Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals Past and Present!

Well, shall we see how well I did on my 2011 goals?

Dirty Snowmen - Notforgotten Farm
Bluebird - Blackbird Designs
Pumpkins - LHN

Snow - Bent Creek
Peace on Earth - LHN
Christmas Snow - Waxing Moon

Make a Wish - Forever Friends
Snowmen Photobooth - Bent Creek
Cherries - LHN
Watermelon - LHN

Just a Little Autumn - San-Man Designs
Seasons - San-Man Designs
Fa La La! - Plum Pudding Needleart
Primitive Winter - Notforgotten Farms
My Love - Lavender Wings
Blessed Be - Plum Pudding Needleart
Lookin' Like Fall - Plum Pudding Needleart

I Pledge - La-D-Da
Peppermint Twist - LHN
Frosty Flakes - LHN
Olde Crow - The Stitcherhood
He's A Flake - LHN

Safe Harbour - Silhouettes - Heritage Crafts
Guiding Light - Silhouettes - Heritage Crafts
Peace on Earth - Katidid

Continue on with - 
March-April-May - HIH
September-October-November - HIH

Santa Arrives Tonight - Homespun Elegance
4th of July Bird - HIH
Ski - Twisted Threads
Colorful Sky - Mystic Stitch

Of the 31 listed I got 16 done. Half...but I did finish 52 total. Not bad - actually the most finishes ever. So what am I thinking about for 2012? 

Winter Forest - x3 - LHN
Safe Harbor - Silhouettes
Guiding Light - Silhouettes
I Pledge - La D Da
St Patrick bird - HIH
Easter bird - HIH
Thanksgiving bird - HIH
Birthday bird - my own inspired by HIH
6 Fat Men - L*K
Homeward Trail - magazine
Goodwill to Men - Falling Star
Holly Noel - JBW Designs
Christmas Blessing Sampler - Falling Star
Battle Hymn of the Republic - LHN
272 Words - Primrose Needleworks
Snow in Love - LHN
Silent Night - LHN
Seasons Greetings - BC
Snowflake Serenade - CCN
A Day at the Beach - CCN
4 Santa Portraits - Carol Emmer
Santas in Red - magazine
Winter Cardinal - magazine

Continue on with - 
Blackbird - All Through the Night
Bunnies, Buds, & Berries - Katidid
Colorful Sky - Mystic Stitch
One Nation - ByGone Stitches
Birch Forest - Mystic Stitching
Portland Headlight Lighthouse - Calico Stitching

Ha! That's 32 - no better than this year. But, from here on out no buying stash unless it's floss for these projects. How long until I fail this resolution?? I give myself until March. Can we all laugh now or should we wait? 

I'm off to have dinner with my husband - tonight's our 23rd anniversary! 
Happy New Year! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Moment to Breath!

Someone told me I seemed busier now that I have quit my job than when I was working. And they were right! I got it into my head that I needed to clean the master bedroom closet 3 days before Christmas - really? But, I whipped through it in one day and all was well. On Wednesday, I tackled my stitching room closet. It was stuffed to the gills and it needed help. Here are some pics of my poor room after the closet was unpacked.

And after ~

And I've been shopping! And there is some stash from Santa. Would you like to see that too? The first picture are my supplies for my SAL with Jayne (@ Henley's Landing). We both fell in love with this snowflake and you know how that goes!

I got linen for 4 other projects too. Then there was a sale at my favorite stitching shop. Plus Santa. Looks like I don't need fabric anymore!

And before I go and forget, here's a picture of us Christmas Morning. Aren't we just a good looking bunch - lol.

My room isn't quiet back together. Logan got a filing box for me at Christmas. I just got the hanging files yesterday. If you look closely to picture #2 you'll see it under some framed stitching by the bookcase. I took all my patterns from the 3-ring binders and now have them in the files. Which caused me to rethink my 2012 to-do projects. Because I found a pile of patterns from fall that were never put away properly. My new list of kitted projects has grown. Not only that but now my cabinet filled with stitchy stuff needs to be organized again.

Somehow I think 2012 will be full of organizing and cleaning. The hall and front closets are looming over me and calling my name! Then there are the cabinets in the living room and the basement is in shambles again. Then the kitchen...oh, my poor kitchen. See, my list just grows and grows.

