Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank you...

I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I tried to email everyone to personally thank them. There were a few whom I did not have their email address and there wasn't an email on their profile. My apologies for not being able to contact you. Please know I appreciated your comments too.

It has been 8 days now. Today was my first day back to work. On any other day I would say, "I hate my job." Today it was a blessing. Small baby steps back to reality.

Mom is dealing with Dad's passing like the strong woman I knew she was. She has had me take her around town true - but she is dealing with the issues as they come up. Oh the legalities of death. Eek! Tomorrow is the attorney. Shouldn't be too bad.

I find the steps of grief amazing. And how Mom, my sister and I are at all different points. I talked to my best friend today. She offered an insight - those who cry the most regret the most. I'm not sure if it is true - but I am going to pay more attention to this point.

Okay, onward! There are a few things I must show! I sent Mary Jane (CalamityJr - no blog) my very first RAK. I have started my second and I haven't gotten very far. Would you like to see Mary Jane's pin cushion?

Blackbird Designs
white 28ct linen
DMC Variation Floss
Also, I received packages this past week. I had won 3 days of Paula's Birthday Give Away. Oh, ho, ho - did I hit the mother load of magazines! But, I got floss, linen, and scissors too!  

And then last Sunday before my world turned upside down - I won a surprise give away Emily had!

A spring pattern that must get in to my to do box. A journal and look at all the tags and pretties. Oh, the little girl in me just did a happy dance when I opened the package!

If you are still with me --- I want to tell you something. I had wondered why I started blogging when I did. Now I know. I needed time to find friends. Because I would need all of you. You will never know how very much your friendship means to me. Thank you for being there when I needed you! You have made a difference in my life this last week.

Hoping to stitch soon -

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Umm, things didn't go as planned today.

The understatement of the year. I'm not sure how much I will be around bloggerville. I don't know. I find all of you to be very good for me. You make me feel better. With that in mind - I just don't know.

How to say this...I guess there just isn't an easy way. My Dad passed away this morning. Very unexpected - massive heart attack. He wanted that. No lingering.

So ladies, if you could say a prayer for those of us who remain - I would appreciate it. And if you want to say something for Dad - thank-you.

Okay, I'm going to get off here for now. Please understand if you email me why I am not getting back to you.


Bah humbug!

No, I'm not upset or channeling a late Christmas. I have another finish! I have everything ready to make him into a pin cushion. Won't he look cute hanging around my stitching table next Christmas?

The Bugs
Bent Creek
WDW as recommended
28 ct Platinum Cashel
See, I was tired of fighting a tightly woven 32 ct even weave in another WIP. Would you like to see that one?

Snowman Photo booth
Bent Creek
32 ct even weave included in kit
WDW floss
I love this little guy. Pumpkin did this last year and I had to get the pattern. Think he will be framed. Hopefully, I'll finish up sometime this week.

Speaking of framing. I did frame Christmas Snow yesterday. I had to lace it because trying to straighten the picture any other way was beyond my patience level! lol

It's not as cute as it would have been had I gotten the tree shaped frame. But, I wasn't spending the $35 to get the frame. Guess I was being cheap!

I don't know about the rest of you but I take pictures of every finish and put them in an album. Real in your hand pictures and real in your lap album. Somehow I managed to take pictures of most of last years' finishes - not all. Then I didn't print them off and put them in the album. Yesterday, I farted around with that project. This morning I realized I didn't get them all done. Sigh! Today I must finish that project.

