Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"I Promise Not to Buy Anymore Stash..."

"until this is gone (pause), mostly (pause), some what (pause), until (pause), for another 3 months." I told my husband - as we drove away from my new to me LNS. This place was FABULOUS!

First my stash - (mind you I stopped at another shop just minutes before coming to this one) Back to that later...

This floss is Sullivan's.

And yes, you counted correctly - there are 30 pieces of linen in this picture!
(Natalie - I am hooked on linen now)

Now my review of Just Stitching in Strongsville, Ohio ~

Absolutely fabulous! If grading it on a 5 star scale - at least 6 stars! The store was light and bright, display models everywhere, friendly staff, fabric and floss selection out of this world! The only bad thing - I couldn't move in!

Here are some pictures of the store and displays ~
That's my hubby in the pic.

There were two trunk shows also ~
                 "Flew the Coop" Punchneedle from The Cooperage

And the other ~
                  Primitive Traditions

I apologize for all the pictures today. But, I was VERY impressed and I wanted to share.

Now, I said I went to another store today. I will not name the store or location. I spent at least 30+ minutes in the store. In all that time the owner spoke to me only when I asked a direct question of her. I would say this was a one time thing but, it has happened to me every time but one. Needless to say, after finding Just Stitching - I will be driving past the other store to go to Strongsville!

I need to go play with my stuff. Nothing better than that! Oh, yes, stitching...but...

Smiles - Denise


Parsley said...

I'm so jealous!! I'll bet you were spinning from all the lovely things!

I think your fall items will be GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, woman! That's a stack o' linen! Not to mention the rest of the haul. Fun day for you! This is the reason I don't go into my LNS...I cannot control myself. It's also over an hour away, but if I went, I would "make it worth my while" if you get my drift. :)
I really miss 3 Stitches in Houston and The Silver Needle in Tulsa. Both wonderful shops.

Pumpkin said...

O-M-G!!!! Look at that fabric is right! Holy cow girl! Love everything you got :o)

Nice store. I had one of those 'bad' experience stores too >:o(

Lisa V said...

Oh my what a magnificent haul of stash you got. I wish I had that kind of choice of linens close to me.

paula said...

Once I started using Linen I never wanted to use anything else.

Now, I use linen when I do cross stitch on clothing . . . it is the perfect size and removed without the gunk of waste canvas.

\0/ paula

Jules said...


What a haul you purchased, LOL!!!

natalysneedle said...

OMG I am sooooo jealous of the linen you acquired. You will have to let us know how the Sullivans Floss is. I have never used it and can't buy it locally.

Deborah said...

Love the linen!

Cath said...

Fantastic stash . If you do move in , can I come too ?

Shari said...

wow, oh wow, oh wow!!! I am going to have to look up where that shop is.....Ohio is the state next to me!!! Can't be THAT far away, right???? What a great haul!!! Enjoy!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

atta girl, I thought I was the only one who had such a passion for fabric,,, charts,,, floss,, and well anything else stitchy related. Love the linen and that round basket piece is awesome.
Be always in stitches.

Blu said...

WOw! That a great store!
Awesome stash haul.

Kttycat said...

Wow i'm so jealous! I just lost my store. And the other has mean ppl running it so I stay away. Your so lucky to have found such a great store!

Jane said...

Looks like heaven to me ~ I'm off to buy an air ticket right now! Going by the fab photos of this dream shop, I'm not surprised at your stash accumulation - how could you not?
I'm drooling over the linen stash, I bought a whopping total of 4 pieces today and felt guilty at that!
Enjoy it all, I know you will put it all to good use xxx
(PS, where has the Alivia update gone in your sidebar, I love to see those numbers go up each time I look)

Anonymous said...

oh my, I would love to visit a store like that, I have no shops in a 100 mile radius here in the uk, so i have to do all my shoppping online, not the same as shopping in person
those fabrics are great, I have never seen so many pieces altogether lol
enjoy your new stash

LindataxPA said...

I rank Just Stitching as number 1 too - and I drive from Pittsburgh to Strongsville to do my shopping there. Shelley (owner) is wonderful as is the rest of the staff. And I've taken road trips with other stitchers there too. Your stash is great Denise.

Pgh PA

Barb said...

I paid a visit to Just Stitching on Friday. Ended up spending $45 on a Primitive Traditions chart (it was expensive!), WDW linen and CC floss. Lots of times they don't have floss colors but I know they will order for you if you want to wait. I wish they had a website to keep us stitchers up to date on their events. It's the store I most often go to when not ordering online.

Natasha said...

Ohhh Love all that linen :) I did not know there was a stitch store in Strongsville. If I would have known that I would have gone when I was back home in July...Next time I will remember to go LOL I am a native Ohian but living in California at the moment. Love your blog by the way :)