Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Progress, My Mailman, and Organization!

*** Disclaimer for Pumpkin --- you might cry near the bottom of this post ***
*** And this post is picture heavy***

Okay, disclaimers out of the way - are you ready for this post? I thought, "Oh, I will show my weekly progress and what I bought last night for the stash." Then I got a package! Holy Moly!

Here's my newest start -
Snowman '10
Lizzie Kate

I'm just way too impressed with this projects tiny size!
Last night DH and I took a ride and ended up at Staples. I had grand thoughts of The Container Store this weekend and then gas prices went through the roof. Just can't justify the 240 mile round trip when we also have two other long trips this weekend.

What I wanted was something for my newest collection - cross stitch magazines. And because it is all of your doing that I have over 25 projects I want to do this year - I needed something different to hold my to-do items.

These folders are plastic! I can use my label maker on them and leave no muss when I feel the need to rearrange!

I had these projects in what I call scrap book boxes. My closet is full of them. By unloading my to-do box - I now can use it in some other way! Maybe for that pre-cut aida for the Mystic Stitch projects.

The tan box on top ... that's from Marlene!
My Christmas Puddings live in there!
And then today Bridget started barking. This is a rare occurrence. It was the mailman. But, I didn't order anything. I went out to meet him and got a rather large box! It was from CalamityJr (Mary Jane)!

We have been talking for months and she told me some day when I least expected it to expect something! Oh my goodness!

The pattern with a blue Santa at the top of the picture and the blue picture with the star post it note - these are our wins from Lyssa back in Nov-Dec. We both wanted to do each pattern and we are swapping! The blue picture at the bottom is part of her finished Snow White by LHN. I didn't want to show it all because I forgot to ask permission. Sorry, MJ!

On the right just out of sight - a birthday goody from Woody (Mary Jane's dog) to my Bridget! And pictures of Woody -

Here's Bridget enjoying her birthday gift -

I was so impressed she actually looked into the camera.
She also sent the pattern she planned to make for me. When Dad passed - she stopped what she was doing and made something else for me. (Dramatic pause). And sometimes you buy the same thing twice - this time I benefited from her oops! She even sent me a magazine for my new collection!

This brings me to the 3 wrapped items and the beautiful card. Her card made me take a deep breath and blink back tears. So, I started on the smallest wrapped goody -

The fabric and ribbon! Her note read - "Because Spring will come" Look at that fabric! The ribbon matches both of them. You can't get any more springy than this! And then the larger package - The Snowman Kit - the note read - "Because Winter won't give up yet." Oh, this will be finished before next winter and set with Snowman* by Bent Creek.

And the largest package had this note -

And I opened her pillow. And started to cry -

And cried some more. I sit here looking at this picture and the tears are threatening to fall. Sometimes the things you need/want the most -- you never knew you needed. Mary Jane may not have been here to hug me in person but she sent the next best thing! With my deepest appreciation - thank you!

It's the weekend - and my family is coming over for dinner. So, I must go prepare. Take care everyone and have a happy time this weekend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Opinions please

I am rather surprised with myself. I went to my finished drawer and expected several more wintry items. These are the only 5 I found! 

I would love to hear your opinions about how to finish these guys. I was thinking ornies for next years' tree. But, they don't scream Christmas to me. So, what should I do?

Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated! Just keep in mind my finishing abilities are not fantastic! And while I have you thinking --- the LHN ornies from last year and then off course 2011 to come --- how are you finishing those? I've seen the finish with felt -- that's pretty but don't think that is me. And everything in pillows - would that look right?

I know I should go with my heart. But my heart is overruled by my tremendous lack of creativity! Does any one have these difficulties?

Some of last years' ornies I did flat -- DH and I have talked and I need to unstitch the hand stitching and fill them with fluff. He doesn't like them flat. Sigh!

Please help!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Finish and A Birthday!

(Clearing of throat)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Bridget! Happy Birthday to you!

The puppy in my life turns 5 today! She's hiding from the cold and rain today. And is parked in front of the register praying the furnace will kick on.

I completed number 9 last night!

Snowman Photobooth
by Bent Creek
Recommended floss
32 ct linen included in kit
And since I want spring to arrive so badly - please explain to me - why did I start another snowman??? This is why I should not pick the next year's projects in the winter! I have ornies, fall stuff, and snowmen!

I feel guilty because I got new stuff and want to start them... And I haven't posted on Up for a Challenge. See I should have picked up a WIP this time. Eh guilt - who needs it?

Must go to a dinner function tonight. Don't mind not cooking but hate functions. I'm not into groups that are not stitching related. Hmm, do you think they would mind if I took stitching to it? That would be in poor taste.  It's only 90 minutes or so. Compared to a lifetime - just a blink of an eye.

Off to stitch -

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Progess

Not much progress - but I am stitching again!