Ok kids, I'm off to play with my snowmen! Take care, stay warm, and stitch your fingers to the bone! ;0)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Give Away!

~~~~ This Give Away is now Closed ~~~~

I went shopping yesterday. I got the things I wanted to give away. So, shall we delve into what you could win?

9 Sekas & Co monthly patterns
with 5 Honey Bee Creations charms

Lizzie Kate's Spring Button Up,
2 flower charms,
32 ct Jobelan Twilight Blue evenweave,
16 skeins of Sullivan's and 1 DMC,
and 5 pieces of 32 ct fabric!
There is one more item to be included -- a $25 Visa card. 

Let me tell you more about these items - The Seka's and Co patterns are from their monthly series. These patterns call for 10 ct Zweigart fabric making each project between 4.5 to 5" (11.4-12.7cm). They are a cross between cross stitch and needlepoint. Also included are 5 Honey Bee Creations buttons for these patterns. You'll be learning new stitches!

The Lizzie Kate pattern, charms, Twilight blue Jobelan, and floss are all kitted up and ready to stitch.  The other 5 pieces of 32 ct linen are from one of those fabric remnant packs I can get at my LNS. Their sizes range from 9"(22.9cm) sq to 6"(15.2cm) sq. Perfect for ornaments and small projects!

And then the Visa - I wanted to go with an "open-ended" one. This way if you want to spend it at your LNS or ONS - yippee! more stash. But, if you feel like using it for gas, groceries, or a haircut - you are ready to go also.

Now for the small print. Simple and easy rules.
~~ Be a follower. I will ship internationally. (My last give away went to Australia and Canada)
~~ Leave a comment on this post only.
~~ If you would like your name entered twice - answer this question - Who is your favorite designer and why?
~~ I will pick a winner on my sister's birthday - Feb 6th!

In case you are wondering - what else did I pick up while shopping? I got LHN's Joy and several pieces of linen for projects. Then because I felt like it 2 large pieces for my stash. That way I can whack whatever size I need for a future project.

Okay - start posting - you have just over two weeks!
Good luck - Denise

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My First Pin Cushion

Actually, I finished two pin cushions. Will post the other when it gets where its going.

I have it lying on on the backing fabric. Got the buttons from my mom. And the rick-rack was dyed in coffee.

Told Rob he could have this one. I had one sent to me last year. He told me to put it in the stitching room. Then I added the rick-rack -- since it smells of coffee -- he's interested.

BTW - can I whine?? My mouth hurts. Two old fillings out, cavity drilled, two new fillings in. Dumb, dumb, dumb - must go to dentist regularly.

I'm feeling about ready for bed - so toodles kids!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is what I've been up doing!

I stayed off the internet and stitched the last couple of days. Would you like to see what I have been doing?

Olde Crow
The Stitcherhood
DMC floss
unknown 28ct linen
Primitive Winter
Notforgotten Farm
DMC floss
unknown 28ct linen
That's the fabric for the back that the pillow is lying on. This came off the needle today. I changed a few things about the pattern to make it more symmetrical.

I finished another small project today too. I thought I had interfacing to back my pin cushions - it wasn't interfacing. Another trip to Jo-Ann's tomorrow after work! Sigh.

Maybe tomorrow I will have another finish finish to show you. At this rate I will be up to May on my New Year's resolutions. I had hoped to finish finish one project per month -- woohoo. I might get some done this year. ;0)

Okay, I've put off making dinner and DH is getting hungry. Can't bother him - he's stitching - hehe.

I'm off to find food -

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Look at Who Else is Stitching!

The hubster! (Can you tell he's thrilled to have his picture taken?)

He's showing you his progress on Irises by Van Gogh (Mystic Stitch). Use your imagination - it's upside down for the picture.

This is what it will look like when completed. It's huge - 10 5/8' x 32 1/2"!!

He's not a speedy stitcher but he is meticulous! Rarely have I heard him complain about having a stitch in the wrong place. If he has frogged anything - I can't remember it.

His grump about this picture though - confetti stitching. He can't get a good rhythm going. I tell him that is normal and we all feel the same way.

This isn't his first piece either - This is - made for my grandmother.

It is circa 1989-90. The spots are coffee stains. He doesn't want to dye the whole piece but doesn't want it framed with the spots. We have tried to wash the spots out but they seem permanent. It's weird - the piece did not show the spots when we framed it - they appeared later.

His other finish -

This would be from about 2000. He has scads of antique Santas he wants to do. I believe they are Leisure Arts Santas - Santas with polar bears, owls, and horses.

There is also a pattern half done - Mallard ducks in flight also Leisure Arts. I showed it to him last night and he wants me to kit it up for him. I think he's going to do a rotation between the two!

What I need is a larger stitching room - room for us both! I always feel like I am abandoning him in the living room to go stitch. Someday!

Maybe, I will feature Courtney's stitching for a post. She is a lot like her dad! Meticulous! She wants the piece to be perfect and will frog to make it that way! I try to tell her that no one will notice the mistake. She has been working on a 5"x7" since (hold on, she graduated in '09 and she started it in 7th grade...) 2003. She is down to the backstitching and one small area. I think I will happy dance as much as she does at its finish!

She is also working on this!


Lots of ambition! I'll let you know when it's done.

Well, that's about all folks! I am trying not to post until I have some finished finishes to show. My progress hasn't been .... what I planned. ;0) Oh well!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amish Country was Closed!

The town was closed up tight! The Amish quilt store (both of them) closed, the 2 novelty shops closed, the diner closed until February, even the General Store! I got to the other fabric shop (a non-Amish shop) - the sign said 'Open' but a hand written sign said 'Closed due to weather'. But open they were!  

In we go - and look and look and look. Finally, one of the women working there took pity on us. She found fabric for my pin cushion and the Primitive Winter pillow to be.

Christmas Snow -- no fabric that had the correct blue/green combo. The linen is just an odd shade. I found a white frame and linen down in their stitching spot. Woo-hoo!

I was successful! The fabric matches Primitive Winter so well - I am rejuvenated and ready for the finish! Then work on the RAK (that's the RAK on the right with the batik) and get out the sewing machine this weekend! Smiles all around!

See this little $15 item?
It is keeping DH busy playing (and beeping). He went to Lowe's this afternoon. It tells you if a circuit or wire is hot. The things that make him happy.  
I need to say thank-you to all! Your care and concern over my health this last month has been a real boon to my recovery. I am feeling remarkably better and have now rejoined the human race! Thank goodness for antibiotics.

