy today - what did I do for the last two hours?? Stitch of course! Because dang it - I'm tired of coming on here and saying I wanted to get this this and this done but failed. Instead I have started the day by meeting a goal!

Those are straight lines you see on the upper right corner. I decided to stay on pages 2 and 5. My goal for next Monday - have all the red on these pages complete and be ready to start the male bird the following week.

We had a function last Friday night for the boy. He was acknowledged for his grades at Kent State. It's coming that time of year when you have a banquet/function nearly every week until the end of May. This Friday is prom. Expect to see pictures either Friday or Saturday!

Well, my breakfast of champions is done and I need to hit the shower. What is my version of 'breakfast of champions"? Why it's 2 pieces of reheated pizza and some cake!

Happy Monday - hope everyone has their taxes done!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My 4th Finish of 2012

I haven't been able to show my 4th finish for the year because it needed to travel. Finally, the mailman has come through and delivered Mary Jane's birthday gift. It's my bad her gift was late - there is a difference between Priority Mail and First Class. I sent it First Class and expected it to arrive like a letter. Wrong!

Sweet Friendship
SilverCreek Samplers
Antique Green Cashel
DMC and GAST floss
The pattern called for all DMC floss and I wanted a bit of variation in the floss. I used GAST Cranberry, Ant Rose, and Gold Leaf. The only DMC used was 3052.

I would like to introduce a couple of new followers - they are both new to bloggerville and I hope you give them a warm welcome!

Melissa from Newfoundland can be found here -  and
Nurdan from Turkey can be found here -

Can you believe I've posted 3 days in a row?? Something must have frozen over. Hope not - I'm ready for warm weather again.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oops - Missed It Again!

My blogversary that is. 
Today makes two years and a week. 
So much for me ever doing a countdown! 

Maybe my theme song should be ~
"Oops, I Did It Again!" 

Monday, April 9, 2012


It's still Monday. I have 40 minutes to get this post done and posted or I'm late once again this week!

Going to start with some rambling thoughts ~~

Happy Easter -Yep, a day late and dollar short on that one. But, I was busy (drag that word out and add a whine). Hope everyone had a wonderful day and had the chance to give thought to what you have to be grateful for.

Happy Birthday! - This goes out to Mary Jane (CalamityJr). She had a birthday yesterday! I'm ashamed of myself for not posting and letting everyone have the chance to email and wish her a wonderful day. So, if I could encourage you, please send her a belated birthday wish if you happen to have her email or leave a comment on this post and I'll make sure she sees them!

Read a great book - Loved it so much I am reading it again. If you like Nicholas Sparks or Richard Paul Evans - try reading Lisa Wingate. I've been reading her Blue Sky Hill series and can't get enough. Dandelion Summer just grabs you. As I read the story I would then tell it to Rob. In the end (last 50 or so pages) I just read it out loud to him. We'd watch DWTS and as soon as it cut to commercial - I was reading again. Hated to see the book end.

Rude People - What's up with some people saying 'You're welcome' or 'Thank-you'?  Are manners something from the past? Went to the grocery store today and man oh man the people were unfriendly. Not the employees - the customers. Geez!

Coyotes - What's the deal that they have moved into my neighborhood? Mom took her dog out last night and it started barking like mad and wouldn't listen to Mom. (it's a chihuahua and she never listens to Mom) After getting the spotlight and seeing what the dog was barking about - Mom about peed her pants. The thing was bigger than a german shepherd. The part that upsets me - we are in a rather well lit area and it didn't care. Bold wild animals give me the willies.

Alright - I'm ready to show my update for the week. I was determined to finish the magnolias this week. Finished them up yesterday morning.

Maybe this week I can get some leaves on this baby! The male bird is just to the right of that flower and I'm saving him for last. I mean the last thing I do on this page of the pattern. Then I can just go right into the last section with a bang!

Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to leave a comment about my porch. Wish we could all get together out there and bbq and stitch. What a great way to spend a day!

It's late and still Monday - made my goal! Phew.
Hope Tuesday brings all your dream to you!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcome to My Porch!

Finally, we have finished the porch! The fans were put up this afternoon. 

Welcome to our home! 

 Before ~~

And now ~~

DH working on the steps

As you can see - there are plenty of places to stitch. Lots of room for visitors. Now I just need for it to warm up so we can use those fans and get some flowers and ferns for color. 

Hope this weekend finds you with family and friends - 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday's Update on Tuesday!

Ha, another week has flown. I have a good excuse why my update is a day late - I was power washing the porches. I did the garage on Sunday, back porch yesterday, and the front porch this morning. Just got out of the shower and thought I'd take a break.

I would like to thank everyone on your kind comments from my last post. New stash is so much fun! Of course, it now languishes in the to-do pile. Hmm, gonna have to do something about that pile.

Recently checked my completions page and got a R-U-D-E eye opening. This time last year I was working towards finish number 15. So far this year - 5! In my own defense though - One Nation was big and Red Birds isn't small. I try to keep telling myself that 2012 is the year of BAP (Big *ss Project). Up next is 272 Words which is 349w x 375h - another large one.

I did realize that Red Birds has just enough of everything for me. The colors are vibrant. The amount of stitches per color are about perfect. Nice globs strung together. I'm not bored with it and I do see progress. Speaking of which, bear with me on the pictures today. I want to stick in here what I can do in one month.

As of March 12th
As of March 19th
As of March 26th
Today's installment!
I have to admit this morning I fell in love with a 'boring' color. I've never been a fan of DMC 611 - a drab brown. But, it adds a depth to the magnolias. 611 is the color to the top and right of the flower. There is some on the pedals too. My picture is a bit washed out today. The sun was coming in the french doors and I didn't correct the problem.

Also, if you've left a comment recently or emailed - please be patient with me - I've not yet made it to my email. Like I said - been a bit busy. Waiting now on the UPS man to bring my hammock arc. Need to go help DH with the step railings that showed up this morning.

So ta-ta and toodle-lu!
Keep smiling - make 'em wonder what you've been up to!
Denise -- (a poet and I didn't know it) :-)