Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birds of a Feather

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind uplifting comments about my pillows of the last post. You guys rock! Thank-you!
Thought you might like a little update of BOAF. I haven't had any tush time in the stitchy chair in the last few days (Tuesday afternoon to be exact) But...

The flower with the bluebird is complete. The blue MJ sent me is stunning with this pattern. Can't wait to get to the other colors. Don't know how I missed getting this - but MJ - thanks again!

Otherwise nothing of note has been happening in my life. The boy is working now and the house is quiet. So, I've been cleaning. Today's victim --- the bathroom. How in the world does hair get behind the toilet? And do males ever aim? Just wondering.

Well, off to cruise through bloggerville and see what's happening!
Talk soon!

New Blogger in Bloggerville!

That's wrong though - she's been around but just didn't have a blog. Maybe you know her as RoseK1870. But, Rose has taken the plunge and is now hosting her own spot in bloggerville. Why don't you wonder over Christmas City and tell her hello.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pillows, pillows, and more pillows

It's just after noon and I am still in my jammies. Not really jammies but the clothes I wear on weekends before my shower. Jean shorts and a hoodie. Don't ask - it's just what I like to wear. Wait a minute - never mind what I'm wearing. Check out the pillows!

Never got around to showing you Basket of Memories finished.

And after the poll closed with a vote of 9 to 6. Your wish was my command.

The theme is summer. I know the styles of the patterns are WAY off. But...

After texting MJ and asking if she had picture text - I sent her the following pic.

Bought the trim nearly a year ago and thought it looked like it might work. Quiet pleased with myself.

That's all the pillow news I have for today. Still haven't stitched yet. (Shower first Jayne!) I'm off to create havoc and enjoy my last day of vacation!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Findings and a Dandy Dreams Update

Today was the grand opening for our local Jo-Ann's. They moved across town and today was the DAY. The store had that new car smell. Wide open aisles, new products, and lots of new items. I walked through the silk flowers, foam children's toys, and the cake decorating - not the least bit interested BUT I know where to go if I ever need them. The cross stitch aisle has become TWO (yes, TWO) aisles! Much bigger selection of cloth, mostly Aida, but there was linen. All DMC flosses were available. But, there didn't seem to be many patterns or kits. I tried to remember what floss I needed for Birds of a Feather - I got 3011 and 3013. I needed 3031! So close... Now I need to go there again - hmm, what would Freud call that?

I got fabric. Seems you would like to see Cherries and Watermelon as pillows. Well, I had to get fabric that 'matched'.

This was a bright white fabric and I immediately
stuck it in some coffee to tone it down.

It was a watermelon print and I fell in love.
Nuff said.
Mary Jane has asked that I not show my Dandy Dreams until she is done too. She hasn't had much butt time in her stitching chair this week. But, she has made progress! She would like to call Dandy a completion this weekend.

Couldn't find any dandelion fabric.
These are the choices I got. Leaning towards the dark one in back. 

I haven't had my tush in the stitchy chair since Wednesday afternoon. Shame on me. This is where I left off on BOAF.

Birds of a Feather
Home Spun Elegance
28ct Light Mocha Cashel
DMC and GAST floss
Don't cha' love that muslin on the bottom. It works and I'm content. lol After I finish Redbird - I'm heading to the green for the leaves on the tree branches and flower stems. Maybe tonight.

It's the weekend again. Sunday is Logan's donation collection day and raffle for the local animal shelters. He had collection containers out for the last 2 weeks. He got over $70! No, it's not much. But, it's more than before the containers. Hoping for a large raffle and lots of drop-off food. He's already had several people stop around the house and leave items. It's amazing - the generosity of good people.

Alrighty, might not see you here around the blog until Monday. So, have a great weekend and happy stitching!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And Today's Lesson...

Boys and Girls is pre-planning. Have you ever done this?

See that 'little' problem? Way too much border at the top and not nearly enough at the bottom. Oops! My solution is to sew some muslin on the bottom and frame in close. This is the borders of Birds of a Feather by Homespun Elegance.

Mary Jane and I have discussed our finishes on Dandy Dreams. I'm going to look for some dandelion fabric this week. If I can find it - I'll get enough for us both. And we'll make pillows. But, the truth is -- Dandy will most likely be framed. I thought I pillow might look great in a summer basket. But...

I got lucky at Wal-Mart the other day. Got this frame for $5! And found others for 96 cents. Where is the cents sign on this computer? Is this cents sign a thing of the past? Hmm.. Oh wait, anyway, here's what I threw together.

