Friday, July 14, 2017

A UFO, a Finish, and Owen

Just popping in to show my latest and final finish of the 'To the Beach' series by Hands on Design.

If you have the patterns, you will notice some color changes. I just wasn't feeling the cotton candy pink in this stitch. So, I went with a more burgundy. Then as I stitched that color, I felt it blended too much into the oar. Which caused me to change out the color on oars 4 and 8 to blue. And then there were those two yellow oars...the narrow strip of yellow wasn't charted at all. I wanted a bit more umpf to them than just the oar tips colored.

The pattern didn't specify how to stitch the 'fencing' behind the lettering. The photo showed the floss variations running up and down. I went with the side to side variation. After looking at this, I would say I should have stitched it up and down like the photo showed.

Will have to drag them all out and take a photo of the series all together. I wonder how well they will play together since I changed the coloring up. Crossing my fingers!

Now to the UFO. Pulled out the lighthouse. It's just massive. And when I ordered this to be converted from a photo to a stitch I stupidly asked for 90 colors. The lady doing the converting suggested 40. I so so so wish I had listened to her. The confetti stitching on this is terrible. But, I got what I asked for and there is no one to blame but little old me.

I worked on this a bit yesterday and filled in some on the roof. Today I hope to make some headway with all the filling in. The main body of the house is white and it is stitched. You just can't tell it. And there is is a pain not fun.

DD and SIL took an evening and went out to eat and a bit of shopping. Guess who I got to see!

I just love how he throws his little arms up behind his head and relaxes. Not a care in the world as long as his belly is full and the diaper is not. The kids will be over this Sunday and I expect to get a few more pictures. You know, there just hasn't been enough photos taken of him yet. lol

Well, we are hurtling towards another weekend. After storms all week, I hope the weather clears long enough to get some pool time. But, I'll take the rain versus the heat being felt in so many parts of the country. 

But, first, a nap. the skies are cloudy and I feel a nap coming on. 


Karyn said...

I love your rendition of Row, and I think the fence stitching is gorgeous, I love the "patterning" (is that even a word?) of the floss is great!
Your UFO is one BAP, and makes my eyes tired, but it is gorgeous and I can't wait to watch it's progress!
Okay, on to the most important part of your post...look at that face, your grandson is beautiful, and I do love his laid back pose...what a cutie! Date night for the kiddos really means cuddle time for grandma :) enjoy!

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on the Hands On Design finish! I like your color changes and I hope they go well with the rest. Your UFO is stunning and I look forward to seeing your progress with it. Owen is just precious. I love how relaxed he looks in the photo. Super sweet! Enjoy your weekend!

Maggee said...

Awwww.. what a great pose!! Baby Owen is such a cutie!! I know you love having to watch him! I like your HOD finish. It looks fine to me. Cathy's designs are not always conventional, but rather quirky! She would love your rendition, as do I. And yes, you were pretty ambitious with the lighthouse BAP, but you have stitched a lot of it already... good going! Hugs!