Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Passing Through...

DH has the day off. Terrible storm blew through yesterday and he is rained out. Well, more like mudded out. So, we are off to find something to do!

I promise to behave. (don't look behind my back because my fingers are crossed.) I'll be good and not listen to the voices in my head telling me I need (need not want) more stash.

I think lunch out would be a good idea too. Decisions, decisions!

Now, onto something that I have been neglectful of... thanking all of you for following me and putting up with me. As of yesterday I now have 78 of you. I can see that some day soon another give away will be in order! Also, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful, kind, and caring comments. I love reading your thoughts. I apologize that I don't get back to many of you. I have decided to rectify this! And also, I realized I have developed a bad habit. I tend to read blogs before work with the intention of coming back and commenting. Then I forget. It's he** getting old! So, I hope to be a better blogger and get my stuff together!

Well, the man is out of the shower and getting ready to go. Must not make him wait!

Oh, something else -- Alivia is going to be quiet big headed if I tell her all your comments on her beauty! Thankfully, she doesn't understand that my calling her "Princess Stinkybutt" isn't exactly a compliment. ;0)

Have a wonderful day - may today make you smile!

Smiles - Denise


Anonymous said...

I am bad about commenting lately myself. But then I also have over 600 blogs in my reader, so I can't be everything to everyone. :) Hopefully folks stick around because they just like you, and not because you post weekly. Have fun today!

paula said...

You an your niece will become my nice and I . . QALlison is in her mi 30's . . whenever we say goodbye online, it is always, "I Love You MORE, MOokey Butt!" an we see wo can beet the other to the enter button . . LOL

Hope you an the hubs ha a good day.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Hope you got to do something fun today. :)

Poppypatchwork said...

Did you add to your stash, bet you did, you will have to show us. Hope you day was fun
Marlene xxxx

Pumpkin said...

79 now ;o) I'm glad we found each others Blogs!