Saturday, May 14, 2011

End of the School Busy

Going to have to rescue the clothing on the line soon. Storms are rolling through the area and there are flash flood warnings out. I don't need my jeans in the next county! ;0)

But, I wondered why I haven't been stitching or blogging. I'm not going to say much about blogger - we've all felt the pain of not being able to connect. Looking at the pictures on the camera and thinking back to the blur my life has become and I know why.

After hitting that stupid deer - I have been to the chiropractor several times. C2 was sitting lopsided in my neck. And the rest of the things screwed up in my back and hip are too numerous to list. Besides - do you really want to hear about my aches and pains? Nah, neither did I!

The boy is doing a service project collecting food and supplies for our local animal shelters. This involves collection canisters, begging for donations of cash and for goods to raffle, setting up at two car shows, and keeping it all in line. Guess who is managing this so far and the boy is clueless to how many hours I have put in on it. Soon - very soon - he will be up to the plate and he'll have to take over.

Between organizing this project, banquets at his school, his finals, his working, DH working, me trying to keep up with the yard, working myself, the doctor, running around, and the general other things - I have not been sitting in the stitching chair.

But, I did manage to finish this last week. It still is not mounted but I can show it.

Monthly Mania by HIH
Recommended floss
14 ct Country Cream Aida
I started this -

Portion of Katydid's Bunnies
Here's the banquet DS and I attended last Friday. It's an Honor Banquet for achieving a GPA of 3.5 for the whole year.

Isn't he handsome?

Receiving his 3rd year gold pin.
Yep, he's attended this every year of his high school career. Smart kid - he now has 32 hours at Kent State at the end of his first year. Next semester - 18 hours in two days. Someone is going to be busy studying. Also, he has made it through the training period working at KSU's Performing Arts Center. So, next year he can be scheduled to work all the shows.

Courtney is moving by the first of the month. Back to town and about 1/4 mile from ours. The fiance is not pleased with the new place but it's for a year. They can move again if they want. I think he will be pleasantly surprised at how much he'll like the place. He thinks it is too small. The garage and breezeway with two porches will be a great addition to the two bedroom place.

I had to stick this pic in just because it proves my point - no matter how old they get - they're always kids! My red heads!

The storm is starting to boom in the distance. I wonder if lightening will strike the oil rig in the field. The neighbor has some one drilling. Nice humming sound now fills the valley.

Well, it seems time to wrap this up and pay attention to the storm.
May the weather be fair where ever you are!


CalamityJr said...

Interesting, isn't it, that Monthly Mania isn't divided into the "usual" quarters of the year? Is Katydid's Bunnies the one with the seasons? I like that one! If you're getting rain coming from here, it will still be raining this time tomorrow, so you'd better get that laundry in quickly! Enough rambling - have a great evening!

Emily & Scott said...

awesome job for DS and his 3.5 GPA. Cathryn was mad that she didn't make that award for Middle School. She came close .. but not quite close enough!!

Don't let your jeans blow away!! **giggle**

Catherine said...

I'm still laughing about your jeans possibly blowing to the next county!!

Congrats to your son!! Handsome and smart!

You've had your plate full with many things - I hope your back feels better!

Shari said...

oh my!!!! Something else we have in common!!! Red headed kids!!! Two of our three hair red hair....DD had auburn hair, DS #1 has strawberry blond & DS #2 has mouse brown like mom!!
the storm you had passed thru here last night...
love the HIH monthlies!

paula said...

Nice red heads. I spent part of my day with two adorable red head . . two yellow labs who look more like Irish setters . . .LOLOL I'll bet your red heads were a lot more expensive to raise that the two I met :0}

mdgtjulie said...

Congrats on your finish and your new progress. And your redheads are very attractive!! Good job to your son for having such a high GPA. And to you for keeping him going through everything. I hope your back feels better. I have problems with mine too, and it just makes everything hurt!

Jane said...

Sorry about your aches and pains, that's not much fun!
Busy days I hear but at least you got some stitching time in and the new bunny WIP is a great one.
I guess we all run around after our kiddies whatever their age but if it brings success for them at the end of the day then it's worth it ~ congratulations to your DS on his great achievements.
A bit breezy here today in the UK but there doesn't seem to be any random pairs of jeans flying through the garden !!!

Poppypatchwork said...

I hope your storm was not to bad, nice looking red heads you have, we have red hair in our family. You are going to have to plan a stitching evening, not that I can say to much on the stitching front. Great Courtney will be so close to you.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

all I can say is,,, "At least you don't have to shovel the wind and rain! Mind you it might take you off your feet just as easily." Congrats to DS for achieving his high standards and maintaining them and to DD for moving back close to you and DH. Now, go stitch I say...
Be always in stitches.
as always

Lee said...

No doubt you are a proud mom! Loved the picture that you shared with both kids! I hope the fundraising is super successful.

Pumpkin said...

I always wonder how you're doing! Being in pain is no fun :o(

Congrats to your DS! You must be one proud momma bear :o)

Nice to see you have still found time to stitch. I don't know about you but my mojo has taken a vacation. Nice finish and I like your new WIP :o)