Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Juggle

Going to have to use our imagination on this one kids. I hate that blogger somehow turns photos and we can't adjust them! 

Snow Juggle - Knotted Tree -
DMC - perforated paper
This one is hot off my needle this morning. A finish in the first week of the year!? Maybe I am setting some sort of precedence.

Been looking at the stash...the monster that needs edited, cleaned, and finished. Seems Hands on Designs has been busy busy. I have 8 more of the summer stitches from the series 'On the Beach' to do. I have collected all the remaining patterns (as a good stitcher (cough, hoarder) is meant to do). I need to make a quick run north and get more fabric. And I have fallen completely behind on the Snowflower Diary series of months. July is done, but after that nada.

I read on someone's blog --- that they counted all their stitched but unfinished items. And they want to finish finish these items. I have several that have been stretched and are ready for their frames. But, DH hasn't had the time to make said frames. Do those count in the unfinished stuff? Hmm, hold on a minute. I'm going to go count.

Oh, this is bad! I have 26 items stitched and they have not been touched for finishing. And 13 items waiting for their frames. I found one stitch that I am redoing on a different fabric for them to be framed together ( I think that was the plan), 2 that need beaded, and one that seems to have been abandoned. These are not in my UFO count. The UFO count is around 10. On the up side, some of those 26 are a series of rabbits from Paulette at Plum Street. Those just need laced and will pop in and out of the frame per season. I wonder if I can hire Vonna to lace them?! What a waste of her talent though.

Just remembered all the Santa patterns sitting in that stash that need to be done for the bunting I started how many years ago. Yep, it's official....I have reached SABLE. We are not going to talk about the box full of Mystic Stitch huge a** patterns that I have to stitch. Nope, we are not talking about them or their cost. And DH doesn't need to be reminded of that either. Or the cost of the fabric and thread, and ...

Think I'm going to go hide in a hole for awhile. I think I might be starting to hyperventilate. And the bp is rising. And here I thought this hobby was to relax and calm us. lol

Ok, kids, off to chill. Enjoy the weather out there. Seems everyone is going to get something in that department today. Stay safe and let the needles fly!



Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finish Denise. I have enough stash to open a small store and keep buying more.


Maggee said...

When I count finishes, they are fully stitched. Period. May or may not be finished. That doesn't count. Not everyone finishes theirs... But you can do what you want of course! Clear as mud? Ha!

Beth said...

So I have hundreds, yes hundreds of unfinished smalls and unframed larger projects...but still I stitch and buy and hoard!

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your snowman finish, Denise! He is adorable. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

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