Friday, January 13, 2017

Good for the Economy...Bad for the Budget!

Ha, went shopping yesterday. I definitely helped the local economy. Just saying. So, shall we start the enabling?

Feathering the Nest by Just Another Button Co.

Everything here was 25% off. And the pattern has been on my wish list forever! Score!

Top to Bottom - Always You - Heart in Hand, Life's a Stitch - LK, Two Become One - Heart in Hand
Don't know why I get the wedding/marriage ones. They just made me want to give them to DH.

Left to Right - Dancing with the Stars - Teresa Kogut, A Little Beach - LK, and Santa's Cookies - Madame Chantilly.
Not sure why the Santa pattern came home. It is nothing like my other Santas. And I'm sure I have an entire army of snowmen patterns in my stash.

And then there was the fabric wall. Didn't need anything but a bit of Toasted Almond for my summer stitches. They were out. So, I compensated...

And believe me...I really didn't need to bring this linen home. Not sure it will fit into my cabinet drawer. Bad, bad, Denise

Stitching wise - I can stitch on linen again. But, the muscles in my hand burn out quickly. I am able to stitch about an hour per day. Gotta start some where.

Well, thinking a nap is called for. Sleeping has been fitful lately. I'm sure napping in the afternoon will help. hahaha.

Stay warm and dry this weekend. Sounds like there will be ice storms all around!


CathieJ said...

A lot can be stitched in an hour a day. I love all those linens and patterns that you bought. Wow.

Maggee said...

You made some great purchases! I love getting linen! Don't necessarily always 'need' it right then... but I can change projects at the drop of a hat! THEN I need fabric! Ha! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Nice assortment of patterns and linens! I would love more details about the frames in the first picture. Have a good weekend; stay warm and safe!

CalamityJr said...

Oh, how I wish I'd been with you! I can't help but think I'd have found my mojo on this shopping spree. Those fabric colors, the patterns... Looks a bit like heaven!

Vee said...

I am drooling over your fabric purchases. The nearest cross stitch store is almost 3 hours away so I greatly miss flipping through patterns and picking through the different fabrics to see what catches my eye. Shopping on eBay is not near as much fun!

gracie said...

Love the linen colors. You certainly made that shop owner happy!

Linda said...

Great new stash Denise. We can never have enough.


LoriU said...

I know where you shopped from the writing on the linen baggies!! I am jealous cuz I didn't get out there this weekend due to sick husband!