Quiet proud of the picture I took. Read about lighting and such in the latest Nordic Needle Newsletter Email. Wish all of my photos came out as well. lol

Napping sounds like the choice of activity for the day. Gotta love vacations - no rules! ha

Or, I could go put that muslin on the bottom of Birds and stitch like mad. Decisions decisions.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Finsh and Some Winners!

I finished Basket of Memories last night. It was such a quick and easy design. Thank you Lee for offering to swap with me. Loved this little piece. I'm going to make it a pillow. I need to find the perfect backing fabric.

Basket of Memories
Lugana Ice Blue 28ct
Fibers by
See the little heart - I had to change it. It was an outline of a heart and then it had a criss-cross in the center. I thought it looked a bit like an Aunt Annie's Pretzel. So, I filled it in. Besides - if I had left it as charted - I would be hungry for pretzel and cheese all day!

Would you like to know the winners?

This is Give Away 1
And the winner is:

This is Give Away 2
And the winner is:
Anne @ Dolls Musings

This is Give Away 3 
And the winner is:
Sherry @ Blessings from Our Nest
Ladies, I will be contacting you be email for your snail mail addresses. Thank you for playing! btw - enjoyed your early stitching stories.

Well, I'm off to finish kitting Birds of a Feather. Have to find the rest of the floss! Can't believe I'm missing some of the DMC it calls for. Going to be really disappointed if I can't start this until the end of the week. My local Jo-Ann's is moving across town and the grand opening is Friday. Time for some serious searching!

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. Much appreciated. My day has been uneventful and the cake was tasty!

ps - Jayne, I got The Four Agreements! It is next on my reading list.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dandy Dreams, Stash, and a Gift

*** Picture Heavy Post ***

Things are nearing the end for Dandy Dreams. It's going to be sad to see the project completed. Mary Jane told me she was glad I was waiting on her to finish. I wanted to watch us work towards the same goal at our own pace.  I've enjoyed throwing some smalls in with Dandy. Makes Dandy take a little longer. Having seen others work on this project - it seems we all want it to linger. There must be something that strikes a nerve with us all.

Here's Miss Mary Jane's Dandy as of last night ~ (she ironed the wrinkles out but complained it was dark and rainy - she thinks her pic is not the greatest - I see no problem)

I took my picture in the daylight sitting on my stitching chair - now which picture was taken in the dark? lol

Made it to Cleveland to my CNS (closest needle store) there was a giggle in the peanut gallery that I called a Cleveland store my LNS. ;0)

I got some stash but no floss. Lee sent me a skein of silk floss from I wanted to see their selection and start a new collection. This floss is awesome in every way!

So, I got some linen ~

A few patterns ~

And called it good. The bottom patten is called Tiny Garden Scissor Fob - I believe it is by Shepard's Bush. I bought it to make and RAK. But now I'm thinking there will be two made. This is too cute not to make one for myself.  

When I got home there was a package awaiting me. MJ sent me a birthday gift. Oh my goodness - oh my goodness - oh my goodness she knows me too well!!!

Look B-I-R-D-S - Black birds, blue birds, and red birds!!! And to think I was going to go stitch on something else - hahaha - this is getting kitted tonight!

In case you missed it I'm 43 tomorrow. I'm officially middle aged. As long as 43 doesn't hurt worse than 42 - I'm good.

Check out that poll in the sidebar - you guys want more pillows! Well, the ones who have voted do. Your wish is my command.

And I'll be drawing names tomorrow afternoon for the trims and spools. Who will be the lucky winner? You? Maybe, if you've left a comment on that post.

I think I'm going to go kit a pattern up and stitch the night away. Hope your weekend is just how you would like it to be!

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Rose Garden

Just thought I would show the Rose Garden I made for myself. The backing fabric is the same as the Rose Garden I did as a RAK.

But, after making this pillow it made me wonder. Should I make Cherries and Watermelon into pillows or go ahead and frame them as a duo?

((Edited to add - I got the gadget on my sidebar to work - don't forget to vote on my poll))

Let's get started on the weekend - I'm off!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update on Dandy Dreams

I told you Mary Jane was doing the puff balls. I thought she meant the ones on the border - and I was wrong. She did the ones in the o's. MJ is as happy as a clam - 2 colors complete and not sure where's she's going next. ;0)

Not me - I'm all over the place. I haven't finished one color let alone two. I have letters to go, puff balls to do, but the border is fini!

