Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finishes, Stash, and Winners

My husband said by putting all of this in one post - that I was being cruel. I think not. I have a LOT to talk about today!

First - I got not one but two small projects completed! Now I need to figure out how to finish finish them.

This is Owl on an Egg ~

And this is Turkey on an Egg ~

Owl has a problem. I slid over one thread in the middle of the egg. I contemplated frogging and redoing. I decided that if I had to look that hard for the mistake that - phooey - no one else would see it. I finished Owl on Friday. Turkey was finished by 8:30am Saturday morning. I got up early (4:30) and stitched for 4 hours before heading out to Columbus!

I didn't want to wake the guys yesterday morning so I listened to my MP3 player. It got me to thinking - What do you listen to? I had AC/DC, Def Leppard, Kei$ha, The Eagles, and country this morning.

Two reasons I went to Columbus Saturday. One - Cross My Heart was having a Market Day Sale. I wanted to get some goodies. And OSU played Illinois away. I would never try to go on game day! BTW - OSU won! We had to listen to the game on the radio.

I got goodies ~

I will be using the new Crescent fall colors in the La-D-Da piece. The orange of course for the pumpkins and purple around the outside. Do I use the green for the title and other symbols on the inside or not???

On Crow Berry Sampler - I am going to re-arrange the letters and have it say our last name at the top and Est. 1988 on the bottom.

We tried to eat at Thurman's Cafe. We were number 14 on the list and would have an hour and a half wait. We didn't stay. But, we had Cowtown's Pizza. Ummm, something to behold. Ever had meatballs on a pizza? Would show you but there is nothing left. :(

Thurman's has monster burgers - the boy wanted to tackle one of them. I'm talking about 6"-12" tall!

A stop in Zanesville netted new decorations for the kitchen. We have had peppers for over 5 years. The peppers NEEDED to go.

New pictures for the walls ~

And new knick knacks for the counters ~

Today I had a baby shower to attend. The mom to be - my first cousin's son's girlfriend. Or as Mom put it - this baby will be my great, great nephew. Told Mom that made her sound ancient!

And now what you all have been waiting for the winners!

Well, I want to say first and foremost - thank-you to all of you! Your comments, complements, kind words, and wisdom  --- are very much appreciated! And I am humbled by all of you taking time out of your lives to read about my wonky life.

The winner of the second place selection of fabric is ~~~

That's Cathey at Pumpkin Patch and Co.

And the first place winner is ~~~

And the winner is Bronny from Bronny's Bits!

Congratulations to both of you! Please email me at bbearlythere (at) yahoo (dot) com. I will need all of your contact info to send out your winning boxes. They are packed and ready to go!

Smiles - Denise


Parsley said...

Congrats to the winners!!

I like all the cross stitch patterns you picked up! Esp the pumpkin one. Will you do it in blue?

paula said...

LOVE the blue pumpkins . . or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

You have had peppers for 5 years? I've used apples and apple samplers for 38 years . . never get tired of them. They always make me smile.

CONGRATS to the winners . . and,please, take Mr Gnome to a dr. to see about getting his hands unstuck from his belt. . . LOLOL

/0\ paula

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Congratulations to your winners and to you for having such a nice blog to go to every morning.
Be always in stitches.
ps. it was a quiet weekend and no blue involved...yippie....

stitchersanon said...

Love the finishes: really, really pretty and those new charts look amazing. Congrats to the winners! And thank you for such a fun draw!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Looks like a great weekend, wonderful finishes, great new stash, great new knick knacks and some winners too! Yay!
AC/DC, Def Leppard and Eagles are all on my MP3 player too, along with a whole bunch of other genres :)

natalysneedle said...

Congrats to the winners. I love your on an egg finishes. All of the pieces look beautiful together

Blu said...

Your Egg finishes are so cute!
Your new decor is awesome.
Congrats to the winners.

Pumpkin said...

Love your latest finishes! The turkey is just too cute :o)

Nice stash! What pattern is that by Threads That Bind?

REALLY???? WOW! :OD I see I have an email from you and will answer it right away. Thank you SO much Denise!!!!

Lee said...

Where did you shop in Zanesville? I usually make it to Zanesville Pottery and then maybe one or two antique shops, but I really haven't explored other places.

Kttycat said...

Congrats to the winners. Your eggs look great. You picked up a lot of great stash! I'm jealous.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Congrats to the winners!

Sounds like you had a good time in your travels.

I think the owl is so cute...little Mr. Turkey, too. Wow, you got a lot of great stuff. I can't wait to see what you do with those pumpkins. :)

Carin said...

congrats to the winners !! I love your stitcing charts.

PS I have a gice away also on my blog :-)