Well, I think I'm going to relocate and write up my last post for the year. Stitching goals from 2011 recap and 2012 plans. I might even get over to the Up for a Challenge blog and post my year end results. Might.

A new year is about 32 hours from now. Please be safe and have a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

to all and to all a good night!

Please have a safe and happy holiday!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guess What This Is...

And pretty Oak tree isn't the answer. lol Have you seen the commercial that shows people and their first sunrise after retiring? Well, this is mine. A rather cloudy day but this is Ohio in December. After somewhere around 8973 days (24+ years) of being an UPS employee - I am no longer. I quit. It started out as a retirement but I'm not old, I quit.

No idea of what I'm going to do. When I'll go back to work or if I will. Not sure how we'll make it without my paycheck. But, when your heart tells you it's time, it's time.

Losing a loved one especially one close to you is an emotional earthquake and you are never the same person you were before their death. And when Dad died in January, things started to change for me. I finally realized the saying "it can happen so quick" is true. You have to live your life as if today is your last day. Do those things that you've always wanted, tell people how you feel about them, and be happy with who you are.

Retiring from UPS is another step towards being where I want to be in my life. Cross your fingers for me and maybe send a prayer for my family. We may need them. Because for the first time in my life I didn't do what everyone expected me to. I wasn't 'Little Miss People Pleaser' and I did what I wanted.

Ok - this is really way more than anyone wants to know about me. But, maybe someday, I'll print this blog and I want it in here. How I felt on the first morning in my adult life not being an employee.

Switching gears -- I have been stitching on something. Not Red Birds though. Not sure what happened to my mojo on that one. I just moved on to this.

Colorful Sky
by Mystic Stitch
14 ct white aida
DMC flosses
Nearing completion of page three. There are 18 pages and  81,200 full cross stitches in this one. It's one of my BAP that I hope to get done in 2012. Just checked and it is my largest Mystic Stitch I've attempted - Before Sunrise has 50,000,  Winter Still has 62,000, and Grace has 45,600 full cross stitches!

Tonight is The Nutcracker! I've never been to see ballet and have no idea of the story line. Shh, I haven't ever seen Wizard of Oz either. And I've never eaten at a Taco Bell.

Tomorrow is Olgebay...busy weekend. The whole crew on a bus. Ha, I can see some wicked funny stories coming from this trip!

See you Monday - take care and enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Finish!

I did it! I finished my 52nd piece...ha, one per week. Yeah, right.

Seaside Retreat
by Blackbird Designs
from A Stitcher's Journey
Lugana Whimsey
WDW Deep Sea

Last night the women of my dad's family got together. My one cousin's daughter and granddaughter were not able to make it. After meeting at my house and having sandwiches, we went to Roscoe Village for their candle lighting. A very memorable evening that I would like to repeat next year.

The candle lighting was inspiring. Although, the temperature could have been a few degrees warmer. :) I think last night's low was 17 (-8C). We got there and some had warmed cider while others went shopping. At last the ceremony started. Watching the flame travel from one to another and joining in singing Joy to the World was peaceful. Hearing all the voices rise up in song makes for goosebumps.

Here we are before the winter gear...

Back row - l to r - Tammy, Me, Keri, Alivia, Whitney
Front row - l to r - Courtney, Mom, Karen, Carol Sue
Bridget even stuck her nose in!
After we finished - I hit the shops too. Found a wonderful frame that said Merry Christmas with Santa and a snowman. Perfect frame for this picture. Ten minutes after getting home the picture was printed, framed, and on the counter!

Hope this weekend found you warm and safe!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Caffeine Regrets!

To say I'm touchy about caffeine is an understatement. I had one can of Mt Dew last night at 7pm - I was still awake at 5am this morning. I went to bed at midnight and turned off the light at 1. Eyes open and mind spinning for 4 hours. The sun woke me at 8:45 -- this is going to be a LONG day.

Got plenty accomplished before going to bed though. My house looks gooood. lol Just a few things on the to-do list for today. Wonder if I should address those Christmas cards today - my handwriting may be wobbly.

Well that Dickens thing was not what I thought. If I had been a literary scholar, teacher, librarian or library staff, or student - it would have been more to my liking. He handed out 2 pages of terms and proceeded to define each. I thought it would be a reading of 'A Christmas Carol' and then the terms would be explained. By the halfway point of the first page - I started yawning.

