Thursday, October 28, 2010

Since you asked...

I decided not to show my how poorly my impulse control is. And I don't want to come off as being a snot about getting stash. And I PROMISED myself not to buy more... (sigh) but... since you asked ~

This is for my SAL with Crystal. Courtney will be joining us and is using the orange (Picture This Plus - Relic) fabric.Unfortunately, Courtney doesn't have her pattern or floss yet. And I am waiting on my fabric. The fabric shown is actually for (stop reading Courtney) her tombie Christmas present. My LNS only had enough for the tombie and is re-ordering for me :(

When I went shopping I think I was channeling Deb. She has a MAJOR love affair with crows. EVERY patten I got -- crows! The floss is for the tombie - doing it in Sullivan's. And more remnants. Just too good to pass up. Sorry, Pumpkin, I should have emailed you before I left. :(This was an unplanned trip.

Now, here's a question that I hope won't cause ruffled feathers. See the 'Waiting for the Harvest' pattern. If I take my pattern maker and redesign it with our initials, center it different, and colorize it all for my OWN use. Am I infringing on their copyright? I have no thoughts of trying to say the design is mine or sell it or make a copy for any other use than to personalize my stitched item. Is this a problem?

I have been showing pictures of Alivia and thought I should show big brother off too. So, here's Garin relaxing in the 'spider-web' chair (read hammock).

My father has a mini-me in this boy. I think my sister and BIL say they are the parents and they just cloned Dad. He looks exactly like Dad did at this age!

Today is laundry/stitching day. So, it is either get moving or take a nap!

Oh, another question - Does anybody else have a Ginkgo tree near them? And if so, have you ever seen a 'shedding day'? Our Ginkgo is golden and the leaves are all wimpy. I think tomorrow it will shed. Our tree looses ALL of its leaves in one day! Maybe I can capture it mid-shed and show everyone.

Smiles - Denise

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Passing Through...

DH has the day off. Terrible storm blew through yesterday and he is rained out. Well, more like mudded out. So, we are off to find something to do!

I promise to behave. (don't look behind my back because my fingers are crossed.) I'll be good and not listen to the voices in my head telling me I need (need not want) more stash.

I think lunch out would be a good idea too. Decisions, decisions!

Now, onto something that I have been neglectful of... thanking all of you for following me and putting up with me. As of yesterday I now have 78 of you. I can see that some day soon another give away will be in order! Also, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful, kind, and caring comments. I love reading your thoughts. I apologize that I don't get back to many of you. I have decided to rectify this! And also, I realized I have developed a bad habit. I tend to read blogs before work with the intention of coming back and commenting. Then I forget. It's he** getting old! So, I hope to be a better blogger and get my stuff together!

Well, the man is out of the shower and getting ready to go. Must not make him wait!

Oh, something else -- Alivia is going to be quiet big headed if I tell her all your comments on her beauty! Thankfully, she doesn't understand that my calling her "Princess Stinkybutt" isn't exactly a compliment. ;0)

Have a wonderful day - may today make you smile!

Smiles - Denise

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy - Busy

I have Alivia today! So, for those who are interested I have an update! She is now 10 weeks and a day. She weighs 7 lbs and 2 ozs and is 19 1/2"! Getting to be quiet the big girl!

And I have pictures ~
She's worse than Bridget - she will not look at me when taking a picture! Oh, well - you get the idea!

I have been having computer problems all day! It's not the computer - it's the operator! I forget who told me this - but it applies today. Last night the boy was working on his speech. Then he decided to play some game on here. He pressed F2. Who's to know that F2 disables the wireless connection?!?! So, after rebooting everything at least 3 times and setting up a dial-up connection. Brainaic here decides to read everything on the screen - and look at the keyboard at the same time. What a concept! Viola! Fixed - after several hours. But, then I get on the Internet and I keep getting a pop up for the dial up connection. I ignore and ignore. Frustrated, I find the stupid dial-up connection and delete it. But, somehow I manage to turn on the "Work offline" on the IE. So, now I am stuck in some offline hell! Finally, the planets have aligned and I figure out all the issues and here I am.

In another aspect of my life I started another project -

I would like to have DH make another frame and make these a matching set.

It's time to go spend a few minutes with the hubby before he fades. He's eating dinner now and you know how it goes. Feed them and after a few minutes they are asleep in front of the tv watching football. Speaking of which after last weeks loss to Wisconsin we won today. And Wisconsin pulled a squeeker out from Iowa.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.
Smiles - Denise

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not So Sure About This One...

I love the backing fabric of this pillow. I still think the stitching is cute. But together? Eehh, you know what? It's gonna sit on my stitching chair from the weekend after Thanksgiving until Christmas Night. I think I can handle seeing it for one month a year!

This is my attempt to let the perfectionism go. It doesn't matter in the grand scale of things. ~

Buttoned Christmas
by Poppy Creations

Have a great evening - the weekend is right around the corner.
Smiles - Denise


Just a quick note - Joy to the World is by Twisted Threads and The Christmas Tree is called Squiggly Tree by Angel Stitchin'.