Today I'm working on the leaves. And maybe the 4 stitch clusters. Well, see how it goes. lol

Got another finish to share -

Watermelon by LHN
28 ct mystery cloth
CC of my choice
These little buggers work up fast! Now, if I could only finish them as fast as I stitch them.

Off to stitch -

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dandy Dreams SAL and two finishes!

I should have put what day today is in our SAL but I have no idea! Maybe Day 9? I think we are in the home stretch now!

Mary Jane is about to finish her lettering and start the yellow puff balls tonight. She's not getting a lot of stitch time this week as her daughter is in town. Priorities and all! ;0) (Hi - Jen) But lets see where she left off last night -

And me - well, I wanted to get the left border finished. I did what I had to to get to the bottom of the lettering.

Knowing me - the bottom 'grass'  and right border will be finished before I touch the lettering again!

And the two finishes? You can guess the one - Little House took next to no time to complete.

Not walking and waiting for this hip to stop hurting is making many more hours of stitching! It's feeling much better today - two excedrin and no activity works! ;0)

by LHN
28 ct mystery cloth
CC floss included
Let's just call this another bird finish! I have another one by LHN. Watermelon - I think that I will frame with this one. I think they will make a nice summery duo.

Got the give away items more ready to be sent out. Need to make a decision as to add anything to them. Going to Cleveland stash shopping Saturday. Never know what I may find!

Three more days until the weekend! Woohoo.
Take care and stitch away!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 5 - Dandy Dreams SAL and other stitchy things

I would say Mary Jane and I must have kicked it up a gear and really got some stitches in these last few days. MJ found a few extra moments to stitch on Friday and it shows!

Mary Jane's weekend progress ~

And mine ~

I must say Mary Jane is using the called for linen and it looks fab. My LNS was out and the replacement looks nice in person but washed out in the pics. She also said that Chime is wonderful to stitch on.

I might not have set records on Dandy but I did get a few more stitches in.

I finished Rose Garden Saturday and now I need to get the sewing machine a humming. Then I can show you the pillow and backing fabric.

Started another small Saturday and had hoped to show it to you finished too. But...

Little house in the Woods
Heart in Hand
Country French Cashmere 28 ct
Recommended Flosses

I'm going to frame this little one and place it in front of my "Here Comes the Sun and Full Moon Arising" projects. Even though they are from different designers - I thought they would be a cute set.

The walking has hit a block. My hip is to the point I am going to call a doctor and see what help is available. When I recently had some x-rays done it was found that part of the ball of my femur is missing. I always related the lower back pain to well, my back. It's not - it's the hip and after walking 400 steps I start limping. This is not working at ALL! My progress is slipping. But, I keep telling myself anything is better than nothing and 'no pain no gain' isn't always true.

The start of another week is around the corner. May it go quickly and safely for all!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just A Quick Reminder...

In case anyone would still like the chance to enter my giveaway - please click here and leave a comment.

Working like mad to finish Rose Garden. Haven't picked up Dandy Dreams since Thursday afternoon. Shh - don't tell Mary Jane! She's going to be leaps and bounds ahead of me.

Gotta finish this, the bills and balancing the checkbook, and walk! THEN - I can stitch!

Must say I loved Julie's comment about my walking - "if you need to exercise to be healthy, then you should! Just look at it this way. You'll make up the stitching time you lost because you'll live longer!!" I will be chanting this as I near 6000 steps!

Thanks for stopping by and please keep those comments coming. I need all the pep I can get! ;0) Have a great weekend - keep stitching!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 3 - Dandy Dreams SAL

I could have had so much more stitching done yesterday. Life interfered! Has anyone figured out a way to rev the metabolism and still sit and stitch? This walking thing is really cutting into stitching time!

Mary Jane is really cooking today. She got tons of lettering done. Would you like to see her progress?

My progress was exactly what I predicted - two full strands of floss and stopped. lol

We're starting to come together where you can tell we are doing the same project. after this weekend - it shouldn't be an issue.

We've already discussed how we plan to finish these. Mary Jane is thinking a flatfold. I had thought of using the antique frame but found it to be a bit large for Dandy. DH might be making another frame this summer.

Oh, I also stitched a bit on Rose Garden.

Maybe if the stitching gods are shining brightly on me - a finish this weekend. I think it would make number 18.

It's the weekend and somebody's anniversary! Happy 39th Anniversary to you my friend - hope dinner is delicious tonight!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 2 - Dandy Dreams SAL

I must say we both had progress yesterday stitching, but our lives did interfere! lol But, progress was made. Mary Jane has a busy weekend planned and won't be able to send any pics until Saturday. So, this will be the last update post until probably Sunday.

