Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Doing My Part!

Well, I'm trying anyway. Gotta love your online stitching supply stores when you are grounded.

Hands On Design - Grab Life, Oh Whale, Anchor Down and Stars in the Sky
Lt - CCN Garden of Snow and Snow Days, Middle - Beneath the Harvest Moon by Whispered by the Wind,  and Rt - This is My Happy Place by The Scarlett House 

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses by Hinzeit and Old School Santa 2016 by LK
As of today, I am no longer as grounded as I had been. I got my bra on all by myself! Yeap, definitely TMI, but I'm so excited.

Driving makes me nervous because one handed doesn't feel like I'm in control. Control...is an illusion.

But, I'm able to fold blankets now too. Dishes are still out. If the laundry is where it needs to be...the machines can do it...folding is still a pain. I can sweep, but a broom and mop are out. Cooking all depends.

Have to say though, men are oblivious.  The tub, toilet, sink, floors, and changing sheets....need desperate attention.  Hints don't work. My daughter even told me she can tell I live with males. Now, I should qualify that...my men are oblivious.

Today is gorgeous.  Think I may get some porch time today. Natalie, the porch is still open...grab your stitching and come visit!

Oh, I'm going to have to make plans to visit Indiana.  Paula will be in state soon, and there are some other Indiana stitchers I'd love to meet. And Mary Jane could meet me at a half way point. So, I'm thinking maybe next summer. hahaha. Wishful thinking.

Well, lunch time and then the hammock calls!
Happy Stitching all!


Robin in Virginia said...

Hope you enjoy your hammock time! What a wonderful assortment of new charts. Glad you are making progress with the healing of your hand and are able to do some more things.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

You got some fun stash which should help keep you busy, when you're ready. Yep, my guys wouldn't much notice a dirty pile of underwear if it was on their pillow, so I get it. I'm glad you're making good healing progress but I've no doubt it feels very slow.

Linda said...

Love all of your new stash Denise.


Maggee said...

Great stash haul for later...I especially like the Scarlett House one... have not seen it before! My husband is so OCD he probably counts dust particles for fun! And he gets very antsy if things are 'dirty'... tho he doesn't care to clean them himself! So he has learned to either shush or do it! Hope that you are feeling more and more better each day! Hugs!

paula said...

YEAH . . buying patterns again . . on the way to stitching :)

Justine said...

Great new stash - like Maggee I love the Scarlet House one. I know just what you mean about mess and men...enough said!