Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Weekend Ends...

I was informed yesterday that."I had not posted since mid-week!" My daughter and sister were sitting at my dining room table yacking (yes, I said yacking) about my posts and how they pull pictures from the blog. I guess since I don't do Facebook this is their way of keeping tabs on me. Hi guys!


Nothing much to talk about. I finished another long legged bird early in the week.

Christmas Bird
Heart in Hand
14 ct aida
Recommended floss
Friday was DH's birthday and his cake was yesterday. He had a great time. He is quite enjoying his gift from me. A hand held weather station. Friday - I had to insist he take it off when entering the theater and grocery store. And again when getting into bed. Today is sits beside him at his elbow.

We went to see "Cowboys and Aliens." I'll say the lead man his a nice tush. Couldn't miss it as it was surrounded by chaps the whole movie. Not much to say about the movie - you have seen the trailers and can use your imagination. It's about aliens attacking in the old west. I went along to sit in the dark with my husband. I got serious brownie points.

Hopefully today will being some stitchy time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tiny Garden SAL - Finished

Teresa and I are done with the world's shortest SAL!

Up first is Teresa's fob ~

And the back ~

Don't you love the scissors too! It looks just like the model. Perfection ~ and to think she was afraid of the ribbon. You'd never know!

Now mine - I changed from a fob to a pillow. And it is adorable next to the summer basket.

 And my back ~

I had a few loops get out of control but only one that had to be stitched and beaded into submission. :0)

Maybe instead of this pattern being called Tiny Garden it should have been Too Cute!

Thanks Teresa for getting this rolling! You've been a wonderful SAL partner.

Well, I'm off to find something to do!
Keep smiling  and make everyone wonder what you've been up to!

ps ~ If anyone is interested in joining Rose and I in our SAL on Northwind - please let one of us know! I received my pattern/fabric Monday. (small happy dance on that)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More of my Day

Guess who was over today ~
Garin will be 5 in November
Alivia is 1 in 18 days!
 Number 32 ~
Autumn Bird
Heart in Hand
Recommended floss
14 ct aida

Finishes, RAK, and a Catch Up on the SAL

First up the finishes -
Summer Bird
Heart in Hand
Recommended floss
14 ct aida

Little House Needleworks
My color way
And I was blessed with great stitchy friends in the last couple of weeks! I had asked Gracie how to make her marking pins. Not only did she send directions but tons of beads. Enough to set the mind to working and off to the store I went. But, did I grab a pic of mine - no. lol

And Faye decided to give away a little something the other day. She went back through her comment area and saw I had left a number of comments about her finishing skills. If you've never been over to her blog - take the time. Her finishes are AMAZING! Anyway, she decided to send me a pattern from iStitch.

Thank you both for your friendship and generosity!

I caught up with Teresa on our SAL. Pheew! Thought there for a minute I wouldn't have the chance.

The ribbon did intimidate me at first. Now, I'm thinking this ribbon idea might be a great way to finish my LHN ornies. You know the ones --- the ones I have been putting off for months because I couldn't decide what to do with them!

Enjoying another vacation. Not one thing to complain about. Oh, I need longer days. I did something yesterday on my to do list (no, not the passports yet) I met another blogger buddy. We had a great lunch in Amish country. She and her husband are in the area for a few days. Since she's out of town and not at home - I'll wait to say who it was.

Oh the places we could have shopped. But we were good - did I mention her husband was along. lol What I found amazing meeting them both - they are the perfect ying and yang for each other. This blogging thing still leaves my mind in wonder. I met complete strangers yesterday and knew them at the same time. Ironic, I say.

Since the boy just left for a movie date and the man is not home yet - I hear the chair calling my name. Who am I to refuse?

Hope your day is wonderful!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Check This Out!

Update on MIL - I swear 2 doctors and 1 radiologist can not agree. First doc said no break, radiologist said break, and the ortho doc doesn't think there is a break. MRI cancelled and C-scan ordered. That is Friday. She is off the leg with a brace that goes from nearly the ankle to hip (it's a knee brace). She's around 5' tall and this brace is for a taller person. She has a walker coming. At some point I'll be able to tell you what exactly is wrong.

But...I didn't tell you about my sister. She came out onto her back porch and started down the steps last Thursday. The step gave way (no bracing under it whatsoever) and threw her down between the steps and the deck. She landed hard on her left ankle. The ER doc said no break - the sports med doc today told her he wants to see the x-rays because he's afraid there is a break. The heel bone and others are misaligned. After a full week she's still swollen and bruised. So, her update will be next week.

