Monday, October 18, 2010

My accomplishment for the weekend.

I did "warranty work" on my parent's quilt. How my dad managed to shred his side of this quilt is beyond me. But, he did it very well. So, I hand stitched three new pieces over the shredded ones. And for the binding? I took an old pair of blue jeans and made another binding. Put that puppy right over the old frayed binding. Never thought to take pictures. Told them this was a one time warranty repair. Probably because I will make another one for them.

But, I did get this completed ~
My husband is thrilled that I changed it to our last name. This will be framed for the foyer.

Now, I only show this picture because Paula was being witty with her comments ;0)
Ha-so master, has Grasshopper passed the test? (I say in my best Kung Fu voice)

May today bring joy and happiness to you ~


Pumpkin said...

WTG Denise! Great finish :o) And your back is perfect! You're making me look bad. LOL!

Lyssa said...

I really like that you changed it to your name, and I'm going to assume the year you and hubby got together :) very nice!!! The back of your work looks fantastic

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I love that you used your name on the sampler, too. This is so cute. I love crows...they always remind me of fall.

Your other finishes from Saturday are just lovely. I love those little pillows!

Blessings always. :)

Crystal said...

WOW I wish my backs looked as pretty as yours. Awesome job on the finish, I like that you changed the name.

Cath said...

Fab finish , I really like it .

Blu said...

Gorgeous finish!
The backs of my pieces are my own messy business!

Faye said...

Very nice!!! Yep, I'd say you passed the test! AWESOME back! Faye

Deb said...

It's very nice, especially with putting your name on it. And I'd say you passed the back test with flying colors.

Jules said...

Very cute finish! I love how you personalized it as well.

I know how my quilt (that my mother gave me for Christmas in 2000) got frayed so badly, I didn't use the proper washing machine. The agitator has managed to fray, rip, and tear it so much that I fear it is beyond salvageable. Maybe I will take some pics and share it with everyone on my next blog post. Hmmm...

Karen said...

Love your finish and the changes you made. What's up with the neat back??????

paula said...

Master says, "Beautiful back!"

I dear friend owned a framing shop. I used to see some HORENDOUS backs. And the X-stitcher couldn't understand why their front had lumps and bumps.

Now, for something I have never told any one.

One friday at school I got a call from this person asking me to stop by after school, she had a favor to ask. When I stopped by, she showed me a x-stitch piece that their blade had cut through. Of course, she didn't want to tell the person they had ruined her piece. SO she asked me if I could make a copy . .errors and all.

Of course, I could . .it was simple and could be done quickly. SO tis lady's daughter brings over the cloth, floss, needles and hoops I will need and I get started.

I took the cut one and my completed replica to the store on MOnday afr school.

They got it framed and when the woman came and picked it up she commented on how well it looked stretched, matted and framed. It looked better than hers would h ave because mine didn't have knots and threads running all over the place. I wonder if she ever takes it apart if she will know the difference?


\0/ paula

paula said...

oh . . . . .Will post a pix of a front and back of mine when I finally get one done.

Terry said...

Stitching is beautiful. I'm jealous of the back of your stitching. I need to pay closer attention to the way I stitch so mine can look so good. Okay, let's be real, so mine don't look like a mess of thread lol.

Amy said...

Gorgeous! and I am impressed. My mother was a big cross stitcher and she would always impress on me that the back needed to be as neat as the front. I never quite got that.