On a completely different subject - I have cleaned out the filing for 2010. What a mess. Now I need to sort it for taxes. GG - tax time. Bleck! I was feeling very organizational this morning - I also cleaned out the bathroom cabinet. I took an entire garbage can worth of crap out of there! How does that much stuff accumulate in such a short time? I had meds from '07! I know I cleaned that out 6 months ago! I think gremlins must have stashed them somewhere. ;0)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's About Time for a GIve Away!

Imagine my surprise yesterday morning - I came to check posts before work. I had 101 followers. Today I am up to 102! Hello, to all! Nice to have you on board.

In celebration of the newest followers - I will be having a give away. I have the gift in mind. It's a bit different than my last give away. It doesn't seem as personal though which bothers me. So, I need to give it a little more thought and consideration. When my mind is made up - I will reveal all to you.

Primitive Winter isn't stitching as quickly as I had hoped. It has become repetitive and I'm bored with one color. In the last 4 of 5 projects - I have been limited color wise. Trick or Treat was all black, Old Crow had black and gray, Bluebird was blue, and now Primitive Winter is mostly gray. I started a RAK - and it is all one color too! Pardon me while I yawn. Colorful Sky might be picked up just to play with the colors! ;0)

Went to Jo-Ann's this morning after work. I wanted 4 fabrics (found 1), 3 trims (none to be had), ric-rac (yes), key for Olde Crow (yes), pom-pom's (yes, they had them but I didn't need them yet), and walnut shells (wrong store). Not very successful.

Tomorrow I am off the the Amish Quilt store to see if I can find some fabric deemed suitable for my pillows!

The weatherman lied to us. We were predicted to have 5-7" of the fluffy stuff. We got at most 2" Maybe more tonight - not holding my breath. I want one good big snow and then we can move right on into spring. If this cold weather holds on much longer I think we should all opt for a warm island stitching retreat -- anyone want to come with me??

Well, it's about bed time for me.
TTFN - Denise

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust...

One wonderful thing about recovering from bronchitis -- you hit that sweet spot where you don't want to push yourself too much but, you feel pretty doggone good. I've been there for a few days.

So --- I have another finish! I doubt the frame is still available. DH and I talked and we decided this should become a triangular pillow. More shopping! lol. Depending on the time I get off work - I might get to Jo-Ann's.

This one did cause me to stitch in a way I've never done before! I had a lamp between my feet pointing up and then I had the fabric in a hoop. I couldn't see the holes any other way. I wanted the snowflakes as near to the pattern as possible and this was my only way to accomplish that. I know it looked silly but it was quiet effective!
Christmas Snow
Waxing Moon Designs
 28ct Mystic Crystal cashel
recommended floss

Up next (you can see I already started) Winter by Notforgotten Farm. This looks to be another quick stitch.

I just want to shout out to those in the southern US. By the looks of the radar - you guys are getting hit hard. Please be careful out there!

Nothing much to report from my house. I've been in since Wednesday morning. DH and the boy have been out and about but not me.

Take care and be safe out there!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Day --- Two Finishes!

Not very often in my neck of the woods does this happen! My happy dance is a bit underwhelming (still coughing) but I am smiling!

Olde Crow
The Stitcherhood
unknown 28ct linen
DMC floss
The reason I didn't stitch the key hanging from the crow's mouth - I want to add a small silver one. It will look something like this when I find it.

Obviously, this key is the wrong color and size. I have even thought out the finishing details. I have some cream/tan fabric with tiny crows on it. I will add some to each side of the piece. On the seam there will be black ric-rac. Then it will be made into a pillow.

 My second finish will become a pin cushion. I have to go get the walnut shells and buttons. Of all things, I didn't have the buttons. Oh, I have them but they didn't feel right on the piece.
Blackbird Designs
Unknown 28ct linen
GAST Union Blue

Up next - Christmas Snow by Waxing Moon Designs. I am using Crystal Mystic cashel linen. It's the called for fabric and is gorgeous. This pattern is from 2004.

If you are wondering when I will show an update on Colorful Sky. Don't hold your breath! I haven't touched it yet. I just plan to pick it up as my next WIP.

I've been watching all of you working your challenges! Holy Smokes! This is going to be a productive year if everyone finishes their projects. I hope the designers are preparing for 2012. The year of All New Projects! We'll have all of our WIP's done and be ready for new stash! ;0)

It's back to winter here in Ohio. We have a covering of snow on the ground. Compared to last year - we haven't had anything! Don't get me wrong - I am NOT complaining!

Hope this finds everyone warm and healthy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Blog Award?!?!

Me?!? Miss Paula (Of Crochet and Cross Pattern Slut) and Miss Lyssa (My Stitching Corner) both have given me an award!

I guess I am to tell you 7 things about myself that you don't know.

1 - I've never flown.
2 - The reasons I picked New Year's Eve to get married - it is always a paid holiday for me and he couldn't forget it!
3 - I'm left handed.
4 - I can pick things up with my toes.
5 - I love the color blue.
6 - I used to quilt and have made over 40!
7 - I don't wear perfume.

Now, I need to pass this along ~~

Since Paula has already won this she's out... lol

Marlene (Poppy Patchwork)
Sharon (It's Daffycat)
Jane (Buttons and Stitches)

Ladies - this list could go on and on. I'm not sure how many blogs I'm supposed to nominate - but for the sake of the length of this post - I'll stop! ;0)

I'm not sure if I am to leave you a comment and let you know or if this post is enough. (I'm still new at the blog thing in certain instances) So forgive me if I am doing this wrong!

Please copy and paste your award and then pass it along! Don't forget to tell us seven things we don't know about you!

Here's to doctors!

My Mailman is My New Best Friend!

I know last month he was Santa and now he's my best friend. I should tip the man at least for all of his deliveries! Did you know you aren't allowed to tip government employees beyond a certain amount. I think - think - it is $20. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Anyway, Santa didn't bring me any stitching things at all this Christmas. Nothing! Now, don't go feeling all bad about it. I didn't ask for any either. He did well and I am completely happy.

But, I got an itch ~~ would you like to see what I got?


I must still be on my crow kick. Got 3 crows, a chickadee and cardinal, and 2 other unidentified birds! Maybe I should say feathered friends kick! What's up with all the birds?

About the doctor -- Grr, she's only in a half day today and was booked. Her nurse was to call me - so far nothing. I'm not bad enough to go to the ER or a stat care. So, here I sit taking more OTC drugs. I slept last night like I haven't in FOREVER! From 8:30 until 1 am and then from 4 am until 9:45! That's an insane number of hours to sleep! But, I am feeling more human. So there is hope! ;0)

