Monday, May 2, 2011

For those who need enablers...

Made that second stash order the other day - it's here.

(Hey, Parsley - here are a few other things you might be interested in - lol)

See the bunny pattern on the left? I thought some of my bunny loving bloggers might like a 'bunny season' pin cushion. Just a thought for another RAK. Speaking of which - March has not been sent out (shame on me) and April is ready to go --- and it's only May! ;0)

 Hey, only one bird pattern in this batch! But, look at this --

Now did I need both? They are so close to each other. But, I do love them. Should they be down in companion colors? Things to ponder.

Back to work again - trying to remember to be happy that I have a job - kind of hard sometimes.

Take care and be happy -


Lesleyanne said...

Great new stash.

Mouse said...

ooo nice stash haul :) mmm birds done both the same colour me thinks .. love all the charts but I think they are just me atm :) love mouse xxxx

Parsley said...

Shame wish list is growing longer than my wallet is thick! Oh boy!!!

Great goodies you have there.

Shari said...

you got some great new the VS ones!!!!! I am doing a few of hers now...well, the Cathy Jean ones!!!!
Yes, be thankful you have a job....wish I could find one

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

how come I keep missing your entries??? geeze you must love your coz it affords you all of the goodies at your enabler. Great selections there Girl. oh and how does it feel being back to work? lol and yes remember to be happy to go to a job, come home and then get to stitch coz sometimes when your home all day and have all the time in the world to stitch you don't do any until night time anyway! oh well, have a good stitch tonight.
As always

mdgtjulie said...

Grats on the new stash. Of course, you needed them both!

Pumpkin said...

MORE stash! Are you caught underneath it all? ;o) What a great selection. I think the two bird patterns in complimentary colors would look smashing!