Thursday, August 4, 2016

Two More Complete!

Hot off my needles...
32 ct. Toasted Almond - Hands On Design -
On Beach Time
I swear blogger drives me crazy sometimes. This picture was not taken this way. grrr

Anyway, as you can tell I changed it a bit from the pattern. I was running out of the color for the chair - so, I improvised. 

And this I finished this one last week - 

32 ct Toasted Almond - Hands On Design -
Little Cottage by the Sea
This one is pretty true to the pattern. The sign took much longer than I guessed it would -- all solid stitching. 

Remember I mentioned running into Natalie a month or so ago. In talking to her (ok, emailing) I mentioned I collected my orts. She wanted to know why we do this. I told her I saved mine so I can see my old projects in the floss. Also, some stitchers save the floss for the birds. Why do you save your orts? 

This is my ort bottle. Sixteen years worth of threads rolled into little balls. Does anyone else roll their orts up like this? 

On another front - both of my kids now have their 'big kid' jobs. Courtney just got hired for a community hospital as a Rad Tech and Logan is working for a climate firm recruiting voters. Thank goodness. In this job market I was beginning to worry. 

Wish me luck this weekend - heading to another auction for more Fostoria. I just need a few glasses and I would like a large straight sided vase. 

Off to gather my floss for the Nora Corbett sleigh. Hmm, I hope I have them all. 


Robin in Virginia said...

Your finishes are super; I really like your chair in the first piece. Congratulations and best wishes to your kids on their jobs!

paula said...

Which Fostoria pattern are you looking for? I have a box of Mom's Fostoria and I know my cousins have AUnt Ruth's Fostoria . . both are different patterns.

LOVE both beach pieces. And the chair looks perfect.

CalamityJr said...

You're really making good time on your seaside stitching; you'll have that bowl filled before you know it! I save my orts but haven't done anything with mine, either. However, the best use for them that I've seen from bloggers (sorry, nest-building birdies) is putting each year's collection into a clear glass Christmas ornament and writing the year on it - viola, an annual reminder of what you accomplished every year!

Linda said...

Lovely finishes Denise. I need to get these designs. I absolutely love your or jar. What an awesome way to save them over the years.


Marilyn said...

These are so cute.
What an interesting Ort bottle.
Congrats to your kids.

Maggee said...

What cute little finishes! The chair is perfect in coloring... very beachy! I saw one of the designs in that series that called to me... but, I have to go look again to be sure. It's not that I NEED another design! I really like the orts jar--excellent! I doubt anyone has done that--you are ingenious! Glad the kids got jobs. It is a difficult market. Have a fun weekend!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Pretty finishes