I'm off to find breakfast - and then the shower - maybe that will wake me up. Must move or I will be velcroed to the sofa for the day.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Charles Dickens Calling!

I found something different to do this week. A local library will be having someone come in and read Charles Dickens'  "A Christmas Carol." It contains many Victorian terms that we no longer use today.  In this presentation, historian Chris Hart defines not only these terms but also explores the many hidden meanings in this timeless Yuletide classic.  So, I'm off to learn at the library! 

This weekend I got to visit with a friend who I haven't seen since spring. It was nice to catch up - if only her family would have allowed it! Her oldest daughter, son, and husband all called her and the BF of her DD texted numerous times. Sigh! But, we managed to talk and have a good time. 

Picked out Logan's senior pictures last Friday. Went well but found out they no longer post all the senior pics on their site. :(  I hope this link works - go here to see my boy. We ended up loving this picture the most and I got an 11x14 of it. 

Started making cookies again this morning. Got side tracked last week when I didn't have all the ingredients or any large freezer bags. If I get busy now I could put a second batch of dough in the fridge and bake the Hershey Kiss cookies tonight. That would leave the crimples and chocolate with white chips to do tomorrow. DH wants raisin cookies. Hmm, I've never made them, don't do cut out cookies, and detest raisins. But, he hasn't had any since his grandma died 10 years ago. Well, any using her recipe. Am I feeling nice - yes - but he's going to be here to help. 

I was looking earlier at blogs and realized I haven't posted on Jayne's Up 4 a Challenge blog in ages. Just looked and I did complete 14 of the projects I had listed and did another 4 that I had listed I'd continue to do. But, managed to do tons of others this year. Although my RAK list never got beyond 4 done. Somewhere along the way, I lost my umph on that one! Oops. 

I know it's early but I got to thinking about 2012. I think I would like to work on my large projects next year. Colorful Sky and Birch Forest both by Mystic Stitch (time to dig out those BAPs), One Nation, and maybe my lighthouse. I think next year would be a perfect time to work on these WIPs that have been patiently waiting on me to pick them back up. 

Speaking of stitching - I started another project the other day. It's from A Stitcher's Journey - Come down to  the Sea and stitch with me. Too lazy to go get the correct title. It's probably 3/4 the way done. It may well be my final finish for 2011. It would make me 52 finishes for the year. Hold on - I'm breaking my arm patting myself on the back!

I'm off to stitch I think - must get some chicken out of the freezer for dinner first. Then later cookies! 
Hope today is everything you want it to be. Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Look!

I've never changed the look on my blog so easily! This time there were no adjustments to the columns, no changing the text colors or the link colors, and everything looked good the first try! Geez - must be my day! ;0)

Thanksgiving went well - everyone was here early and we didn't have to wait on the bird too long. Mom wasn't happy with her pies - not enough cinnamon in the pumpkin and not enough corn starch in the chocolate. My noodles had issues but I completely blame the lack of my pasta roller! No fires with the deep fryer and no planning for Black Friday shopping.

Yesterday, I went full bore into Christmas. Even the stockings are hung by the fireplace with care...if I had a fireplace. Just a few more things to wrap up and the decorating will be finished. Next up cookies!

We've even got most of our holiday plans settled...Olgebay Park, The Nutcracker, The Candle Lighting at Roscoe Village, and JE Reeves Museum. I've already gone to see the trees at Warther's. I think the weekend of Dec 3rd is my only weekend still open.

I'm quite excited about all of the events but the Candle Lighting is hopefully a new tradition. As it stands all of the females on my dad's side of the family are going -- mom, my sister, DD, my aunt, a cousin, her DD, my other cousin's wife and daughter and myself. I don't know that we have ever ALL gotten together and done something. This should be an event! The plan is to start here having sandwiches and head off to see the caroling and watch the tree lighting. But, what I most want to happen is to have a picture of us all in front of the tree before we leave!

Today is the last OSU game and we are up against Michigan. Can the Buckeye's pull off another miracle like Wisconsin? That remains to be seen. If we were to win I think the Bucs would be bowl eligible - the next question would be will the NCAA allow them to go?

