Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkins Three

J'ai fini!** ~

Pumpkins Three
Lambswool linen 28ct
1 over 2

Not sure how I am going to finish this one. I thought about a pillow or another wall hanging. For now - into the drawer.

Robin asked if I would tell my conversions - so here goes - all are Crescent Color cottons.
For the pumpkins - Barn door, pumpkin stems - Brandied Pears, border and words - Ora's Iris, pumpkin leaves - Old Money, and the 7 circle motifs - Zach Black. 

I am working on HIH's December, January, and February. Hope to have these done in the next day or two.

~~Edited to add picture ~~
** I started to write "Je suis fini!" But, at I found out this means "I am dead." Not quiet what I wanted to say!

Have a pleasant weekend and keep smiling!


Blu said...

Gorgeous finish! Love the changes you've made.

Crystal said...

WOW that turned out fantastic, thank you for you conversion I might have to steal that.

imnverted said...

Beautiful finish! You gave me some great ideas for my own project.

Unknown said...

Oh that is so lovely, wonderful finish and I love the changes

Anonymous said...

Again, I just love the colors you chose for this! It's perfect!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Nothing like take charge and making a chart to suit your likings. I like your likings...
You have a great weekend and I can't seem to get on a website to order any of those wonderful stacks of linen. The colours are just awesome.
Be always in stitches

paula said...

okay . . .what's HIH and the three months?

\0/ paula

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Beautiful...just beautiful. These are far too cute to be banished to a drawer. I vote for a pillow!


Siobhán said...

What a cute finish! Great job. I'm still laughing at the 'I am dead' translation...

Pumpkin said...


Great finish Denise!

I have a question about your new WIP. How come you're starting a block 'before' January?