Snowman Photobooth
32 ct linen included in kit
Recommended floss

Hearts and Diamonds
40 ct Newcastle Summer Khaki
DMC floss
Ladies, I have come a LONG way in less than a year. When I started blogging last April I stitched on aida almost exclusively. Now, all linen and even weave. I have a few projects (Mystic  Stitch) that require the strength of aida - but everything else is linen! And the 40 ct is the highest count I have attempted.
Hearts and Diamonds will be March's RAK. Shh, no I have not finish finished February! It's in the drawer. I have a few more projects to get together before I pull out the sewing machine.

Well, it is officially the weekend! DS is spending the night away tomorrow night. And next weekend he leaves at 6:30 am Friday and will return Sunday afternoon. That is his RYLA weekend. I hope he has a great time.

And us... no ideas what we might do tomorrow and Sunday. Maybe I will have to think of something.

Talk soon - Denise

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sinful....Absolutely Sinful!

Today has been a good day! Yes, I went shopping and was a very very bad girl. (Mind you, the shop owner was very very happy!) But, let's start with this morning!

The boy finally (FINALLY) got a job. He had applied for a job at the college's Performing Arts Center and according to the email - he had to go to the meeting to sign all the papers and talk to the head of the PAC. There were 13 pages - including a page stating that he in no way supported groups listed on the Homeland Security list. eek - when did these statements become part of applying for a job? (guess that happens when you've had the same job for nearly 24 years - you miss these

After we got him off to school - we left for Cleveland and Canton. And I just realized --- we never stopped in Canton for the cloth for Dad's urn. Hmm, does this warrant another trip north? Ah, yeah, I think. But, probably not tomorrow. Shoot!

The trip north went well and we arrived in good time. Would you like to see my retail therapy session? It was sinful. There are no other words for it. But, Carol had a good sale in me right before she left for Nashville. She told me I paid for her hotel bill. Thanks Carol!

This first picture is something DH picked out. It was on my wish list but...

Then I got another piece of fabric for "A Crow Above." Turns out they are almost identical! Guess I can use the extra one on another project someday!

The old linen is on the left and the new is on the right. Not much difference. But, neither look like the photo. What is it with cameras that cause the color to be so different? I have the same problem when I take photos. Any camera buffs out there have a solution?

Then I got some patterns and fabric --

Think I will use a different fabirc for the patterns on the right.

These linens are both Clay one by Jobelen and the other is Cashel.
Anybody have a preference?

Hey Lee, thanks but I got it!
And I also went a little overboard and got more fabric because I just LOVE the way she displays her fabrics.

Then DH had the brilliant idea to stop at Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch. He had ribs and wings. I had ribs and shrimp. Yummy! Of course, I was planning to make dinner tonight - guess it got pushed back to tomorrow. Homemade manicotti - I make crepes, the cheese filling, and the tomato sauce with pork. This stuff melts in your mouth!

On the down side -- my friend and I were to have lunch tomorrow. Her husband's grandmother died last weekend and the services are Friday. So, we are postponed.

Must remember to get sympathy card in mail!

I had it on good authority that retail therapy helps. And I must say even though I haven't stitched much this week. I have the desire to get in there and do something.

Well, I think it is time to go play with my stash. I think there is the distinct possibility that I have reached SABLE (Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy). Oops! It's all the designers fault - if they would stop making these adorable irresistible patterns... Yeah, it's all their fault ;0)

And, I realized several weeks ago that I have many new followers. Hey guys, welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the photos and stitching.

Hmm, just realized all this stuff won't fit in my to do box. Must get new box! haha
TTFN - Denise

(((Edited to add -- Calamity Jr - trying to email you but everything is bouncing back with a fatal error! They are saying you don't have a account! Any ideas?)))

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gnomeo...Oh, Gnomeo!

A cute movie based on Romeo and Juliet with a twist. I never knew gnomes basically were red or blue. But, if you think of it --- they are! And then I realized we were a 'red' family.

The story is set in England where we have a man and woman living in a duplex. His side is red and hers is blue. Their gardens are the most kitchy gardens I have ever seen. The blue garden had a Wisteria tree growing from the tank of a toilet. Hmmm...

Oh course we have a family feud and the reds hate the blues. And the youngsters fall in love. Difficulties in their love abound until their near death. Enter the Terafirminator! This item was cool enough to make DH want one!

I thought the best part of the movie was --- sitting in the dark holding my husband's hand. I would have rather rented it and saved the $30. Oh well, it was a romantic (kiddish) movie and just after Valentine's Day.

Today, I went to DD's and help rearrange her apartment. I like it and it's clean! Talked to her boyfriend and he even liked it. So we're good.

Gotta go make a 'wish list' for tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tiny Amount of Retail Therapy

Later this week the big guns will come out. Look out Cleveland (and Canton) here I come. Unemployment by DH be damned! The debit card will be humming! hehehe

Ok, here's what I got yesterday.