Well, everyone it's a wrap -- time to go start some laundry. Ha - gotta tell this quick. The other day the boy went to get into the shower and saw there were no clean towels in the bathroom. He headed to the washer/dryer hoping to find some. He called upstairs that there were no clean towels. I knew there was a basket down there. Here someone had kicked the clean basket of towels over to the dirty cloths side of the laundry area and the boy had piled dirty towels on top of the clean. Oops. Both the boy and DH had to dry off with hand towels. I kinda got a giggle out of that one.

Now, it really is a wrap - have a great weekend and I hope your laundry is done too! hehe

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day Early...

Just wanted to wish all a

Off to spend time in the kitchen preparing for the big family dinner!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just in the 'Nick' of Time!

Yesterday I spent all day finishing my ornaments. I stand in awe of those of you who have the creativity to do amazing finishes. I was lucky to stretch the piece flat and get it centered. And to cut two pieces of foam core the same size - I mean really - is it that hard?

Wish I had some progress on Red Birds to show you. I don't think I have stitched since my last post. It's not that I don't want to - I just don't seem to have the time. BUT, my Christmas shopping is winding up and now it is time to wrap. And the tree goes up next weekend. And there are 11 people coming for Thanksgiving. And, and, and ... you know the drill...we do this every year!

Tonight is Garin's 5th birthday party at the bowling alley. This kid loves to bowl! And he's pretty good. I might take my camera - the little one is acting up and the big one isn't leaving the house yet. You know how it is with new toys! lol

Tomorrow is mattress shopping! Oh please let there be one we can agree on - please, please, please! And last grocery shopping before the big event. ick.

So sports fans - that is how my weekend is shaping up. What in store for you?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Opps -- I haven't been around much!

I may not have been around but I'm still round. lol Ok, yeah, that was horrible!

My mailman has been busy lately what with my internet shopping for Christmas. Today I thought she was bringing yet another box for the holidays. I was wrong. Miss CalamityJr (Mary Jane) spoiled me again. She has this idea - if I have surgery I get a gift. Now, who am I to complain?? I love that she is such a thoughtful friend!

I must show you what she sent!

My very first Thanksgiving decoration! Hard to believe really. And the magazine and container too! The magazine has that cardinal piece that will look smashing beside my current project. But, there are two others in here that will be filling my winter stitching basket.

Gorgeous! I will be SO ready for next Christmas! (insert me going teeheehee behind my hand) That little container - she sent it empty thinking I might have buttons or bobs to fill it. Ha, I found these little ribbon reels and they fit perfectly. Now I don't have to search the bottom of my box for them!

I have made some progress on the cardinals...oops...Red Birds.

I got my new camera last Saturday. Still dealing with the learning curve. What needs to happen is that I sit down with the manual and camera and play.

Hope today finds you well and that you get time with a needle floss and fabric!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Having a Moment...

My baby boy is taking another step away from Mom. And yes, I am feeling rather blue about it. Not blue boohoo but just realizing the moment is here. Today is senior picture day. He has no interest in this and is ONLY complying because I have insisted. And I have promised dinner out afterwards. Food motivates him. lol

He told me some wonderful news last night  - he has been nominated for The Golden Key International Honour Society! Apparently he is in the top 15% of his college class! Can we all give him a big Woohoo! 

Now for the ironic part of this - his high school refuses to accept him into the National Honor Society. He ranks #5 in his class, has been to the Honor Banquet 3 times (having a year round GPA of over 3.5 - he's in his senior year and this isn't awarded until May), been in sports, and has done a few community service events. I could make a few observations here but I think I'll pass. 

On the stitching front -- I'm in sssssslllllllooooooowwwww motion. Finally realized why - I tend to stitch from the hours of 11-4. By that time I have showered, dressed, and done a few things to the house. Dinner is hours away and evening is for spending with DH. That's when I feel most comfortable stitching. But, DH's hours home are (wait for it) 11-4! His work hours are throwing my entire schedule off. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! lol

The weather is changing today and the wind is whistling outside. It sounds like winter. Brr! Not yet - I'm not ready! :(

Well, I should get moving. Things to do and all!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Chi of Shaolin

This is what I saw last night! 

And here's a video link -

Logan works as stage crew for the Performing Arts Center. He watched them practice Friday night and said of the entire set of actors only 3 spoke English. He said it was interesting trying to get the carts in the proper place when communication was bare minimum. The kid worked all day Friday and Saturday with the sets and working on the lighting.

