Sunday, March 27, 2011

Movie Review

Friday afternoon we went to see The Lincoln Lawyer. Within minutes we were hooked and had all given it a thumbs up!

I had to give this movie two thumbs up simply because Matthew McConaughey took his shirt off and Trace Adkins popped up a few times. The good Lord knew what he was doing when it came time to put those men together!

Micky's greatest fear is representing a truly innocent person. When confronted with defending his latest client - his fears are realized. There were some interesting plot twists involving the DA, his investigator, and the bikers.

If you are interested in seeing something that keeps you awake, with a some violence and less sex - this movie could be for you.

May today bring you the joy you deserve!

Friday, March 25, 2011

We're off...

to the movies that is. We leave in about an hour. The Lincoln Lawyer is the choice. Details to follow - lol

There has been some stitching accomplished this week. Thought I would share because -- well, it's Friday. And I didn't name the post Friday Progress!

HIH Monthly Mania
14ct Vintage Country Cream Aida
 Making some headway on this. October is a pumpkin and November is an acorn. All orange and all brown. There are a few specialty stitches to break it up - but this is mind numbing stitching. Great for when the brain is overloaded! ;0)

Snow White by LHN
14ct Lach Aida
It's a bit more like a dark teal than light blue. This will be quiet pretty when complete. I want to finish this like my other 'to be done' ornies. Still unsure how that's going to be!

Snowflake Santa by Sue Hillis
Santa and snow in late March - not even close to the right season! But, it might be quiet nice to work on in the summer. You know, when the temps make you sweat just by looking outside and the pavement is shimmering.

I made a serious dent in the blue field! Once I got the side and top about half done - the center REALLY took off. As you can see I still have 7 blue stars and 49 white ones to go. I put a touch of the red in to see how it looked. I've been thinking - although it's not called for - what do you think of a single white Mill Hill seed bead in the center of each star?

Otherwise this week - I've been doing well. Stayed busy and stitched. Only one day did a have a few bad hours. Today is Dad's birthday. I've been singing Happy Birthday to him off and on. The first couple of times I added "and many more" to the end like always. That caused a few moments of sadness. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the last 2 months. I've felt your love and appreciate it. You've all helped me through a tough time.

I did get some GREAT news this week! The boy sent his ACT scores to Kent State and OSU fourteen months ago in preparation for PSEO*. OSU sent us an invitation to come down in April and tour the campus. Nice way to spend a day - ok. He read off the dates - April 1st, 22nd, and 23rd. But, if you go on the 23rd - you get free tickets to the Scarlet and Gray game. We looked at each other and both said - the 23rd! He registered for the tour and I'm going to the game! Hehehehe. Cross that off the ole bucket list!

I would like to say hello to two new followers! One is an English major and I fear I might send her into convulsions with my liberal use of commas, dashes, and explanation points. At least I use spell check!

Ok everyone - off to the weekend. May there be stitching in your future!

*Post Secondary Education Option - taking college classes while still in high school. He is in his 2nd semester and will have completed 32 hours in May. Smiling momma - he wants his Associates in Science before his high school diploma. Two years of college and no school loans!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Falling in Love...

It's not often that I just fall completely and totally in love with a project. But, oh my, I have fallen hard this time!

One Nation
by ByGone Stitches
32ct Belfast Country Mocha
DMC conversion
This linen feel so wonderful in my hands. And the floss just glides...yummy! Go here to see the whole project.

I'm having a really hard time putting it down and working on my other 3 projects. What are my other three projects? HIH Monthly Mania Sept-Oct-Nov which is 1/3 to half done, a Santa by Sue Hillis that is just getting started, and Snow White by LHN.

Has anyone used DMC's linen floss? I started using it on Snow White and became so disgusted by how the stitches were laying, the fraying of the floss, and how easily it broke that I stopped and ripped it ALL out and started again with normal DMC. Is this normal or am I missing something?

Since this is just a quick pass through bloggerville - I'll see you all later!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Sense of Satisfaction...

