Friday, July 1, 2016

Three Finishes!

Woohoo! Three down and only two to go.

Here's July - as you can see I am having difficulties with the white showing on my fabric. So, I am outlining those areas. Now, I just decided to completely change the flowers that were to be white.

Finished 6/27
28 ct. Jobelan Summer Sky - mostly called for threads
 Ah, January! Loved this stitch when I first saw it. The only issue I had was how straight the fox's back was. Why this bothered me is beyond my comprehension. So, I scoured around and found a sitting fox and used it instead. Had to fatten him up a bit but...

Finished 6/29
28 ct. Cashel Cobblestone - mostly called for threads
  And February...don't look too closely...the mistake is rather glaring if you notice spacing issues. I went with a Smoky Pearl Cashel thinking my 'snow' would stand out. It does so wonderfully. Except I lost the greens and grays some.

Finished 7/1
28 ct. Cashel Smoky Pearl - mostly called for threads
This leaves me with April and May. Going to have to rethink my squirrel as squirrels in my neighborhood are grey with bushy red tails. And my bunnies are gray. So, do I use the same floss for both or go with different shades? Go with a darker fabric so the bunny shows up and use white...decisions.

And then there are the I want cats? Do I like the cat, but not the kitten?  Keep it as is or go for a change...change the positions or colors....what to do?

Plans for the holiday weekend are rather quiet. There is an auction and of course fireworks (but, which ones...,), we have steak for one nights grilling pleasure, there is a local festival that might be fun to look around. The temperatures don't look to be too outrageous. Guess it's going to be spur of the moment entertainment. lol

Now to post this bad boy and see how long it takes to actually go live. Is anyone else having this problem? I post and it shows up hours later. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

Need to go thaw chicken...tonight is a Pinterest recipe. Greek Lemon Chicken soup. I've made it before and we decided to double the couscous and add spinach instead of chives. Maybe a bit more chicken...and toasted cheese sandwiches.

Have a wonderfully safe weekend!


Annie said...

Love how you've really made these designs so personal for you. Your fox is such a cutie! I've found it a bit of challenge to get colors that work on my fabric. Contrast is so important!

CalamityJr said...

I just knew your needles had been smoking this week! Your changes are great; looking forward to seeing April and May. Dinner sounds delicious. Guess I'd better go do something for ours (hard to cook when I'm not hungry... )

Shelly said...

It happens to me, this taking hours and hours for my post to show up. I have also noticed that it's taking hours for other bloggers new posts to show up on my sidebar, the longest was 13 hours for Stitching Dreams since she posts only in the morning it seems. I thought it was my iPad that I use. I am a lurker and your changes to the SAL look great. Happy 4th

Cindy's Stitching said...

Very cute stitches Denise. You can choose what ever colors you want. I change up patterns also. Have a great July 4th

paula said...

How large are your monthly pieces? Do you know how you are going to display them yet?

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your finishes, Denise! I like your changes and how you personalized to meet your likes and needs. Enjoy your weekend! I hope you will share how your soup turned out with the changes.

Maggee said...

It's your piece, so you pick what works for you in colors! I am at war with our local squirrels, cause they are raiding the bird feeders! Grrrr... My weekend will also be spur of the moment, due to the weather conditions. Ugh! Enjoy as best you can! Hugs!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on the Snowflower Diary designs. I love the flowers in your July piece.

Lana said...

Beautiful finishes!! I love this series! They're all so cute!!