If I caught the entire story line - it was about the redemption of a thief. The main character stole an item from a home and was hurt. He was then taken on a long journey to someone who could heal him. At that point the the thief met honorable men who trained him in their beliefs. The thief attained an honorable position and was given a sword that he promptly had stolen from him. He then went on a quest to get it back. After acquiring the sword again he returned to the home he had stolen from and returned the item.

What I found amazing about this entire production - not a word was spoken. Oh, there were sounds -drums beating, sticks being slapped in the floors, and music. But the women bent themselves in ways that would cause me to go to a chiropractor for months/years. The human body doesn't normally move like that! Wow!

The physical strength in the actors - beyond belief. After the show I went out and had them sign my program. After performing for 90 minutes none for them were sweating or even breathing heavy. Shoot - I'd STILL be laying on the floor sweating profusely and gasping for breath.

It was an amazing performance and I'm very thankful my sister asked me to go. Thank you Keri!

I mentioned a craft show I planned to go to. DH had to work over and it caused a time change in his schedule. Which, of course, caused a time change in mine. I didn't get to go.

I have a poll on my sidebar - and I see there are some early shoppers like me. Once, many years ago, I had my shopping finished by Nov 14th. Ha, not going to make it this year! Not even close. I'm still researching my lists. That's where I'm headed next.

Nothing to report on the stitching front - between DH, the ball game, and the acrobats - I never saw a needle.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my start. Had to laugh - I may have to call the red birds - red blue jays. Too funny!

I'm off to play Santa! Oh, and plan this huge meal in 18 days. Where did 2011 go? I swear we just had New Year's.

Here's to you having a wonderful day and plenty of stitching time!

Friday, November 4, 2011

See I Have Been Stitching

Just not much! But, finally I have something to show you.

As you can see I did go with the Mocha fabric. I keep calling this Cardinals and I guess it's real name is Red Birds. Oops!

Felt I was starting to show some real progress but after looking at the picture - I have a long way to go.

Hard to believe the weekend is upon us. Actually have plans too! My sister won 4 tickets to the local Performing Arts Center - lucky her. Some acrobat show. That's tomorrow evening and going with Mom to a craft show in the afternoon.

Hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend and you are able to get lots of stitching finished!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can't Help but Smile!

Ah, the Brady Bunch songs have arrived on commercials.

I don't know how to show this video but here's a link

Don't eat Honey Bunches of Oats - but now I want to - just to sing along. They got me hook, line, and sinker!

I know why Mom threw such a fit when I wanted her to buy me something because of the song they played on the commercial! lol

Alright, off to find an old Brady Bunch episode to watch.
Happy day to all -

Monday, October 31, 2011

Remember the Old Sears Catalog?

Bear with me - back in the '70s there was nothing better than Grandma getting the new Sears catalog! I would spend hours looking through the toys - ignore the clothes - and turning down page corners. JC Penney's catalog just wouldn't do.

Would you like to see the newest version of that catalog?

Those papers on the table - the kid's wish lists from Amazon. Since I just printed the whole list they are going through marking their number one thing and highlighting the major wants. Same principle different medium!

Keri came over to go through the Halloween costumes for the kids. Garin is a pumpkin again this year and Alivia got the skunk!

The kids were over the other day and I had to take a few pictures. Garin took his nap and I found if you point the camera at Alivia she curls her nose. So, I try taking a picture - after the camera goes off - she wrinkles the nose. Got a partial curl -

She's this close to walking. By Christmas she'll be into everything. Not that she's not now - but look out tree! Mom better brace the bottom with cement blocks!

Started my shopping recently. How is everyone else doing? Do you shop Black Friday? Start in December. Oh, this is going to be a poll!

It's Halloween - enjoy those tricker treaters!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oops - I Can't Count

I had a blond moment. Went to add a picture to my Flickr account and it said I had 50 pictures in my 2011 set. Now how can that be? I have 50 finishes and one picture has two in it. Time to count. And... flickr was correct. I never wrote The Raven by La-d-da on my completion list.

This is number 51 ~ (ignore the wonky eyes)

Peace on Earth
Recommended floss
scrap of linen
Had surgery on my right hand yesterday morning. It's amazing how much easier this is to do the second time around. And not having the thumb involved is a blessing. Already able to do many things it took me a week to do last time! Woohoo - I'm done with this.

