Sunday, October 3, 2010

Drawing will be after the baby shower!

Just a quick note - you still have several hours to enter the drawing!

I have a baby shower to attend at 2pm (EST). When I return the gnome will draw two lucky pennies from the wishing well. (Ok, an OSU coffee mug)

The pennies have all been numbered and your names are on a excel spreadsheet. DH will be helping the gnome choose the two lucky pennies. The gnome's hands are sort of stuck to his belt!

So, hurry, hurry - your names can be added in a flash!

Good luck!

~~~~~ Edited to add - yes Lee, most Ohio residents are OSU fans! Rabid Fans!! ~~~


CalamityJr said...

And transplanted Buckeyes are still huge fans, even after being gone for over 30 years!

Barb said...

Hi Denise! Just found your blog through Lee's blog. I'm in Wooster and our daughter goes to Miami. Not much of a Buckeye fan but everyone else around me is!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog today! And what a nice giveaway you are having! Please include me.

paula said...

WOOSTER? That's whee my BIL's sister lives and works at the UNI . . which I have actually been at . . . friend's daughter played basketball in college and Wooster was in their conference . .. . .small world.

I am watching Hauted History on HISTORY INTERNATIONAL, reading blogs and crocheting for my own give-away. I am SO EXCITED about this. I might have to do it earlier than I thought . . . . no idea why it excites me so. Maybe, it's a break from larger projects and a breathe of fresh air for me?

Who knows.

Hope the shower was fun!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Best of Luck to the winner! Hope you had fun at the shower and are all dried off now.
Be always in stitches.