Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sheepy Siblings!

I'm not sure who my siblings are -- but I have 7 of them and our mommy is Bronny! She hasn't made a fabric fob for herself though! Check out the goodies I got from Australia!

She also sent some floss and two quilted coasters. Aren't they adorable? I think my fabric fob might be put on the handle of my stitching bag. But, at the same time it could be a cute little hanger off my one lamp. Decisions decisions!

Garin and I went out and about this afternoon - this little guy had to come home with me. It's sitting on a book shelf. If I put anything else on these shelves - they are going to explode!

And here's a little something I sent to Lee. I showed my daughter this picture and she got all upset with me. I was informed, "MOM, I don't even have a pin cushion!" And her first name starts with an L -- I think she thought it was going to be hers. Oops. Maybe for her birthday or Christmas.

Well the hubby just came in and I haven't started dinner. Grilled pork loin sandwiches. Every time I have this it reminds me of Miss Paula - thanks again for teaching me how to make this mouthwatering sandwich!

Hope everyone is staying cool! This heat is nuts.
Next post - how I'm coming on my new rotation (hint - not as well as hoped!)


CalamityJr said...

Lovely summery new look! Congrats on being Bronny's new daughter. It will be fun to find out who your siblings are. Poor DD; looks like you'd better make her her very own pin cushion. Where'd you find that great Life's a Stitch? It's a great reminder, for both stitching and life. Enjoy!

Teresa said...

Love your new goodies. I don't think I could have passed up the "Life is a stitch" either, too cute. Looks like you will be making a pin cushion in your future as a gift.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

nice new look girl! Nothing like family, and as in real life, even though you know them, sometimes you don't know who they are!
Love the stitchies.
Be always in stitches.

rosek1870 said...

Nice finish and I love the beautiful summer picture at the top!

paula said...

Haven't had tenderloins forever . . . guess I'm waiting till we go home . . . but, THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT!

Probably need to go out in search of a summer-y background . . . your's looks so nice=)

mdgtjulie said...

I just started my rotation too. I decided to work for two weeks on each project, and now I'm upset that I told myself I would put away project number one on Sunday, cause I just need one or two more days for a page finish. But I AM gonna put it away, and start the next project in my rotation! I AM!!!! I hope you have better luck with your rotation Denise! Love the new background on your blog! Such pretty flowers at the top. I may have to look for this too! (It would be cute for us both to have the same background as we live in the same city!!) Hope you enjoyed your sandwiches. Lovely pincushion you made for Lee, and oops about your daughter. I don't have one either, lol. I just use the arm of my chair! Haven't stabbed myself in a long time, so I'm good with that! And that is a really cute sheep. I'll keep an eye out for sheepy siblings of yours!!

Laura said...

why mom of course id love to have one for christmas or my birthday!! i would dearly!!

Laura said...

why mom i would LOVE to get a pin cushion for christmas or my birthday!! i would absolutely love it!!! LOL

Pumpkin said...

That looks like it was a fun package to receive!

Lovely job on your pin cushion. See, you can do a great finishing job ;o)