Saturday, March 17, 2018

Photo Fest...

Finally! I have my act together and I can post. All at the same time...what a miracle!

I promised you photos of my Christmas stash, promised photos of Owen, and then there is the other stash I have been purchasing. Oh my!

I must say having a snowy winter causes online shopping. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. lol

Ready? Forgive all the rotated photos. I just can't get them to straighten up.

Here's the Christmas Stash!

And then there's the "I'm buying Christmas presents and I want to get ____ for me." stash.

And then I went on a weekend get-away that had a nearby cross stitch store.

And since it was winter and it kept snowing...

I did finish a couple of stitches while I did this serious shopping.

North Pole - Mill Hill Beaded and Seeded Kits

Fun Every Day - SamSarah
I had stitched the Fun Every Day several years ago, and just finally glued the stitches to the tags. I was scared to death of messing them up. 

Would you like to see Mr. Owen?

My mother-in-law and Owen in February.

And his 7th month photo
We had some excitement in January. The 'thaw' happened and the river came to visit. I really dislike these visits. Ugh! 

These pictures were taken about a week after the flood and the ice had a chance to melt. Our yard was covered in ice for about 3 weeks. It has since flooded 2 more times. Our yard is a mess of sticks, garbage, and large trunks of trees. Once the weather breaks -- we will have several hours of cleaning. 

I have a new obsession. Found this picture on Pinterest.

Photo saved to Pinterest from -

And then I found a blue version of it.

Photo saved to Pinterest from -

I have decided to stitch the blue one. Here's my fabric and floss. 

The fabric is a 25ct Lugana Stormy Clouds and DMC floss. I've never stitched on something this tiny over one. I had hoped the fabric would have the 'storm clouds' running left and right. But, they are running up and down. Not something to worry about. Purchased a Rolaframe set. I've never stitched on a frame - I stitch in hand. So this may turn out to be wasted money. 
I had to wait for my newest fabric to arrive. Waiting caused me to start something from my stash...

Come Sail Away - Leisure Arts
32 ct Belfast linen Stormy Clouds and DMC 4240
Didn't realize until after I ordered my fabric that I was actually working on the exact same fabric. Oops! 

Well, to use Faye's words...My 'Picture Walk" is done. 

Off to start my newest stitch...wish me luck...25x25=625. Yeah, 625 stitches per square inch. And this bad boy is 10 x 25". Eegads what have a started?!?!

Happy Stitching to All! 


Robin in Virginia said...

Denise, it was good to see your new post. Mr. Owen is a cutie. I am intrigued by your blue piece. I look forward to see more pictures in the coming months. Nice haul of stash that you have acquired! Have a wonderful weekend!

Marilyn said...

You purchased a lot of great stash!
Love the Madame Chantilly animals, so cute.
That tree is quite a project, but oh so pretty.
Have with your new stash!
Owen is too cute.

Dawn said...

Great stash! Always exciting, I'm waiting for my Market stash to arrive, getting impatient, lol. Love Owen! Have fun cleaning, looks like a lot of least you can enjoy the summer beauty of the river. We here in Erie are almost to 200" of snow....waiting for another melt at the moment.

paula said...

Your post always make me wish my eyes were till sharp enough for linen work :(

Justine said...

I have whizzed through this post, I've been shopping like mad and don't need any more to add to my stash! I blame Lizzie Kate for retiring. I love the Sail Away piece that you started.

Maggee said...

Hello there! Wow--you really had a harsh winter, didn't you?! All that stash you HAD to buy to compensate, of course! So many from Madame Chantilly, all very cute! I remember the Sam Sarah set... they look great! I like that your picture of that set is of my first-born daughter's birthday! A good day!! Owen is adorable! Seven months... already? Phew--you know time flies!! Hope all is well with you and your family. Gonna try to catch up on reading blogs now... I finally POSTED to mine!! Hugs!

CalamityJr said...

Wow, just wow to everything!

Linda said...

Congrats on the great finishes Denise. I love all of your new stash. (I really need to start selling some of mine. Owen is a cutie. That ice looks kinda scary.