~~~ Edited to add -- went to the Stat Care - I have acute bronchitis! Two shots, 1 breathing treatment, an inhaler and pills. Considering I'm not sick (denial) they sure acted like I was! ~~~

I've been told stitching makes you feel better - so, off to the chair to see if it is true!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Early Finish!

Yesterday was a good day! Jan 1st and I have a finish. I got lucky -- as you all know I have been working on this one since Halloween.

Thine is the Trick and the Treat
by Prairie Moon
Splendor Silk
28ct Cashel linen
Here's my next WIP to be picked up - I started this last year and then found Grace. It's been sitting for months waiting for me. It's time... 
Colorful Sky
by Mystic Stitch
 DMC floss on 14ct Aida
And this is the newest start - I thought it would be a quick finish. Umm, wrong! I don't know what the linen is beyond a 28ct. It feels like a canvas. I have never seen a fabric that is easier to stitch through a dirty hole than a clean one. Does anyone know what type fabric this is? I would like to avoid it if given the chance!

Olde Crow
by The Stitcherhood
DMC floss
unknown 28ct linen
Well, I figure most of us will return to work tomorrow after a few days off. I have decided (after days of denial) to call the doctor. This cough is not getting better and I am exhausted from it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are well rested!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Magazine Projects

I told you the other day I received some magazines from Marlene. I decided to take a few pictures yesterday and show the cute projects in them. I can see some future RAK's!

I think these are just adorable! The magazines also showed some kits that I think I may have to go find. Look out eBay -- here I come!

Also, I have been remiss in posting progress pictures of Thine is the Trick and the Treat. I am very close to finishing it. I have a few more motifs to go and I can put this thing to bed.

I see this matted in black with a black metal frame. I think I'll use Vonna's tutorial for finishing. She had some great ideas that I've never used before.

Since this became a picture heavy post -- I'll keep it short!

Happy New Year to all!

ps - If you would like to be a RAK victim - send me an email with your snail mail address. I have no idea how many I will actually get out but, I can't send you one if I don't have your address. ;0)