Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Give Away Time!!!

Under the advisement of a good friend I have cleared off the dining room table and decided to share my wealth!
There will be three different sets of items to be given away ~~

First up we have a bowl of 60 wooden spools. Now - I do want you to know the wooden bowl in this picture is NOT part of the give away. I don't want someone to be disappointed when the bowl does not arrive with your spools.

This is give away number 1

Up next are all the trims I know I will not ever get to use. There are 30 separate pieces. Some range from a few inches to a couple that have over a yard. I kept a dozen or so for my own use and these are the left overs. I've always liked leftovers and thought you might like some too!

This is give away 2

And finally, here are several other pieces (which I did not count). There are white and pink doilies, a few quilted needle keeps, appliques in both cream and blue, 2 yokes, and what seems to be a shoulder covering with short sleeves. There are a few other items that I have no idea what to call them.

This is give away 3
I kept the trims and doilies separate because I wasn't sure if one person would want both types of stitched items.

So here are the rules:
~ Be a follower.
~ Leave a comment on this post only.
~ Let me know which give away you are interested in. If you would like to have your name tossed in for all three - let me know that too.
~ Give away will begin today and will be drawn on June 19th.
~ I will ship internationally.

That's it and that's all. If you would like to post about this give away - please do so. If you would like to add a link to a side bar - that's great too. Are these things mandatory - no.

I just want someone who would appreciate these items to have them. The lady I bought them from had a degenerative eye disease and she had no choice but to give them up. I think she would be happy to know someone has them that loves them as much as she did.

And as a second entry chance - Tell me about your first finish and how long you've been stitching.

Here's my story - I was in home-ec class in 1981. I had attempted stamped cross stitch with my grandmother a year or so before this class. We had a new teacher - Mrs Brode. She brought an excitement to the class that I've never experienced since. She taught us to sew an apron and make a stuffed animal. But, the project that got me - counted cross stitch. It was the little owl. My mom still has it. I picked up stitching again '88 but I have had my moments - not until the late '90's did I let my love for this little craft take flight. So if we count that first project - I have been at this for 30 of my 42 years!

Ok - time to leave your comments and good luck!


Karen said...

I certainly need to follow your lead and gift some of my stash to others!!! I would love to be entered for the can never have too many right?

My mom happened to buy 3 little kits for 50 cents at Sky City, our precursor to Walmart. I was 13 at the time and if only she had known what she was starting.....

Love your story and can't wait to read more....

happy stitching...

Cindy's Stitching said...

I am a follower. Please count me in for just the spools. I could use those.

Lisa V said...

Pls enter me for giveaway number 2. I first started stitching in 1990 and was taught by a friend at school. My first finish was a little dog with a cherry branch above his head, it was a small kit for beginners. Cross stitch is the only craft that I keep going back to no matter what. I had a break for a few years and tried ceramics and quilting but that didn't go too far, cross stitch pulled me back and I havent drifted away now for ages. (dont think I ever will).

Vicki said...

I am a new follower, although I've been reading your blog for months. I would like to be entered in the spool giveaway. I collect wooden spools and have for about 20 years!

My grandma taught me to embroider when I was nine years old. As I grew older I branched out into needlepoint and then when I was around 20, I began to x-stitch. I've been hooked now for over thirty-five years.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

Robin said...

Wow, super generous and super stash to share. I love number two. Oh what one could do with those trims.

I think after creating cattywhompas pot holders on a loom I stitched Barbie clothes by hand with big long stitches. A site to behold but clever and beautiful to me. So I guess I was hooked on stitching and creating at about 7.

mdgtjulie said...

Lots of great things there, but sadly, I won't use them. I generally finish by framing, so I don't use trims and thread and the like. I hope they all find a wonderful home though!! I picked up embroidery at an early age. My mom did cross stitch and crewelwork (mostly crewelwork), and I learned satin stitch and cross stitch at the age of six. Just the basics. Then, after that, I also learned rug hooking. I've hooked a few rugs, but I'm not great at it. I like stitching much better. I'll have to get the one hook rug I have, and show a pic of it. It's in the bedroom somewhere... Anyways, I didn't pick up a needle again till after high school, but I was still drawn to cross stitch. I think it's because I'm OCD. Seeing all the little x's lined up in neat rows just satisfies that OCD part of me really well. I like counted better than stamped, and I love the big, complex pieces.

