Monday, May 30, 2011

What do you name a duck?

About a week ago we had inherited a duck. Don't know where 'she' came from but she's seems to be ours now. I've named her Quack. I mean what else do you name a duck? Daffy? Daisy? Donald?

Does anyone know what type of duck this is or anything about ducks? She seems to be happy cruising the yard and eating bug larvae. I'm thrilled with that!

Miss Alivia came over last week. She's a big girl now. She just got two bottom teeth and is vertical in a walker. Her favorite thing is backwards.

And because there is nothing cuter than baby feet!

Although I did ask DH if he was her father...see those crossed tootsies? Only his family does that -- maybe my BIL does too.

Happy Memorial Day to all. To those who have served our country - Thank-you! Because of your sacrifice I can be free.

Enjoy the day - Denise


Pumpkin said...

Lucky you! We used to have ducks and I love them :o) They have great personalities. She looks to be a Muscovy or part Muscovy. It's hard to tell from the picture but check out this link -

What a cutie you have there ;o)

CalamityJr said...

I think Quack is a fine name for your new friend! And Alivia just gets more adorable, if that's possible. What a sweetheart!

barbara said...

She's a Muscovy duck - great bug eaters, usually raised as a meat duck. Very friendly and they don't really quack, so they're not noisy like most ducks. Have fun with it! :D

paula said...

I'd name her Quaker Box. . . LOLOL

I can't believe you don't know her breed. She is a Whitus Quackus. LOLOL

Hope you had a great day, and I shall pass you "thank you" to the husband I thank my stars every Memorial Day that Dad came home from WW II, healthy mentally and physically and that Gene made it home from VietNam the same way.

mdgtjulie said...

Our ducks were similar, but not the same. Does she fly? We used to feed ours cracked corn. You should be able to buy it at any type of feed store. Some parts of the country, you can buy it in the birdseed aisle, I think. Maybe this summer you could fill up a plastic pool for her to swim in... What an adorable little girl. Her feet are just too cute!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Looks like from what mainely said you might have to rename her "Quackless" :) Love the pictures of my little girl!! :)

Shari said...

that duck is neat looking!!! Wonder how long it will stick around?!?!!?
Miss Alivia is adorable!!! How the smile!!! and of course, the baby feet!!!!