Friday, July 15, 2011

New SAL and Another Project

A few weeks ago I showed a little fob I had gotten in Cleveland. Teresa had the same one and offered to do SAL with me. We are working on the fob one day a week and posting on Fridays. Honestly, I think we both could have finished it in one sitting. Haven't seen her post yet - so not sure if I need to catch up or if I'm ahead. It's started and will be adorable. I'm thinking of making a second one already. lol

Tiny Garden Scissor Fob
Shepard's Bush Kit
And I just got Teresa's pics ~

She's thinking we should be able to finish the stitching next week and then the 3rd week we will show our finishes! I totally agree - as she said - the shortest SAL in history.

I also finished another small but I'm not thrilled with how the variegation spotted in the one pumpkin. It needs a redo. ;0)

But, the design that I thought was a Plum Street - well, it isn't...

A Crow Above
Designs by Lisa
Antique Copper linen
DMC floss
I know - I know - another crow! This is going to be a pillow. There will be a *bird-in-tree* tree in my future. But, think about it, my BOAF finish hanging on the wall beside a small tree filled with birds. I could leave it up year round. Don't know - just a thought.

Garin and I went to Winnie the Pooh today. Old school animation. What a joy! He was a good boy (got a bit fidgety when the sleepies arrived) and we had a wonderful time together. He's napping now.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for us. Rob, Courtney and Andrew, Logan and I are going to see Harry Potter. It is officially the end to our children's childhood. I'll never forget reading the first book when the kids were in 1st and 4th grade. At dinner one night I told them about the book. Logan thought Hogwart's was a real school and wanted d-e-t-a-i-l-s! A year later - they were both reading the books. We've gone to see most of the movies together. Don't laugh but I'm a bit saddened by the end of the franchise.

Time to go stitch a bit and then it might be computer shopping time.


Michele said...

I love that scissor fob. I've stitched it once, haven't finished it into a fob yet .. maybe I'll stitch it again :)

I can't wait to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. I always loved Pooh :) My adult kids say they are going to take me to see it .. well until I told them I cried when I saw the trailer for the movie! lol

We're Potter fans too. Going to go next week. I have fond memories of my youngest and his friends devouring the books when they arrived ... every summer for a few years!


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. I am also sad at the end of the Harry Potter story although I haven't been to see it yet.

Teresa said...

Looks like we are about at the same pace.
Do you have a thing for crows?
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Nancy said...

Nice SAL! I too was sorry to see the Harry Potter series come to an end. My youngest daughter and I spent many hours reading those books. Nice memories!

rosek1870 said...

Great scissor fob I love it! I really want to see Winnie the Pooh - I have always loved it and so did my girls! after 17 years as a teachers aide in both pre-school and Kindergarten I hope it is a hit. Kids today don't seem to have the patience for all the wonderful words - they always groan when I want to play a pooh video or read a Pooh book :(

I'm with you on Harry Potter too. I will miss the next movie as much as I have missed the next book :(

CalamityJr said...

Even with such a small piece your stitching doesn't look the same - such fun to see! Enjoy your family time!

mdgtjulie said...

Awwww, I can totally understand you being saddened by that. It's a part of your kids' childhood!! I just saw your pics on Theresa's blog. I'm glad you're doing a SAL with her!! It's always fun to SAL something with a friend!! Good progress on your crow too! It's looking good. Can't wait to see your pumpkins!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That scissor fob your SALing with Theresa is going to be adorable. I don't think its the length of the SAL that matters just the friendship it creates!

Great new start!

Anne said...

I love that shepherd's bush design!! I think its great the two of you are doing the shortest SAL ever! I should really get involved with SAL's. Maybe I'll finish something!! That crow design is awesome. I really like crows too, especially in stitching designs. And I'll comment here on your Birds of Feather finish (bit behind in commenting). I can't even tell you made an error with the crow part. You worked it out perfectly!!

Pumpkin said...

I saw this on her Blog :o) Another fun SAL!

Sigh, I'm still waiting to see Part One :o( I've heard it's really good. Hope you had a great time!