Until the iodine comes off I'm not stitching. Just not going to take the chance of staining anything. But, I have plans! ;0)

Wonderfully beautiful day in Ohio. The sun was out and the temps were near perfect. Does anyone have a way to duplicate today for several more weeks?

Alright kids - time for dinner!

Friday, October 21, 2011

This, That, and the Other

Many of you have heard by now about the exotic animals released in Zanesville, Ohio. Well, that's about an hour from my house. I found these pics at and they made me cry. WARNING - before you go see these pictures they are graphic.

And I find myself in a quandary. I have never been an advocate for more government. And believe people should use common sense. But, after seeing the destruction to these amazing animals I wonder if there shouldn't be more laws in Ohio to prevent this from ever happening again. It's a shame they had to be killed and I trust Jack Hanna when he says nothing else could have been done. But, there are just no words when you look at the pictures.  

Many of you commented to DD's dental issues. After her visit with the periodontist and hearing her choices - Courtney has decided to not have anything done at the moment. The tooth isn't bothering her and the doctor really doesn't have high hopes to fix it. Lots of money changing hands but no real solution.

Changing subjects here so fast someone might get whiplash!

I love my mailman. She brought me a package from Canada! What goodies I received.

Duct Tape - I promise to never use it again at Christmas!

Pretty Packages!

Beautiful stitching and stash!

And she had no crow patterns? Wowsers!

My murder of crows grows!
Thank you Jayne! I now have 6 more crows making friends. They fit in perfectly! Aren't surprise packages the bomb?

And I would love to say thank you to those of you who told me how to fix my comment problem. Of course, I published your comments before fixing the issue and couldn't tell you thank you in an email. Figures! ;0) But, I have had comments since and your solution works wonderfully! Thanks again!

Winter Sheep is coming along nicely. I might have it complete yet tonight. Cross your fingers for me! lol Then on to the Cardinals.

We are rushing headlong into the weekend. Here's to splendid fall activities commencing!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Number 49!

If someone had told me I'd be approaching 50 finishes this year -
 I would have laughed. 
Never before have I finished this many pieces. 
I can't believe it! 


So here it is ~

Joy and Peace
Little House Needleworks
Recommended floss
Scrap of evenweave
Down to the sheepie -- starting it hopefully yet this morning. And then this afternoon I am taking DD to the periodontist.

((( The following description may make some weak at the knees. If you have a queasy stomach - you may want to pass reading the following paragraph))

Poor kid. She's had an odyssey with her left canine. First she got stuck with me and my genetic issue with that tooth not descending properly. Hers was stuck just beneath her left nostril and they had to cut into her gums on both the front and roof of her mouth to attach wires and pull it down. The orthodontist pulled and thought it would relapse back into the gum at the proper height. She was one of three in his whole practice that it didn't do as it should. It's been loose from the day it erupted from her gum. As of today we are about 5 years into this. Hopefully, the periodontist will be able to tell us a plan of action to stop her tooth from falling out. Otherwise, she's looking at a root canal, bridge, or implant. None of which sound like a good time. 

You can start reading again .... Did anyone else get 2.5" of rain yesterday?? Thank goodness it wasn't cold enough for that four letter word. We would have ended up with over 20" of it. Eek! This fall has been so wet. The color has been sucked from the trees. 

Times a wasting - need to have breakfast and shower. DD will be here before I know it and I won't be ready. Opps! 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by - please feel free to comment - I do love comments. 

Oh, speaking of which - I'm at a loss. I get replies to my comments on other blogs all the time and they show what I said and the the blogger is able to write me an email above the comment. When ever I want to do that I go through this small **ll to do so. I have to click their icon, go to their email, copy it, open a new email, paste their address in, then go back and copy their comment, paste it into the email, and then write. There has to be an easier way! Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong!! Please! 

Maybe if I learnt how to reply to comments like a big girl I would do it! Yeah, don't get your hopes up, but I might! 

I'm off - hope your day it terrific and you accomplish all you want today! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

These Crappy Pics Are Not My Fault!

My camera has gotten a mind of its own lately! Sometimes it won't show anything on the screen, constantly tells me the card needs re-formatted (it doesn't), won't turn on auto-focus, shuts off when it wants, and occasionally doesn't store the picture to the card! Good Grief. Maybe it's heard me talking that I would love that Nikon D3100 Ashton Kutcher was advertising a while back.