Ok everybody stay upright and vertical -- please!

I got the fall Nordic Needle catalog today in the mail. I found something. Check it out - a companion piece to Dandy Dreams!

Northwind - Cross Stitch Pattern

This is Northwind by Silver Creek Samplers. I have included a link so everyone can see what is needed. Who wants to do a SAL with me??? I just ordered it from 123Stitch. Thinking of a start date around the first of September.

Leave me a comment or email me (address in my profile) - I'll start a list of those who plan to join in and put a gadget on my sidebar.

So come join me in the SAL. I've had great fun stitching with Mary Jane and Teresa. I can't wait to meet more friends!

Happy almost weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fob SAL and MIL

Umm, the doctor just called MIL. Seems the original doc didn't read the x-ray very well - the radiologist found a break in the tibula. She's going to the orthopedist tomorrow. But, she's feeling much better and getting around pretty well. Now, they say stay off the leg and stay down. Ugh!

btw - she says thank-you for all the well wishes!


Teresa is kicking butt and has her stitching all done! She's ready to put this together and tackle the ribbon! Go Teresa!

Me on the other hand ~~~ got next to nothing accomplished this week. Maybe this weekend.

Four little leaves - four little leaves...I'm hanging my head. Honestly - this week has been insane.

Alright - I have to go start dinner paprika chicken and baked potatoes. Yummy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Not to Do!

Picture this...

A woman (my MIL) who is vertically challenged deciding to climb on a chair to take care of something above her washing machine. She grabs the chair beside the basement stairs. Upon looking at its condition, she decides not to step on the chair in the middle - it didn't look like it would hold her. So, she places the chair in front of the machine placing one foot on each side. Climbing on the chair she places her right leg up on the washer. What happens? The chair kicks out because her weight is no longer balanced and throws her forward and to her left.

I got the phone call at 4 am -- will you take me to the hospital after you get off work?
Me - Ah, yeah - do you want to go now?
MIL - No, I want to wait to call the doctor.
Me - Are you ok?
MIL - No, I can barely walk. Getting up or sitting down is unbearable. Going to the bathroom is nearly impossible.
Me - You want to wait?
MIL - Yes, come down after work.

And after 3 hours in the doctor's office -- no breaks but a MRI on Friday.

Please - do not climb on unsafe chairs or stools. You don't bounce at 68 like you did at 28!

And that is today's Public Service Announcement!
Be safe out there - Denise

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Few More Finishes

I actually finished something off my *real* list from Jayne's challenge! I had started 4th of July Bird last June and it was 1/4 the way done.

As of yesterday ~
4th of July Bird
Heart in Hand
14ct aida (no idea the color)
Recommended Flosses
The other day I finished another that I had listed on Jayne's challenge that I hadn't started yet. See I had told Jayne that I didn't have that many WIP's and that I had a list I wanted to do this year - she told me to put them on the list and get busy. Ha - haven't even gotten half of those done.

Little House Needleworks
28 ct linen
my own colors
The floss had this weird variegation in it and the right pumpkin got a pink spot. It has since been corrected but I was too lazy to get a new photo.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit victorious about the 4th of July bird - so I pulled out 4 more in this series to do. I already had the fabric cut for them and the frame is made - I just need to stitch and pop them in the frame as the season rolls round. But, I found this little one sitting in the box and thought it would make a quick stitch.

Little Pumpkin in the Patch
Heart in Hand
28ct linen
Recommended Floss
That takes me up to 29 finishes this year. And I thought I was hot stuff last year with 25! Do you think I can make it to 40 this year?

It's dinner time and I have nothing planned. Macaroni and cheese sound wonderful!
TTFN - Denise

Friday, July 15, 2011

New SAL and Another Project

A few weeks ago I showed a little fob I had gotten in Cleveland. Teresa had the same one and offered to do SAL with me. We are working on the fob one day a week and posting on Fridays. Honestly, I think we both could have finished it in one sitting. Haven't seen her post yet - so not sure if I need to catch up or if I'm ahead. It's started and will be adorable. I'm thinking of making a second one already. lol

Tiny Garden Scissor Fob
Shepard's Bush Kit
And I just got Teresa's pics ~

She's thinking we should be able to finish the stitching next week and then the 3rd week we will show our finishes! I totally agree - as she said - the shortest SAL in history.