The fat quarters in the back row were a pack and the the 3 in the middle were just selections I picked up. And the one in the front goes with a project I have yet to show you. Patience, patience...

And yesterday morning I got to work on another project...well, it's frame.

DH sanded the frame and then stained it. The wood grain wasn't conducive to stain. So, bless him, he sanded it again and then I got to paint.

Today, is movie day and I'm rather pumped to go! Tomorrow will be review day.

In case you are wondering -- yes, I am on vacation this week. Sleeping in, eating a hot breakfast, and staying up later than 9pm.

Ok, I'm sort of watching American Pickers as I type and I'm having a hard time multi-tasking!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yep, it is that day to celebrate your love. So, what am I doing? Getting groceries and doing laundry. lol Tomorrow we are going to go see Gnomeo and Juliet. I'll do a movie review later this week.

I do have a small finish that I can't share. It's a RAK and I need to keep it quiet. Besides, the stitching is complete but it's not. I was going to frame it - but now after looking at the piece - it begs to be a small pillow or hanging. I need to go commune with it and see what it has to say.

On another front - how about this weather? Here in Ohio we are experiencing what I am going to call SPRING. Temperatures in the 40's and near 50. Not hot by any means but not freezing either. No snow! Happy dance!

I have plans this week to go to some LNS. Need to get fabric (hahaha) - honestly I do. See I am planning to start A Crow Above and the pattern called for Copper Penny and I got Antique Copper. It seems to be very dark. Oh, and I also need to check on something for the runner for Dad. Maybe I just need retail therapy. I hear that is a highly rated activity!

Thank you for all of your kind comments about Dad. He was a good guy. I'm dealing with the loss - but I have no idea if I am 'doing it correctly'. Is there a grieving guide somewhere that tells you how you should act? It seems I am either a complete mess or am trying to move on. Somehow neither seems right.

Ok kids, I'm off to do something even if it is wrong!
TTFN - Denise

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Story of Dad

In a recent email I had someone ask about my Dad. What was he like and maybe I would share some stories about him. This is part of my return email to Carol. I decided to share it so you could all have the chance to meet Dad at least for a moment.

Let's see - my Dad was the youngest. His sister died at 22 months. His brother was born 3 years later and then my Dad trailed by another 5 years. My grandparents owned the local dairy bar and that is where my Dad grew up. Dishing out ice cream, making milkshakes, and frying burgers. He had a great childhood. He skipped kindergarten and was found sleeping on the front porch, hung off the back of a train as it went through town, and took my grandma's Chevelle drifting - before it was ever called that.

He was the youngest pilot in the US for at least a few moments. He got his pilots license before his driving one. That was his dream. But, a snowball with a rock in it caused him to slowly loose the sight in his left eye. By the time the airline pilot school got back to him (and accepted him) my mom was pregnant and they had gotten married.

For the first 6 months we lived at my grandparents and then they built their current home. Dad always worked 3rd shift. He would come home as I was leaving for school. For about a week he and I worked on a complicated handshake that only we knew. It ended with us touching our thumbs together and "flying" our hands upward.

He would always buy me airplanes and helicopter toys. That's what we played with. He loved to take a ride. We drove to Ky to see the caves, NC for the mountains, and wherever the mood took us. He carried me on his shoulders until I was 10. I was his little girl.

And the stories -- oh, the stories. Let's see -- he loved riding motorcycles and told stories of racing them (my mom raced too and 2 uncles) he talked about his friend Allen crashing his motorcycle beside my grandparents house. Grandpa had just sat down to a steak and he saw this bike bouncing and crashing in the field. Totally ruined Grandpa's appetite. Grandpa blew a gasket and yelled at all the boys. Mind you they were all over 20 and some nearly 30.

His favorite story though was about my sister. They went on a canoe trip down the river. She needed to go to the bathroom. He pulled over and let her out. She squatted into nettles. Needless to say, she wiggled for quiet awhile - he was loving it! He finally told her the only way to get home faster was to paddle. That's all it took. She put the paddle to the water and got them home in record time.

Dad and I looked at life the same way. We are both pretty laid back, slow to anger, but will let you know where you stand. Our sense of humor meshed. He was ornery and I appreciated it. His laugh...deep hearty real. He would cough until he had no breath left and then sneeze.

I got him in trouble once. His feet used to sweat a lot. And he had a terrible habit of taking his socks off and leaving them in a pile by his chair, Mom got sick and tired of picking them up and would let them sit. I came along and took a pair that had sat there for a few days. They were RIPE! I placed one sock on either side of Mom's pillow. She thought her pillow went sour. For three days this poor woman would flip her pillow trying to find a non-smelly place. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and stripped the pillowcase off finding Dad's socks. She read him the riot act. He proclaimed his innocence -- all to deaf ears. She KNEW he was guilty and would have none of it. He came in complaining to me and I lost it. He finally got the truth from me and boy did he march me right in to Mom to tell her the truth. He had nothing to do with it.

