Thursday, July 21, 2016

Forty One Days Until Fall!

Come on Fall! These blast furnace summer days are for the birds. Although, I'm not too sure how the birds feel about them. You know the birds don't speak to me. Dr. Doolittle I am not.

So, since it is so toasty outside - I stay inside where it is blessedly comfortable. And I have results! Do you wanna see what's been on me needle?

April - Snowflower Diaries
28 ct Jobelan Summer Skies

May - Snowflower Diaries
28 ct Jobelan Summer Skies

Adjust Your Sails - Hands On Design
32 ct Toasted Almond
The Snowflower Diaries pieces have a few changes...Once again the B5200 wouldn't have shown on this fabric and I changed a few flowers to more colorful ones. The rabbit became gray because my rabbits in Ohio are gray. My squirrels are gray/red. I attempted to do them justice. And in May...I re-graphed the kitten. And made the bird a bluebird.

I love the Hands On Design series To The Beach. There are 6 designs so far in this series. I hope there may be a few more. I passed on picking up the whales (Design #1) and then it hit me how I want these finished. Going to find a nice summery fabric in matching colors and make these a summer bowl. So, now I need to get it and #6 Stars in the Sky.

I thought my older GAST colors called for seemed to be a bit washed out - so, in the Flock Together piece I have ramped up the colorway. Instead of Old brick - Poppy, the yellow became Daffodil and the blue is now some deep turquoise. And wow do the colors look fabulous.

Switching gears here -- I have to tell you about a coincidence (remember, I do not believe in coincidences) that happened a few weeks ago. DD had an interview at nearby hospital. I drove her to the interview hoping to let her relax on the trip and be fresh and ready to go. While she was back doing her thing - I sat in the main lobby and stitched on 272 Words. A nurse came over and admired the piece. She asked where I was from...I told her and low and behold...she grew up here too. And the really weird thing...I KNEW her. We worked together in my grandfather/uncle's dairy in the late 70's. And the icing on the cake...I had just been thinking about her a few weeks before I ran into her. Then, she started talking about HER stitching! Yep, she's one of us! And we love the same stitching shop in Cleveland. Needless to say, we are now emailing and catching up. I love the way the world works. (btw -- waving hi to Natalie)

Today I am once again enjoying being at home. The last several days have found me traveling every direction. On the 11th - north to Cleveland, the 12th - east to the genealogy library, 13th - lunch to the west, 14th - south to meet a new-to-me cousin, the 15th - back to the library, the 16th - west to a bridal shower, home the 17th - the 18th north to another interview for DD, the 19th to the library. I had started to forget what staying at home felt like. And I dodged a trip to Lake Erie this week. Dodged would imply I didn't want to go. Far from it, but it has been put on hold until after the school year begins.

Okay, time to email some photos and catch up on the laundry. It isn't going to do itself.


PS -- since I wrote that last post I have become a bit more aware of the violence happening in the world. It's been 13 days since that post. We have had a shooting in a courthouse in MI (I believe), a hospital in FL, more violence in Baton Rouge, and then there's Nice, France. And it has made me repeatedly ask...What are we so angry about?  


Unknown said...

Your blog post is so full of fun and cheer, it really was a great read, and these little things help me get through the day. It is a wonderful thing to be able to read your wonderful blog, as a welcome change to current events.

Thank you for sharing.

Robin in Virginia said...

How fun to re-connect with someone from the past and to find that you have stitching in common now. I always enjoy seeing/reading your posts, Denise.

CalamityJr said...

What wonderful finishes. Can't wait to see your summer beach bowl. How nice to have a new/old stitching friend. Your travel schedule makes me tired! Saving the Lake Erie trip for cooler weather sounds smart to me, considering the current temperatures. I learned something new today - the heat index tells what you feel in the shade, so our temp of 92 feels like 110 under a tree, but would seem like 120 to 130 if I were foolish enough to be doing something in direct sunlight! Trust me, I'm parked inside in my chair! Hope your stitchy chair is free of frogs today.

gracie said...

We are currently hot hot hot here in Arizona...and it will be awhile before Fall arrives here! You certainly have been busy travelling...

Maggee said...

Well, it is a few days later and the furnace is still blasting! My weather app says it is 93, but feels like 107!! I am staying indoors plenty!! You got quite a bit of stitching done... congrats! I only get stitching done when my hubby leaves me alone... which isn't often! I end the days saying to myself, 'Where did the day go??' That was a great story about meeting up with your old friend, and she is a stitcher too! Woohoo!! As for current events... I blame media... they focus only on negative stories, to evoke emotions. But--I won't go into my usual tirade. It is actually a sad thing for us all. Keep stitching and doing genealogy! Hugs!