Monday, May 30, 2016

Goals Met!

Not often anymore do I get to say that I met my stitching goals. This weekend...I did!

Can anyone explain why these pictures turn? This isn't how they were taken nor how they were uploaded. Sigh....

Anyway, here are March and June from The Snowflower Diaries. I ended up outlining the stork because the B5200 just didn't show up on the fabric I used. There are 4 "white" flowers that are now Apricot Blush. Again the floss didn't show up.

March - The Snowflower Diaries
28ct Cashel - Country Cream
GAST and DMC flosses
Now June went so well! Such a great little stitch. For some reason every picture I could get of the pattern was blurry. Ended up re-charting it. Not sure if I managed to get all the colors where they were supposed to be. But, it doesn't matter as I am thrilled with the outcome. Told DH I did something with the bear that I think went well. Instead of my usual straight across stitching and making something striped with the hand-dyed floss. I grouped the stitches per area. Did the foot, then a hip, front leg, etc. That way each area seemed to be a slightly different shading. Kinda like real fur. Yeah, I'm breaking my arm patting myself on the back. 

June - The Snowflower Diaries
28ct Cashel - Country Cream
GAST and DMC flosses
It had been years since my last Lazy Daisy stitch. I managed to make them at least equal. lol

Hoping to make it to Cleveland this week. I want to pick out a frame for these and another for Naturistic. Courtney is coming along to help with the process. I haven't had a piece professional framed....ever. Always done my own. So, this is scary. Oh, I need more fabric for these monthlies too. Maybe I can find a hand-dyed that is a blue on white. More sky-like looking.

Tomorrow is my first fasting day ever. Wish me luck. I just read a book that explains why diets don't work and how to re-set your 'set weight'. So, fasting...a new way to drive myself crazy. :)

Time for bed...
Night Night!


Annie said...

Your SAL pieces look great. I'm down to the border on the bear block so I'm almost caught up.

Your camera probably has an automatic rotate setting somewhere that encodes the rotation into the image. You can turn that off and then photos will remain 'as is' unless you specifically rotate them in a Photo Editor. Not all photo editors honor that built-in rotation so that's why you only see it when you upload to Blogger.

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on both your finishes and meeting your goals! I like the bear in the June block. If you don't have a problem with using Jobelan, they make a hand-dyed fabric called Summer Sky that looks like the sky. Have fun frame shopping!

CalamityJr said...

Your smalls look great; good thinking on how to stitch the bear fur. I was all set to ask if a cupcake would be included in the trip to the stitchy store, but maybe not after the fast. Darn! Have fun with Courtney and be safe!

paula said...

Good job with the bear.

Marilyn said...

May & June are cute, the bear looks great.
Have fun picking out a frame for Naturistic.

Maggee said...

Those finishes look great... especially your 'technique' with the bear and the overdyed thread. As for why the pictures came out sideways... I have had the same problem, when I use the iPhone and transfer to the computer! It may not show sideways, but when they are uploaded... they are! I go back and format them on the computer, and it generally works! Hugs!