Sorry I didn't put that in the previous post. Will go change that now.

Have a great week!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My accomplishment for the weekend.

I did "warranty work" on my parent's quilt. How my dad managed to shred his side of this quilt is beyond me. But, he did it very well. So, I hand stitched three new pieces over the shredded ones. And for the binding? I took an old pair of blue jeans and made another binding. Put that puppy right over the old frayed binding. Never thought to take pictures. Told them this was a one time warranty repair. Probably because I will make another one for them.

But, I did get this completed ~
My husband is thrilled that I changed it to our last name. This will be framed for the foyer.

Now, I only show this picture because Paula was being witty with her comments ;0)
Ha-so master, has Grasshopper passed the test? (I say in my best Kung Fu voice)

May today bring joy and happiness to you ~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Couple More Finishes

Just something quick for you to look at ~

Joy to the World
by Twisted Threads

The Squiggly Tree
by Angel Stitchin'

Hot off the needle.

Have a wonderful weekend!

ps - anyone here especially tech savvy? My daughter and at least one other follower are having difficulty getting my site to scroll. They get an error message and the site won't scroll. Any ideas what is happening or how to fix it?


Friday, October 15, 2010

Lots of news...

It has been a big day in bloggerville! I met Lee from Lake Stitcher in real life. My first new acquaintance from the web! One down and many more to go. We had a nice visit - for two people who have never met - we talked non-stop for two hours. She is a very sweet woman - I hope we get together again sometime soon!

And I also received a goody in the mail! Natalie was so very kind to send me a pin keep she made and some candy! The stitching is exquisite. On the back she did over one. How she manages is beyond me!

My very first pin keep. I don't know to use it or sit in my chair and croon "It's so pretty." Think "The Devil Wears Prada" when Andy is giving out gifts at the restaurant. Her friend gets the purse and croons too.

I said I finished a few things. Well, they are done but... let's say I am a better stitcher than finisher. Finishing requires imagination and skill. Well, I think I lack in both. But, they are now out of the drawer so it counts!
They are sitting on their backing fabric. DH thought the ornies looked fine without any fiber fill. I'm not so sure. I got some today and might pick the hand sewn places open and lightly fill them. The Pumpkin and Santa have foam core in them. I thought I could use them as leaners. I'm not sure if I like flat folds yet and my crafting ability would be taxed to the max trying to make them. The pillow started to have a ruffle - but that failed miserably. The pillow had to be taken apart and the ruffle removed. I know what I did - silly stupid lack of forethought!

Crystal and I are going to do a SAL with Thine is the Trick and the Treat. We neither have ever hosted a SAL. But, we wondered if anyone else would like to join us. It will be at least another week before we have all of our supplies. Please email one of us and let us know.

I think that covers it all for now!

Have a wonderful weekend -
Smiles - Denise

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I held out one week...

I wrote the other day that I would not buy any more stash for 3 months. Well, I haven't "purchased" anything yet. I have ordered something. That sampler by Prairie Moon - Thine is the Trick and the Treat --- well, I'm waiting patiently.

(Crystal - a SAL would be great - email me please)

Bronny got her box yesterday and was thrilled. So, I can share a photo with you now.
She got many things the same as Cathey. The patterns are from Fanci That, Lizzie Kate, Twisted Threads, and a design by Cathy Livingston. She got some John James needles and a skein of Valdani floss also.

Today I have been busy - you all have inspired me to finish finish some of my things. I made decisions about what had to be framed and what I could play with. Pictures will follow soon.

Time to make dinner - hmm, is having DS go to McD's "making dinner"?
Smiles - Denise

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I can show you now

Cathey received her give away this morning. So, I can show everyone what I sent to her.
I added a couple patterns from Fanci That, Young Designs, a Trilogy, Trail Creek Farm, and a JBW Design. There are other little goodies - an apple scented candle, a cute little pumpkin, some Mill Hill beads, Krenik thread, a bees wax, a couple of buttons, some floss, a crock, fall ribbon, and a couple pieces of linen. Oh, and the fabric and magazine I promised.

It was quiet the box to pack! And I am a little weird - I put everything in plastic bags. Working for a shipping company has taught me to be very cautious when sending parcels.

This was great fun - I should start collecting things for my next give away.
Smiles - Denise

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is it Christmas Morn yet??

Bronny has been feeling under the weather and has not been well enough to go to work. Her give away package was delivered to her workplace yesterday. I feel like Christmas morn and the kids haven't gotten up yet! Is this a normal feeling? Anxious and excited?!?

I have been stitching the last few days. I have pics but I waited too long to take the photo and the light is harsh. Please forgive the washed out look.
 Heart in Hand Monthly Mania 
14 ct hand dyed aida 

Crow Berry Sampler
Bent Creek
28 ct Platinum cashel

This should be completed by weeks end. Should be.

You remember the other day when I said, "No more stash enhancement for 3 months!"?
Then explain to me why I am all in a froth over this...

Thine is the Trick and the Treat - Cross Stitch Pattern

I have NEVER attempted anything like this before. I'm losing my mind.