Deborah said...

I would love to be entered in the trims. Love trims. My Grandma taught me to stitch when I was 9. I have been stitching over 40 yrs. My first ppiece was a printed pillow case and then quickly to aida and about 25 years ago linen.

Mouse said...

OO could I be entered for the trims :) I am a follower :) well I have been sewing since a wee one and made a hand stitched mouse that had all matching clothes when I was in junior school .. I gave her away to a little girl who's parents were going through a divorce... love mouse xxxx

rosek1870 said...

Good morning my friend. I would love to be entered in the trims (#2). I stated with a stamped cross stitch with my mom when I was about 9 or so. She only did one as she really did not like it but I loved it right away. Over the years I did stamped cross stitch, embroidery, crewel work, loom knitting and finally my favorite - counted cross stitch!

Poppypatchwork said...

Please add me into your great giveaway, and. Big thanks to you for sharing your find!, I would love to win any of the three lots for my stash.
As for my first stitching, I can't remember, my mum had us stitching from a very young age, firstly our names on hankies, which we had to make ourselves. But a good moment for me was at the age of 11 being in my schools fashion show, wearing a skirt and top I had made myself, and winning a special prize as the youngest in the show, at the time they did not have prizes for our age group, because no one of my age had entered before.

Pumpkin said...

Cool! Please enter my name in number two :o) I'm a follower!

I think it was around 1991 and I found a small cross stitch kit in my mother's stuff. I don't even think I read the instructions! LOL! Since then I've never looked back ;o)

barbara said...

I follow you via my Google Reader list. :) I would attempt a backflip if I won Giveaway 2. Seriously, how can you give this up???? Those are gorgeous, and I love-love-love the little bits and odds & ends of trim. They make me dizzy with delight. :D

My first finish was a little Santa ornament. I took up stitching to deal with some serious stress-related health issues. Sara showed me how to cross my x's and treated that little ornament like it was a treasure. I quickly went on to a tiny marking sampler, which I still have, and ... the rest is history. I didn't stitch for several years, but have done it nearly every day since I found out I was pregnant with my second son. :D

Sherry said...

I am a follower of your blog and always enjoy seeing what you are working on. I did my first stamped cross stitch when I was 13 and then did embroidery for a few years. In 1979 we moved to Wisconsin where my hubby attended college and my new neighbor was a cross-stitcher. She shared some patterns with me and I was hooked. I have made so many things I could not count them, but the first was a picutre of vase of flowers that I framed and sent to my mother for her birthday. I have that project in my kitchen now. I would love any of the three giveaways. Thanks for the chance.

Anne said...

I would love to be entered into your giveaway. The trims #2 would be useful. I have a giveaway myself so you should pop over and enter :D

As for when I first started stitching, I think I was either 8 or 9. My mother did more embroidery than cross stitch so she started me off on cross stitch. She bought me a Precious Moments booklet that had tons of little designs to stitch. I made quite a few for family members and put them into coloured plastic frame hoops. That started the buzz and I continued stitching all the way into high school. I took a textiles course and loved learning all sorts of techniques from applique to silk dyeing. I unfortunately took a very long break in university and didn't seriously pick up stitching again until about 4 years ago. Now I'm addicted and working on making all sorts of finishes, most of which I learned from online tutorials!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Thanks for sharing your overflow! I also need to do some cleaning and passing along to others. I am aloso a follower. I would love to be entered for #2.
I first started stitching in the early 1980's. My first stitched project was a fench with some pumpkins in front of it. Very country... Since then I have been hooked. I just love cross stitch !!

Teresa said...

Oh they would all be fun to win. Maybe #3 would be a fun surprise.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Blu said...

Um, how have I missed this post?
Please count me in for #2.
(and as for your cobweb-moon, it's been stitched. Now it just needs to be finished...)

Amy said...

I like all 3 of the giveaways & would be happy with any of them! I am a flower too!! Thanks for the giveaway!!