I also finished another small but I'm not thrilled with how the variegation spotted in the one pumpkin. It needs a redo. ;0)

But, the design that I thought was a Plum Street - well, it isn't...

A Crow Above
Designs by Lisa
Antique Copper linen
DMC floss
I know - I know - another crow! This is going to be a pillow. There will be a *bird-in-tree* tree in my future. But, think about it, my BOAF finish hanging on the wall beside a small tree filled with birds. I could leave it up year round. Don't know - just a thought.

Garin and I went to Winnie the Pooh today. Old school animation. What a joy! He was a good boy (got a bit fidgety when the sleepies arrived) and we had a wonderful time together. He's napping now.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for us. Rob, Courtney and Andrew, Logan and I are going to see Harry Potter. It is officially the end to our children's childhood. I'll never forget reading the first book when the kids were in 1st and 4th grade. At dinner one night I told them about the book. Logan thought Hogwart's was a real school and wanted d-e-t-a-i-l-s! A year later - they were both reading the books. We've gone to see most of the movies together. Don't laugh but I'm a bit saddened by the end of the franchise.

Time to go stitch a bit and then it might be computer shopping time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

May I Present to You...

Birds of a Feather ~ ~

Birds of a Feather
Homespun Elegance
28ct Cashel Light Mocha
DMC, CC, GAST floss
I know I worried about the *mistake* I made with the crow. But, I think that little mistake turned out to be a blessing. The crow just seems so much more prominent. Then there was the issue of my ability to back/straight stitch.

The issue - back stitching causing the light to break (imo) funny and not show smoothly. But, if I straight stitch then the light is better but it doesn't lie correctly. So I couch. Maybe I need some lessons in timing. When to do which stitch.

The bottom birdhouse called for back stitching in 2 strands. imo, too thick and the light issues - but I straight stitched it and was unhappy. So, I frogged and tried again. Straight stitch in one strand with couching. Much better.

So happy MJ gave me this pattern. Now to have the hubster make a frame and hang this puppy up!

Closing in on another small finish. And then I think another crow pattern. It might be a Plum Street iirc. Oh, working on a SAL with Teresa. Tiny Garden Scissor Fob by Shepard's Bush. It's adorable. We will post our progress later this week.

It's nap time and I'm running late!
TTFN - (anyone going to the new Pooh movie this weekend? Planning to take Garin if he agrees to our *date*)

PS - Paula would like some feedback regarding PC Stitch and PC Stitch Pro. If you could stop by and let her know your opinions - she would appreciate it very much.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Teresa asked about the recipe. I thought maybe some one else might be interested.

You'll need ~

1 small container of Cool Whip thawed
1 jar hot fudge
1 - 3.4 oz pkg of instant choc pudding
8 oreos (not responsible for what you do with the others)
12 ice cream sandwiches

In medium bowl add 1/2 cup of hot fudge that has been warmed in microwave until warm and gooey. 1 Cup of Cool Whip, the pudding, and 8 oreos that have been crushed. Stir together for 2 minutes.

On small platter place 4 ice cream sandwiches laid side by side. Pour and spread half of the fudge mixture onto the sandwiches. Next layer of ice cream sandwiches and other half of fudge mixture. Finish with last 4 sandwiches and then top with remaining Cool Whip - icing the whole 'cake'.

It looks like a disaster but is honestly beyond yummy!

Dinner came out rather well - although I think I cooked the tomato sauce a bit hard and had it too thick. It didn't fill the pasta as well as it should have. Live and learn. It was a vertical lasagna - very tasty!

Thanks for stopping by - Now, get out there and get those ice cream sandwiches and make dessert!

ps - Lesleyanne - I love Joanne Fluke - I've read every book she's written. And some of those recipes are to die for!

Problem Solved!

Ok, I'm not too sure about this new blogger - but it works so I'll just hush!