Here is my latest fantastic photo !

He's A Flake
Recommended floss
scrap of 28ct fabric
Sure, it makes a liar of me. On the camera and the laptop this was blurry. Here -- for some unknown reason -- looks good. I swear to Pete!

This is finish 48 for the year! I have two more ornies to go. One has a FAT sheep and the other has a LARGE tree. That would be why they are last -- big full stitched areas. Maybe the picture is deceiving and they aren't that full o'stitches.

Hope today found you happy and stitching!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Northwind SAL Week 9 and Other Things!

I haven't gotten Angela's picture yet and not sure if Rose has had time to stitch. So, it will be only Shari and I for this post and our pictures look pretty much the same (except for that extra curlicue I did).  When I get the other girl's pictures I'll edit like I did last week!

So here they are ~ 

 Yippee! We have finished! Angela shouldn't be too far behind us. Can't wait to see what she got done this week.

Now there happened to be a finish this morning too (finished Northwind last Sunday).

Little House Needleworks
scrap of linen
recommended floss
And somewhere in my travels through bloggerville I happened to see a TUSAL jar and they had taken it a step further by having one for all the DMC sleeves. At the time I didn't get it. Then like a sledge hammer the other night - BAM! What an idea - knowing which floss I need at my fingertips without searching.

Here's my - I'm waiting for a sale jar

And finally - the winner of the Valor vs Mocha question was ~

Threw a few stitches in Saturday night to see how they looked. (can't you tell that's a berry?) Anyway, not sure if I am going to work on this some more today or pull out another ornie for the tree. Leaning more towards the ornies - then I can finish them and be working on Cardinals through the holiday season.

It's a beautiful day outside and I should be doing something useful. But, instead look for me in the chair!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Butter Stirring!

Yes, that is what I did today! I went to Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio. A very nice street fair - with old fashioned dress.

I was one of the lucky ones to get some fresh apple butter straight from the copper pot. I'd never had this before today and it tastes like applesauce on bread.

These are funky fedoras. That's them on the table beside Mom. You can open either end and make them into a hat or leave them in their natural shape and use them as vases. The fedoras are made from recycled wood fiber and then glued in to a cone shape. When used as a hat - they are light and vented. This is Mom at the beginning of our little day trip - and she ended up getting one on the way out! Go Mom!

Some other sights ~

Carving out a wooden spoon - the gentleman had just stepped out of the shot.

One of the things Coshocton and Roscoe are known for is the Ohio-Erie Canal. Roscoe was a canal town way back when. Here's a snap of the canal.

Mom got some fresh honey, the fedora, and 2 pints of Caramel Apple Jam.  The jam is OUT OF THIS WORLD! And I got...

Two pints of apple butter, 3 beer bread mixes ( I buy the mix and Mom buys the beer or vise verse), a black walnut bowl, and 4 candy cane tree ornaments.

In my mind - no stitching but still a wonderful day.

Watching the second half of the Ohio State vs Illinois game and waiting for the bread to come out of the oven. The bread is almost done -- I can smell it. This is one time to wish for smell-o-vision!

Have a wonderful fall weekend!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A quick post...

So far country mocha is winning by a mile!


Thought you might like to see my version of Cardinal Winter. I didn't do the musical notes and changed the word tweet from white to red.

Cardinal Winter
Little House Needleworks
28ct Clay Cashel
Recommended floss
Hope this finds you all well - Have a good night!

I Need Your Opinions!

The mailman delivered today. And I am at a loss - which linen should I use???

Let me show you the picture and then I'll explain!

You remember me falling in love last week. I went and got the floss and hurried home to order the linen. I got a Country Mocha Cashel. But, between these shopping trips I emailed Mary Jane and asked her opinion. She thought about it and mentioned a light green. I had PTP Valor sitting here at home. So, we have been anxiously awaiting the mailman. And the floss toss was today. I just sent her an email showing the possibilities and thought you guys might like to join in the on the discussion. So, which would you use??? Mom and DD said Valor - DH likes the Mocha.

Also, in my package of goodies - the linen for the four Santas and a pattern.

Large piece of Raw Cashel

LHN's newest ornie!
Had hoped to show you my newest finish - haha - I got down to the tan and black on it and have less than 30 stitches - but have not had time to get to it yet today!

Can't wait to read your comments to see where your opinions fall!