Thursday, May 19, 2011

Would you do this?

Check out this link -

In case the link doesn't work for you - let me clue you in to this dare. Let your man pick your clothing for a week!

I have to admit I don't think I'd let DH do this. I've seen what he wears. Oh, wait a minute how can I complain about what he wears when I'm the one who buys most of it. (I'm trying to figure out a way to slam those t-shirts and Henley - drawing a blank)

Anyway, I'm not into fancy at all. Accessories - I think that might mean the hair clip I wear. Because I don't do jewelry unless it's the wedding band I wear on my index finger*.

My biggest fear - he'd have me wearing my work clothes during the day. Granted they are comfy - but do I want to wear black tennis shoes and baggy t-shirts all day??

So, would you let your man pick your clothes? BTW - this guy did a pretty good job. Oh, there were a few things I wouldn't have matched up color wise - but he passed in my book.

Back to normal programming ---

* I work on a conveyor belt. I refused to wear my diamonds in that environment. We decided to get me a plain wedding band to wear to work. Changed positions and went to a data entry type job (same employer) and the ring bothered me when typing. I then took the diamonds from my wedding band had them reset into a thin band and put them on my index finger. Boom, I'm married with diamonds at work and no discomfort.

Have a great day!


Poppypatchwork said...

i think Kev would do OK picking my clothes, the only thing is I would be cold, he is always telling me to take my jumper off.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hey wait a minute,,, watch how hard you slam
Be always in stitches.

imnverted said...

I use my DH as my personal shopper. He is really great at picking out combinations for me to try on (and yes I have to parade out every single one to show him). Unfortunately I dont think his "gift" has made it down to the next generation as the boys suck at it (just pick whatever mom!). :P

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Denise! What a scenario! I took some time to ponder on this.. and in not much time at all, I've made my deicision, and I can vehemently say, "N-O, NO!! Uh-uh! NO WAY! FORGET IT!"
(But I have to agree, I don't think the guy did too bad either. I would have expected much worse!)... Have a great weekend! ~tina

mdgtjulie said...

I don't have a man, so I can't say whether I'd trust him to pick out my clothes. I can say with my ex, I would have never let him pick out one day. He'd have had me walking around in lingerie, lol. As for the ring, hey, whatever works for you.

Pumpkin said...

LOL! DH dresses me for the most part ;o) I'm not very good at picking out clothes. Would I let him have 100% control, probably not because my comfy clothes would be trashed!