Birds of a Feather is coming right along and I think I've solved the itty-bitty problem I had. Let's say it's been adjusted! ;0)

I moved the crow up 5 stitches from where it should have been, brought the bird house down an extra 3, added another set of leaves to the flower, and got creative with his legs. He is a bigger bird than the other two anyway - so now he has stature. lol

Mentioned my 'notion of a rotation' the other day. The problem with it is --- I don't always get to stitch every day (shh, don't tell Jayne) and not stitching every day screws the whole thing up! And the thought of working on one project per week makes me weak at the knees. I don't know if I could put BOAF down for 3 weeks and work on my BAPs. Here was my overly organized idea ~

Monday - SAL
Tuesday - Portland Headlight Lighthouse
Wednesday - Colorful Sky
Thursday - Birch Forest
Friday - BOAF
Saturday - RAKs
Sunday - whatever

That isn't reasonable! All of the projects are now sitting at my feet awaiting their time. Oh, would you like to see what the heck I'm talking about? 
Portland Headlight Lighthouse

Colorful Sky

Birch Forest

Alright, sort have this the way I want and I need to go get started on dinner. The kids are coming over we're having Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pasta Pie (thanks to Anna), and Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.

Hope this weekend is everything you want it to be! Stay cool ~
Smiles -Denise

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sheepy Siblings!

I'm not sure who my siblings are -- but I have 7 of them and our mommy is Bronny! She hasn't made a fabric fob for herself though! Check out the goodies I got from Australia!

She also sent some floss and two quilted coasters. Aren't they adorable? I think my fabric fob might be put on the handle of my stitching bag. But, at the same time it could be a cute little hanger off my one lamp. Decisions decisions!

Garin and I went out and about this afternoon - this little guy had to come home with me. It's sitting on a book shelf. If I put anything else on these shelves - they are going to explode!

And here's a little something I sent to Lee. I showed my daughter this picture and she got all upset with me. I was informed, "MOM, I don't even have a pin cushion!" And her first name starts with an L -- I think she thought it was going to be hers. Oops. Maybe for her birthday or Christmas.

Well the hubby just came in and I haven't started dinner. Grilled pork loin sandwiches. Every time I have this it reminds me of Miss Paula - thanks again for teaching me how to make this mouthwatering sandwich!

Hope everyone is staying cool! This heat is nuts.
Next post - how I'm coming on my new rotation (hint - not as well as hoped!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

I Can't Count!!!!

Dag Nab It, Cussy cussy cussy, swear swear swear, stomping my feet, grump grump grump, scream!!!

Look what I did!

Do you see it? That crow is 14 stitches too HIGH!! No wonder I was off so badly on the borders! An inch too many stitches. I had stitched the the bottom of that section (the row under the word crow) and thought I needed to stitch the crow area again. And I never noticed until I started putting that bad boy in!!! UGH!

There is no way in **** I'm ripping this all out. The only thing I can think of is to take the crow himself out and put him at the bottom of his section as he should be and add another bird house above him.

DH just said I could add another branch under him and have the crow sit on that. I thought if I moved him down and maybe moved the branch down too... or make his legs a bit longer...

Ladies - is there anything you can suggest to remedy this MASSIVE mistake???

Guess it's time to pull out one of those new patterns I received and work on it a bit. Because otherwise, I will wake the household with my screaming!!!

Going back to my hole now. Stomp, stomp, stomp!

Happy Independence Day

First Town Days
New Philadelphia, Ohio
Saturday Night - July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the States -

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three Cheers for Mary Jane!!

Guess who not only finished Dandy Dreams but got her fabric and tassels! Yes, tassels!

This will go off to her finisher and when its all done - hopefully, another pic! Love the tassel idea myself - the yellow compliments the yellow puffs perfectly. And this fabric gave MJ "the impression of a breeze blowing through grasses." Couldn't agree more. Way to go MJ!

Raising my glass to you - Congrats!

Thank you Mr Postman!

Mr Postman was very good to me yesterday! Not one but two packages for moi.

I won Gracie's give away earlier this week. And boy was she G-E-N-E-R-O-U-S! Check out the pics! See the adorable bees on the cushion and fob? I think she is testing my skills in finishing - I've never attempted anything like this tasseled heart. And then the jelly, mints, pen, floss, and needles - Wow!

I just noticed my picture cut out the pins on the cushion. Shoot! I can't say enough about how much I love everything.

And a few weeks ago was my birthday - Cathey sent me a present. The Canadian postal strike delayed it a bit - but boy was the wait worth it.

A Shepard Bush's Long May She Wave Roll - These ladies have decided I must broaden my horizons with finishing! Can't wait to start this beauty either. Won't it look awesome in my summer basket?

I can see a possible WIP rotation in my future. But, the beautiful projects I will have to show for it make a rotation seem like a excellent idea!

Gracie and Cathey - I am extremely thrilled with my gifts thank you both once again!