Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Just a quick note before making breakfast.
Mother's Day is so different than it once was at my home. Several years ago we had a nursery nearby. Each Mother's Day they had an event where they gave away hot dogs, soda, and popcorn. Their plants were on sale and everyone came out. Mom, Keri, my kids, and I would load up and head out by 9-10am. Had to make sure the trunk was empty or someone would be holding flowers.

Yes, even I bought flowers at that time. The kids were little and loved riding in the wagons. Keri always picked something out for Mom and I got her a hanging basket most years. After circling the place at least twice and wearing ourselves out - we headed to eat. Then got in line to check out. This always took at least 30 minutes. Loading the car was an experience not soon to be forgotten. Children here, plants being held there, be careful not too fast, bounce, bounce, bounce (through the field they parked you) and then home.

Forgetting who got what and having to trade a half hour later. Either Keri bringing something to me or Courtney running something to Grandma. Normally, home by noon and planting flowers by 1.

But, they've closed. The kids have grown. And we have no destination. Most years now it is a series of visits. As for another nursery - none around that we 'have' to go to. And I no longer do flowers. lol

So, as soon as I get my butt moving - I'll (yes, me) make breakfast and call Mom over. We'll be having bacon and eggs with biscuits and fried potatoes. Love the potatoes but baking them, cutting, and then frying them are a pain.

Hope your Mother's Day is what you want it to be and with your kids preferably. Don't forget to take that nap today and stitch tonight while the family makes you dinner!



mdgtjulie said...

Thanks for sharing your nursery story. It sounds like what my mom and I used to do. But now my cousin Beth lives with her, and she buys all her flowers for her for her birthday, and I usually don't get invited to go along. I've already got my flowers in this year. I haven't got much. Petunias, Celosia, and Morning Glories. That's it this year. I may get some more Petunias for the front porch, IDK yet. I hope you have a good mother's day!!

CalamityJr said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, as well. Hope you "baked" those potatoes in the microwave! You shouldn't be slaving over a hot oven on your day!

reader4519 said...

Denise, I used to work in the yard with my Mom. She really loved it. Now she is gone and I live in an apartment so the plants are just in the house. That was a wonderful story you shared.
Hey, don't work too hard - this is your day. I have been sitting and stitching and doing very little work. Hope your day is wonderful. Happy Mothers day. Mary

Pumpkin said...

Great memories Denise :o) Hope you and your mom had a wonderful Mother's Day!