He was the one that placed the bows from Christmas presents on his forehead. Dad would eat the deviled eggs off your dinner plate. He would come up behind you in his truck while you were mowing and honk his horn to see you jump. He would hide behind doors as you came in the house to scare you.

My Dad was a great man that I loved. Yes, he had faults but his heart was good. He will be missed.

Tears again after reading this. Sorry, Pumpkin no disclaimer yet...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Stitching Has Happened Yet!

I've thought about it...I've planned to go into my room and clean up...I've even picked up a needle a few times...But nothing seems to be happening!

So, I'll show you what teeny tiny progress I have gotten done in two weeks and some intentions!

Twisted Threads
Recommended threads
28ct linen
This is it for two weeks -- 3 letters --- maybe 100 stitches if I am lucky. The mojo seems to have completely abandon me.

Although, I did order some 40ct Newcastle Summer Khaki and the Mill Hill Glass Treasures red heart charm. I found a pattern in current Just Cross Stitching magazine.

I have everything needed to get this one going. But...

On another note - I received a package in the mail this week. DH comes in asking if I ordered anything. Nope. I look at the return address and imagine my surprise when Cat's name is on the return. Here she thought I needed a pick me up and sent me goodies!

The chocolate barely made it to the photo! If you look closely you'll see it is open - oops! The card has a beautiful sentiment that makes me smile. (Not sure I can repeat it without the greeting card companies permission.) Needles, floss (thinking Valentine pattern), and the hummingbird coaster.

As I told Cat - that hummer is perfect. Unbeknownst to any of you, I am planning to create a runner of sorts for under my father's urn. It is a double urn (made by DH) for my parents. My cousin burnt into the face plate double linked wedding bands, a hummingbird, and a pool cue and cue ball. Hold on let me get a photo.

It's lying down awaiting its next coat of finish. Anyway, I will be making a runner for under this urn. Hummers at either end and linked wedding bands to be centered under under the ones shown here.

I think the pattern she sent me for the coaster will be PERFECT for this! I will be making it for Christmas. I know that sounds weird. Let me explain. I was to have Dad in the Christmas exchange this year. And now I don't. So, I will make the runner and 'give' it to him then.

Changing subjects completely (but not). Emily had a give away that ended on Jan 23rd. I had a couple of blogging buddies email to let me know I had won. I saw I won and hurried to my email to let Emily know I would be sending her my address. About 5 minutes later Mom called to say Dad was down and she needed help. And well, we all know what happened. I posted late that night to let you know I would be gone for awhile. And that is where this story makes me cry again. Emily emailed me to let me know what wonderful friends I have. It seems some of you emailed Em to give her my address and let her know what happened to Dad. You didn't want me to miss something good that would brighten my day. So, thank you to my friends -- my wonderful beautiful stitching sisters around the world for thinking of me and trying to help.

And that brings me to this...

It seems I am having a give away of my own. And today is the day to find out who gets the goodies!

Gracie, I will be emailing you today for your snail mail address.

But, wait ladies! Don't give up hope of winning just yet ~~~ there's more. Inspired by Emily's kindness of a 2nd secret give away I have done the same. See, yesterday I went to the local Hallmark store to get thank you notes and such. I got a free teddy bear. Who to give it to??? Well, I can always pick up another $25 gift card and give that with the bear to another lucky follower.

Can you read that?? It's Nataly K @ Nataly's Needle. So Nataly, I will be emailing you too!

Thank you everyone who entered. And also for following me in this crazy blogging world we have.

I keep saying today I am going to stitch. I figure at some point it will be true. I am going to Zanesville today with Mom. And it is my sister's 27th birthday...really, 27? Eeww, she's getting old. And she's almost 16 years younger than me...don't even say it...don't even think it! I can hear you --- I AM NOT OLD!!!! Shush......Stop laughing..... geez, rough crowd!

Well, here's to you today -- have a great day, keep stitching, enjoy the football game and commercials, and tell someone you love them!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just A Reminder ~~~

Don't forget to enter my give away! I draw on Feb 6th. Don't miss your chance to win a kitted Lizzie Kate with extra linen, 9 Sekas & Co patterns with some buttons, and a $25 Visa card!

Here's a link to make it easier!

Good luck! Hope to post again soon - my life is insanely busy with appointments, work, watching the kids (not much), and my mind is not completely where it belongs.

Mom is going back to work today - if you have a moment - please send her a prayer for strength to get through her day.

Ok, I'm off to work. UPS did not deliver in my area yesterday and we have packages backing up. Should be a long day of scanning and loading! Woohoo (this is sarcastic!)

Talk soon -