Well, I'm off to peel potatoes. Ugh - hate peeling potatoes almost as much as instant ones.

Hope your day was great to you - Denise

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkins Three

J'ai fini!** ~

Pumpkins Three
Lambswool linen 28ct
1 over 2

Not sure how I am going to finish this one. I thought about a pillow or another wall hanging. For now - into the drawer.

Robin asked if I would tell my conversions - so here goes - all are Crescent Color cottons.
For the pumpkins - Barn door, pumpkin stems - Brandied Pears, border and words - Ora's Iris, pumpkin leaves - Old Money, and the 7 circle motifs - Zach Black. 

I am working on HIH's December, January, and February. Hope to have these done in the next day or two.

~~Edited to add picture ~~
** I started to write "Je suis fini!" But, at I found out this means "I am dead." Not quiet what I wanted to say!

Have a pleasant weekend and keep smiling!

Friday, October 8, 2010

With a Vote of 10-4

Blue Wins!

I attached them this morning. Would show picture - but you already saw that project! ;0)

Here's what else I have been working on ~

I'm having issues with blogger uploading my pictures this morning. So, you are left with these two. The pattern is La-D-Da's Pumpkins Three. The designer made it a silhouette and I decided to colorize it using Crescent Colors newest fall floss.

Oh, and a quick note to all - that linen I bought the other day... if you noticed I had it stacked into piles of 5. Just Stitching sells grab bags of linen (ready for this) for $5 per bag. Each piece is about 9x9. Just big enough for a small project with little or no waste! Since I am still experimenting - I thought it was great! The other 5 pieces were bought at another store - most pieces were 12x12 (there about) and didn't cost over $5.

And today is my last day of my last vacation. Everybody sigh with me.

Hope this weekend is everything you want it to be. Hope your football team wins - unless you are playing against OSU.

Smiles - Denise

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Opinions Please

Which stars look better on this piece?

I asked DH. We have a difference of opinion. So, I ask all of you. Majority rules!

As to my lost needle. It's kinda like my house must be the haystack - I can't find the darned thing yet. Maybe (crossing fingers) it is in the basement on the concrete floor. I got up from stitching and went directly down the steps to do laundry.

After looking at all of the activities at Just Stitching (see previous post) I think we could move in without Shelly knowing. She has stitching every Wednesday and Saturday. Special stitching events every first, third, and fifth Tuesdays. And monthly potlucks on certain Fridays! Looks like there is also a stitching weekend in Septembers!

Have a wonderful Thursday! And please help me decide which stars to use!

Smiles - Denise

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"I Promise Not to Buy Anymore Stash..."

"until this is gone (pause), mostly (pause), some what (pause), until (pause), for another 3 months." I told my husband - as we drove away from my new to me LNS. This place was FABULOUS!

First my stash - (mind you I stopped at another shop just minutes before coming to this one) Back to that later...

This floss is Sullivan's.

And yes, you counted correctly - there are 30 pieces of linen in this picture!
(Natalie - I am hooked on linen now)

Now my review of Just Stitching in Strongsville, Ohio ~

Absolutely fabulous! If grading it on a 5 star scale - at least 6 stars! The store was light and bright, display models everywhere, friendly staff, fabric and floss selection out of this world! The only bad thing - I couldn't move in!

Here are some pictures of the store and displays ~
That's my hubby in the pic.

There were two trunk shows also ~
                 "Flew the Coop" Punchneedle from The Cooperage

And the other ~
                  Primitive Traditions

I apologize for all the pictures today. But, I was VERY impressed and I wanted to share.

Now, I said I went to another store today. I will not name the store or location. I spent at least 30+ minutes in the store. In all that time the owner spoke to me only when I asked a direct question of her. I would say this was a one time thing but, it has happened to me every time but one. Needless to say, after finding Just Stitching - I will be driving past the other store to go to Strongsville!

I need to go play with my stuff. Nothing better than that! Oh, yes, stitching...but...

Smiles - Denise

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not One But Two...

As I said before I am going to make a dent in that WIP box! Dang it!

I finished this Monday -
America the Beautiful
28ct white linen
Heart in Hand

Snow Much Joy
14 ct aida
Homespun Elegance

America will be framed - waiting on DH to make the frame. And Snow Much Joy will be finished as an ornie.

Going shopping tomorrow and will pick up 3 star buttons to add to America. And Jo-Ann's to get fabric for all of my intended ornies.

I am working on Dec-Jan-Feb Monthly Mania by Heart in Hand right now. It might take a couple of days. And then maybe La-D-Da's Pumpkins that I picked up Saturday.

Well, not getting a bit of stitching accomplished right now - need to get back or I won't have anything to show you!

BTW - hello and welcome to all of my new (and old) followers! It seems every time I jump on here someone else has decided to join my craziness! ;0)

And also, thank-you to all who leave comments! I love reading them. Sometimes I even get back to you. (sorry - about not being prompt)

Well, I'm off to see if I can find that needle I lost before someone else finds it in their foot.

Smiles - Denise