When I added the latest photos to Flickr this afternoon I felt this sense of satisfaction. I told DH how I felt and he feels rather accomplished himself. As of today - there are 12 finished frames with their projects in them. There are another two are drying and a third waiting for paint.

Myself - just about every project is in its completed state. There are a few that I want to tweak a bit - but they are mostly DONE!

I emailed a friend late last week whining that I wasn't in the mood to stitch what I had up in rotation. By the end of the email I had convinced myself that I wanted to stitch a couple of Bent Creek Designs I found in a magazine I had won from Paula.

Here Comes the Sun & Full Moon Rising
by Bent Creek
Recommended floss
28ct Light Mocha Cashel
From BHG Cross Stitch & Needlework June 1998
DH and I LOVE these cuties. I couldn't believe when I pulled the floss for these - DMC. Bent Creek always uses a hand-dyed cotton. Then I looked at the article - 1998. Four years after they started their business. I don't remember if hand-dyed floss was available then. Does anyone else know?

DH gave me quiet the compliment the other day. I happened to be showing him my progress on Here Comes the Sun. He looks at it and tells me he couldn't stitch on linen because the holes are too small. But, he loves the look. And he thought I did a good job on linen. Ahh...that's why I keep him around.

I wanted to show you another couple of completions if you don't mind.

Not sure how well the color of the frame shows - but it was a 'hold your breath' kinda moment. I didn't like the color paint I had available here at home. So, starting with an orangy brown - I painted the frames then I got bold and rubbed black on them after the first coat had dried. Sometimes it just works. This almost became a pillow. But after another disastrous odyssey - I gave up!

Here's Thine is the Trick and the Treat - from last years SAL with Crystal.

Plans for the this weekend - Mom is taking us to dinner tonight. On Sunday, we are going to Menard's. She's never been to our local store. I might see if she'll consent to head further north to pick up a couple of goodies for my RAK. (Oops, the candy I bought earlier this week didn't make it to the box. I had a chocolate crisis and it was handy.)

Next week had promised to be a bad week - lots of firsts happening with Dad - his birthday is the 25th. I've invited Mom to go to a movie Friday night. I'm thinking Lincoln Lawyer - Matthew McConaughey. Yum yum! Any other movie suggestions?

I would like to say hello to my newest followers. And thank-you for the comments you leave. They are truly appreciated. You guys rock!

Also, if you would like to see all my new frames/completions head over to my flickr photostream. Just click on my slide show on the sidebar. Feel free to make comments if you would like. It's fun to hear how you finished yours.

Smiles - Denise

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finishes # 11 and 12!

Okay, so I am two days later in finishing these than I thought I would be -- But, they are done!

Hearts and Diamonds
40ct Summer Khaki
DMC Floss as recommended
Cross Point Designs (JCS)

March-April-May Monthly Mania
14ct Vintage Country Cream
Recommended Floss
Heart in Hand
 The HIH piece is a WIP left from last years start challenge I had for myself in June. I started something like 15+ projects and now have less than 5 to finish! Not too shabby.

It was suggested to me to frame Snowman Photobooth - I knew I had the perfect paint for the frame. Next winter this can see the light of day!

I finished this pillow in my frenzy two weeks ago. It has been sent out and I thought I would go ahead and show it. 

It was a beast to finish! Started out I wanted a ruffle. Make the ruffle and put it on only to mess up the stitched linen. I had forgotten to use interfacing on the stitching. Tear it off. Put on the interfacing. Start again this time without the ruffle. Put the border on the sides - wrong. Try again - got it! Then the other two sides and wowsers it is the beginnings of a pillow! Search through my buttons and come up with 4 matching ones - miracle of all miracles. This turned out better than I had first envisioned.

DH is picking up Penso's Pizza for dinner. We have more than enough leftovers to eat - but am I going to complain about not heating them up? Nope.