Here is MJ's progress ~

And mine ~

I have some walking to do this morning and then I'm going to hit DD with a few strands and then get back to Rose Garden. I have a friend who wants to do a pattern swap with Rose Garden and Remember Me. I need to get busy! lol

One more day until the weekend! This week has flown and I am so glad. One more week to go until vacation. I'm so glad somebody thought of vacations!

Until later -

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 1 - Dandy Dreams SAL

Mary Jane and I would like to thank everyone for their comments and encouragement on our little SAL! We've decided to email each other a picture of the day's progress and then I will post these pictures the next day.

Today is the reason I am so enjoying sharing this SAL with you. Today's post shows the difference in us all. Mary Jane and I did about the same amount of stitching yesterday but our results are    c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y different!

Mary Jane's ~

Mine ~

At this point you wouldn't know we are stitching the same thing! lol

I'm hoping to go get busy stitching after the nap that keeps calling my name. And then Rose Garden wants a few stitches too. ;0)

See you again tomorrow - Same bat cave and same bat channel. (My husband sometimes says something like this. Is this close to how they used to close Batman in the '60's?)

Thanks again for your comments - Denise and Mary Jane

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dandy Dreams...

Mary Jane (CalamityJr) and I are doing our very first SAL! As she said, "Ladies, start your needles! Yippee!"

So without further adieu ~

Mary Jane's is on Chime Cashel
And mine ~

Country Creme Cashel

Mary Jane has to work this afternoon and will probably start hers this evening after walking Woody.

And I have a few things I need to do and then I'll get a bit of time this afternoon.

Thanks for stopping -

ps - Oh, and here's where I stopped last night on Rose Garden.

Now, I must be going! lol

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Sharing...

Not that anyone cares but I just wanted to share a picture from yesterday's graduation party. These are my kids, niece and nephews.

(lt to rt) Blake, Brandon, Courtney, Tyler, Kilee, and Logan

After I got this picture Brandon says, "Why do we always do this and never a goofy picture?" So, we took this one.

Pretty good looking bunch of kids!

btw - Kilee was the new grad. Logan's the baby and it's his turn next year.

Ok, time to go get busy - the laundry and another 4000 steps await me. And stitching if I get lucky. lol

Hope today is a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rose Garden...

I thought I would show a picture of my progress as of last night. The boy went out and I stayed up until he arrived home safely. I know - I'm old fashioned! lol But, this did mean 3+ hours of stitching.

As you can see - I changed the year from 1942 to 2011. I'm weird that way. I like my things to show the year I stitched them. The cranberry I'm using has tons of variegation and I'm loving it.

Would you like to see the RAK that made it to its new home?

When I took this picture I forgot to show the fabric on the back. When I finish mine - they will be backed by the same fabric. The trim though is from the stash of antique stuff I got a couple of weeks ago. This one was stitched using Antique Rose by GAST. btw - it went to Rose K (no blog). Notice her initials are RAK. Just too cool!

If you would like to be added to the RAK Victim List - send me an email. My email is listed on my profile.

Ok - hate me now - I went school shopping today. Got the boy a jacket, at least 5 shirts, and 4 pair of pants. All for (ready for this) $107! Yippee!

Well, we are under another tornado warning this evening and I need to go check the radar.
Talk soon - Denise

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear God...

The weather you have sent to me the last two days has been perfect.
The temperature has been 70 (21C) with a light wind and few clouds.
Could you send more of this to everyone?
I think there are several people who need a break from the storms.

Thank- you, Denise

Well, do you think it will work? I couldn't picture a more beautiful day. I hope this sticks around a few more days. I have a graduation party this Sunday and I would prefer this to hot and stitcky. Or worse - rain!

I sent two RAK's off this week. One is floating to Canada and the other towards the east coast of the US. I still owe stitching to the one. Things just didn't happen as quickly as I had hoped.

On the stitching front - I put away One Nation to concentrate on an upcoming SAL. I am working on Rose Garden. Hold on a sec and I'll go get a picture.

I changed the floss from Jakey's Brown to Cranberry. I love dark red roses and it seems to fit.

My boss is back from vacation next week - shoot. I had hoped he would decide to retire a year early. Since he has been gone my b/p has gone from 160/90 to 120/70 each morning. Maybe things will be better now that he's had a chance to relax a bit.

Don't forget to enter my give away. Go here and leave a comment. Drawing on the 19th.

Ok - I'm off to walk some more - trying to work up to 10,000 steps a day. Each day I get closer! lol