Hard to believe the weekend is quickly wrapping up. Where does the time go? That means tomorrow is Monday - I've got to get groceries - anyone want to volunteer for that job. I'll pay for them but hate shopping and putting them away.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Progress

I should really come up with a better title than that. It's getting boring - Friday Progress - ho hum! At least you know what's coming - lol!

So, what have I been up to this week - a little stitching and framing. First up the stitching ~~

Heart in Hand Monthly Mania
Recommended floss
14 ct Vintage Country Cream
March RAK
Hearts and Diamonds - JCS Magazine
40 ct Summer Khaki Linen
DH made 5 frames in the last few days. I got them painted yesterday and some items even in them. Here are a couple - you get the idea!

And I thought I would share a photo I took at Christmas. As I took the photo I thought to myself, "Why don't you get some photos of the whole family?" As quickly as the thought came - it went. And then he's gone...

Alivia and Garin, Mom and Dad, and Logan and Courtney
Thinking about my plans for the weekend. And there aren't many or any. I like it that way. lol I had considered getting tickets to Bill Engvall. Ms Procrastinator here put it off until we could not get 3 tickets together. Oops - better planning next time!

Hope your weekend turns out the way you want/plan.
Take care and stay warm!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Finished Finish

Today inspiration hit. I sort of screwed up when I glued this together. Forgot I needed to leave room for the ribbon to make a hanger. But, it is my first hanging type finish.

Oh, please don't ask details about this pattern -- I think - think - It might be a Homespun Elegance.

The way I ended up doing the ribbon -- I took a 5" piece of ribbon and glued it across the top and down the sides about 1". Then I took a much longer piece and centered it to the bottom and glued up the sides. At the top of this piece is a little something Emily sent me. Slipped the ribbons through it and the glued companion pieces to each corner.

Had you told me a year ago I would be hot gluing my stitching to boards and attaching ribbon to it - I would have had a hissy fit. Let alone gluing things to the stitching! lol

I've come a long way baby!

I've been MIA lately. My life seems to be spinning around me - quiet fast if I do say so myself - and I am getting dizzy. Borrowing a line from Prince - "I've been busy doing something close to nothing but different than the day before."

An extra photo box containing skeins of hand-dyed floss now resides in the closet, there is a new quilt only photo album, new pictures in the cross stitch album that has been re-organized, all new smalls have a home, other document boxes are more organized, there are 3 pillows awaiting fabric to be sewn around them, one piece is waiting to be pinned to foam core, a WIP has been pulled out and had progress made, a new stitch has the fabric edged and is waiting for floss to be pulled, and at least 10 mounted projects are waiting for DH to make frames. See - nothing much but something different.

Hopefully, by Friday I will have a WIP finished! Crossing my fingers!
Stay tuned and see if I managed to pull off my 12th finish for 2011.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Progress!

I have been away from blogger for a week! Eek - where did the time go? But, I do have progress! I have met my 2011 goal of finishing projects. I wanted to do at least one per month. Ha - did that in one day! Mind you - I was at it for 9 hours today and my back is killing me - but they are complete!

But, first I wanted you to see my latest picture of Garin and Alivia!

I would take the picture and then Alivia would smile. But Garin has the 'picture smile' down pat. He's just like his mom - Keri would see (what am I talking about she still does this) a camera and the smile is out and she's posing.

I have a finish for the week. And it is even finish finished!

Snowman '10
Lizzie Kate
Recommended floss
 I used the springy fabric Mary Jane sent me. I thought the colors matched perfectly!

And now for the rest of my day! They are all sitting on their backing fabric.

Made into a pin cushion

I re-did these and lightly stuffed them this time.
Tomorrow I am mounting many more in an effort to have DH make some frames. If I accomplish this mission - I have less than 5 finished projects in my drawer awaiting their final form. Not bad!

I also finished my February RAK. It needs to be wrapped and a few goodies to go with it and then off it goes! March is near completion - and it's frame is done already! Hey, if I keep this up - I might catch up with myself somewhere! lol

Well, wish me luck with all the mounting - just checked 13 projects! Egad!
I promise to be back soon!